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What Is Link Reclamation?

Link reclamation is the process of auditing, finding, fixing and replacing links or content where your company website has been improperly linked. Broken links, also known as dead links are, unfortunately, a frequent hurdle for website owners looking to boost their SEO and backlink exposure. Lost or broken links can occur when a website removes a page, changes its own site structure or alters a URL causing a previously existing link to become lost or broken – link reclamation is focused on finding these lost opportunities to re-link your website and regain the SEO link juice. Hence, link reclamation is different to claiming new links or altering new unlinked mentions to your website – and, a lot easier! Link reclamation is a quick and simple way to improve your website’s SEO ranking and link outreach structure.

Why Is Link Reclamation Important?

Revitalise your external and internal link structure with a detailed link reclamation strategy to improve your SEO ranking, drive exposure and gain new organic traffic.


Build Your Link Profile

Building a strong backlink profile isn’t an easy task. Developing an authoritative link structure involves thorough research, engaging content and a trusted connection with another website. So, when these hard-earned links get lost or broken, it’s highly frustrating and can cause damage to your SEO score. However, with our expert link reclamation team, you can regain those powerful links in next to no time! By analysing your internal and external link structure, we will be able to fix any broken links and reach out to external website owners to fix their external link to your site and reinvigorate your external link profile.


Improve Your SEO & Authority

Improving your SEO ranking and page visibility is the main benefit of a strong external backlink strategy, and link reclamation is the crucial first step to achieving this. By investing in a link reclamation strategy, you will be able to quickly and effectively clean up your backlink profile and fix any damaging broken links which will drag your SEO ranking down. Link reclamation not only removes these broken links, but it turns them into fresh backlink opportunities which will help drive your SEO score higher, improve your website visibility and help attract new traffic to your website.


Cost-Effective Link Building

Link reclamation is a relatively low-cost link building strategy and the perfect first step to improving your overall outreach structure. Reclaiming old links is a fast and easy way to improve your SEO score and it provides the vital foundation to growing your link building strategy. Without a strong external link structure, you will struggle to take your outreach marketing to the next level. By investing in link reclamation first, you will be able to quickly and effectively improve your SEO score and make the most of low-hanging fruit opportunities for external linking.

Link Reclamation Tools

As an experienced link reclamation company, our link building specialists are trained on the latest, top-performing tools including Ahrefs, Majestic and Google Analytics.

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Everything You Need To Know About Link Reclamation

Link reclamation will benefit your business by ensuring your SEO strategies work to the best of their ability and provide worthwhile backlink opportunities. Think of link reclamation as a necessary spring cleaning activity, you need to go through your internal and external links to remove any harmful broken links that could be unknowingly bringing your website down. Don’t let a broken link sully your amazing SEO work! Instead, a detailed link reclamation package will ensure that each and every link is providing a positive impact on your website. This in turn, will drive your website exposure, ensure quality traffic and improve your SEO ranking.

Link reclamation is the finding, fixing and replacing of a broken or lost external or internal link that was previously live and working. Unlinked mentions, on the other hand, are brand mentions in new content that have never previously had a link to your brand; this can include content including your brand name, website or campaigns your business have run. Link reclamation is much quicker and easier than finding unlinked mentions as deep crawl tools can find the previous links connected to your website and identify which ones need fixing. Plus, you already know that the trust and authority of the website is strong and a good source from the previous link strategy.

Our link reclamation team will be on hand to assess your website and run a series of internal and external linking assessments. From here, we will be able to determine how long a full link reclamation service would take and give you’re a detailed view of what to except. On average, a full link reclamation can take between one and two months to be completed – this includes blogger outreach to websites that hold the broken links and manually updating your internal links. Depending on your SEO ranking and the authority of the sites you link to, you can start to see the benefit of your link reclamation as quickly as two months in, but for real results to take hold we would recommend a full 6-12-month analysis.

Yes! We are well equipped to take on your full link building requirements and we can create a link reclamation package and further link building strategies for you. Our link reclamation service will help develop a strong foundation for your overall link building strategy by fixing any broken links. As a full-service search marketing agency who specialise in digital strategy, we can also offer link reclamation services alongside other technical or operative SEO services to improve the overall visibility of your website. Speak to one of our link building team members today to see what we can do for you!

Yes – we deliver UK-wide link reclamation services as well as international link fixing. We have helped businesses across the globe to achieve local, national or international results through link reclamation and other link building strategies. As a knowledgeable link reclamation company, we have crafted authoritative internal and external linking structures based off our link reclamation services. As a remote digital agency, we can help website owners across the world, and improve your linking structure with link reclamation today!

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