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What Is A Content Audit?

A content audit will systematically review all the content on your website to reveal your website content’s strengths and weaknesses against your marketing goals and business aims. A digital content audit will help improve your content and SEO marketing as content usefulness, keyword targeting and content gaps are revealed to help boost your website’s visibility and SERP ranking. An SEO content audit focuses on the usefulness of your website content and how it is optimised to drive brand visibility and increase customer engagement. By taking a detailed review of every on-page content piece and blog, our content audit team can assess how to improve your content to increase your SEO ranking, customer usefulness and brand messaging. A content audit is the necessary foundation to every strong content marketing strategy.

Why Are Content Audits Important?

Content audits will enable you to optimise your content strategy to improve user engagement, boost search engine crawlability and identify any missed content and keyword opportunities.


Structuring Content For Readers & Search Engines

When we conduct a content audit, there are two key aspects in mind: how will a reader view this, and how will a search engine view this. Often, SEO content audits pitch the two against each other and rank the search perspective as the more important metrics. Yes, your content needs to be well optimised for crawl bots and SERP rankings, however, you are always writing for another human being. Fundamentally, content needs to engage your audience and provide useful, exciting, informative and reliable information to keep your audience hooked. A content audit will help you structure your future content and find content gaps or new areas to explore which will capture your audience and provide the necessary brand information.


Keyword Targeting

Keyword mapping and optimisation is a crucial aspect of content marketing, and our digital content audit services will indicate where keyword optimisation needs to be improved and any new keyword opportunities you are missing. By optimising your keyword targeting, this content strategy audit will ensure that you give your website the best possible visibility and SERP ranking as well as ensuring you are targeting the correct market audience terms. Our content audit team will review your keyword structure, assess for cannibalisation, and market opportunities and help steer your content towards more traffic and useful engagement.


Creating Relevant Content

A detailed content audit will enable you to assess how well your content is aligning with what your customers need. For example, is your content providing a strong foundation for the buyer’s journey from brand introduction through to purchasing? Assessing this process will allow you to make more useful content for your users and help channel your business intentions. Each piece of content has a purpose, and should act as a unique message to your audience which our expert copywriting team can capture. Providing relevant and useful information will help build your user’s trust in your website and encourage them to keep returning to your website.

Content Audit Tools

As an experience content audit agency, our specialists are trained on the latest, top-performing website content audit software and auditing tools including SEMrush, Ahrefs and Google Analytics.

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Your Content Audit Questions Answered

A content audit will benefit your digital marketing as it will identify areas for easy improvements which could have a profound effect on your search visibility, traffic and subsequent sales. A digital content audit will identify quick fixes, key word opportunities and content topic gaps which, if optimised, could bring you a significant increase in website traffic. An SEO content audit review will identify keyword opportunities to target which will improve your search visibility and build your brand exposure. Together, creating useful content for readers and search engine optimised content to benefit your SERP rankings and search engine trust rating. Content doesn’t have to just be to benefit your SEO however. Copywriters can work across a multitude of digital channels such as PPC and paid social, digital PR and other channels!

Each detailed content audit will produce a unique digital content audit report bespoke to your website. As leaders of SEO content auditing, we have developed a clear, detailed and precise content audit reporting system which is broken down into these core sections – on-page review, blog content review, competitor analysis and link structure review. These core elements encompass all the key aspects of your content audit and will inform your content strategy moving forward. This will include keyword mapping, content gap ideas and content cannibalisation reviews. Your content audit report will be bespoke to your business and aligned with your KPIs and goals.

Contact our content experts today! Please fill out the contact form below or call our content audit agency team now to book in your content audit. Our digital content audit service will be carried out as quickly as possible, and our team will take the time to get to know you and your business to understand the brand messaging and voice of your business. We will then conduct a thorough SEO content audit assessing all the core aspects of your website copy and provide you with a detailed content audit report identifying areas for improvement and our suggestions for how to implement these.

Your content audit is the first all important step to improving your content strategy and increasing your website’s viability. To help improve your SERP ranking and brand awareness you’ve got to go back to basics and ask yourself – is this content useful? Your digital content audit will help show you if your content is useful by assessing your target audience, content delivery, keyword targeting and more. The aim of your content audit is to help improve your overall SEO optimised content strategy. Therefore, your content audit will show you a run-down of all the strengths and weaknesses of your website’s content and suggestion for improving or maintaining this performance.

Yes – we deliver UK-wide content audit services as well as international SEO content marketing. We have helped businesses across the globe to achieve local, national or international results from a digital content audit, and have worked with a range of businesses to help improve their rankings through content analysis. As a remote digital agency, we can help website owners across the world, from on-page content to press releases, we’ve got the content package for you!

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