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What Is Editorial Outreach?

Get your brand name in leading local, national and international press outlets with a targeted editorial outreach strategy, focused on landing your business the perfect links. From national newspapers to industry related magazines and blog pages, editorial outreach covers professional media outreach opportunities across a range of channels.

Our media outreach team know how to pitch the stories we craft for your brand to the correct journalists and publications to land valuable links and coverage

Why Is Editorial Outreach Important?

Ensure your fantastic coverage and brand name reaches the right people at the right time to land leading press coverage and links which drive authority


Vital Media Relationships

Here at Absolute Digital Media, we have access to influential journalists and highly-read online publications and media sites; this includes national newspapers, magazines, blogs and media sites. With strong media connections and the knowhow for developing journalist relationships, we know how to outreach your stories and get your press release content shared. We know exactly how to outreach to journalists, blog owners, influencers and media offices with relevant and impactful journalistic content which relates to your brand and provides a link to your website. This is a vital foot in the door for any brand looking to develop their digital PR presence.


Get Your Content Read

You could have written the best press release or content guide possible, but without a strong media outreach tactic behind the piece, it’s unlikely to perform. Once we’ve created your fantastic PR content, we really know how to sell it. From the best journalists to contact to grabbing email subject lines, our PR experts know how to meticulously develop a bespoke editorial outreach campaign for your company. We’ll ensure your content is featured on relevant news sites, blogs, magazines and social platforms to develop a healthly backlink profile (which we can also continuously audit) and develop your brand awareness.


Build Authority

Do you want to become a leader within your industry? Digital PR editorial outreach is the best way to push your business into the spotlight and connect with audiences who have a vested interest in your business. Once we’ve crafted an impactful creative campaign, will work our contacts to see your story and brand name featured in an authoritative website. Not only will this build your brand recognition and exposure, but you will also see a rise in online visibility and SERP rankings, as trusted website backlinks lead to an improved site visibility on Google.

Editorial Outreach Tools

As an experienced editorial outreach agency, our PR outreach specialists are trained on the latest, top-performing tools, including Buzzstream, Roxhill and Google Analytics.

Gain Vital Digital PR Coverage:
Build Brand Awareness, Drive Traffic And Become An Industry Leader With Editorial Outreach
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Learn From The Editorial PR Experts: Your Questions Answered

Editorial PR comes with an array of different benefits, from increasing brand awareness to boosting sales perfecting your PR and communications could see each of your business goals achieved – if you hit the jackpot! However, one thing is guaranteed, a strong PR outreach strategy will bring you incredibly valuable backlinks which will rejuvenate your SEO backlink profile. Plus, with a targeted PR outreach plan and perfectly tailored creative stories, you will be able to reach out to your ideal audience and build a relationship with these users through exciting content, trusted information and a website which provides.

Here at Absolute Digital Media, we have access to local, national and international publications for every topic under the sun. We can gain media coverage in national newspaper, magazines, media sites, blog pages and social media coverage for our brands by crafting stories that readers want to consume. When we partner with a new client, we take the time to fully understand your brand style, target audience and media targeting to determine which publications and media sites are relevant to your audience, as well as taking the time to find niche outlets for your industry. From tier one media links to bespoke industry news sites, we’ve got it covered.

Our PR outreach strategies are unique to each brand we work with as we take the time to truly get to know your brand aims and target audiences – understanding these two core principles forms the foundations of our PR outreach plan. Once this is determined, we will craft exciting, interesting and unique stories around topics and events which relate to your company and your ideal audience. Next, we determine where your target audience will be online – what do they read? This defines which news sites and media outlets we target and how we pitch a story to them – both for us and the journalists, we want to see a story which resonates with that particular readership, and this is exactly what we’ll deliver.

A strong PR editorial outreach will positively impact your SEO and search visibility by providing your site with high authority backlinks to relevant, trusted and high-traffic sites. This will help improve your Google ranking and authority as more links to your website result in a stronger site and more traffic. Plus, by focusing our PR outreach plan on websites, news outlets and magazines that link to your target audience, a strong media link that relates to your brand will drive interested traffic to your site and these users are more likely to make a purchase on your site than any others!

You can trust our digital PR creation and editorial outreach services to perfectly hit the spot for your brand style and audience. We only ever outreach high-quality, thoroughly researched journalistic content to showcase your unique brand expertise. We pride ourselves on outreaching your stories to a variety of relevant, high-authority websites and media outlets which will bring your website a strong link authority and trust score. Better still, we always outreach with your target market in mind, and know how to tailor our content and approach to fit your market and media style.

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