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What Is Newsjacking?

Newsjacking is a reactive digital PR tactic of adding insights and opinions to breaking news stories to further its authority and relevance. Journalists are always on the hunt for comments on breaking news stories from relevant sources, and your business expertise is a perfect source. Our team will uncover newsjacking opportunities unique to you and your business, monitoring news publications and websites which link to your industry and area of expertise. This work will push to put you at the centre of relevant conversations online, staking your place as an expert in the field, and secure you high-value backlinks from trending news stories to your website.

Why Is Newsjacking Important?

Drive your brand authority and visibility with reactive newsjacking PR to utilise the buzz around breaking news stories and trending content to get your brand name front and centre.


Highly Targeted Traffic

Throughout all digital PR and communication methods, you need to be targeting your ideal audience and getting your brand name out in front of a market that cares about your business, products or services. Targeting news stories, trends, and cultural stories that resonate with your brand audience is the best way to instantly grab your ideal customer’s attention and get your brand name noticed. A dedicated newsjacking digital strategy will ensure your brand is featured in the publications and media sites that your ideal audience interact with, meaning that they are more likely to click through to your website and turn their interest into a future sale.


Forerunners In Thought Leadership

By sharing your expertise via a newsjacking marketing opportunity, be this through an expert comment or dedicated press releases on the subject, you will be defining yourself as a leader in this subject. Delivering useful, relevant and impactful insights and answers to the big questions within your industry will show your business as a thought leader and a point of influence for your audience’s idea consumption. By showcasing your expertise on a breaking news story, you will be one of the first brands to have commented on the breaking news piece, therefore positioning yourself as the favoured expert and instantly gaining brand awareness, trust and traffic through to your website.


A Quick Way To Gain Coverage

The news moves fast, which means there are constantly new opportunities for brands to jump on fresh stories and showcase their expertise. Reactive digital PR newsjacking is a fantastic way to quickly cement your brand’s expert position and gain valuable backlinks to your website which will ultimately benefit your SEO. We can get your brand name on the map quickly by monitoring the news, social trends and events to find relevant stories related to your brand and target audience. With our specialist PR knowledge, your brand will see links to high-authority and relevant media sites, bringing valuable links, coverage and mentions for your brand and driving your authority.

Newsjacking Tools

As a creative outreach PR agency, our newsjacking specialists are trained on the latest, top-performing tools, including Buzzstream, Roxhill and Google Analytics.

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Everything You Need To Know About Newsjacking

Newsjacking marketing is a fantastic way of getting your brand name in amongst the hottest topics and trending stories which will, in turn, establish your brand as an authority within the topic. This can include expert insights, data or learnings to develop a news story or a unique opinion or quote on a trend. By gaining links on fast-paced stories and topics, you will rapidly increase your overall brand awareness, and exposure as hopping on a trending story will ensure that fresh eyes are reading the article with your quote, insight or press release within it. Therefore, driving your exposure, increasing traffic to your website and gaining you valuable backlinks for your site.

When reacting to the news, it’s important to have both depth and breadth. Our eagle-eyed team monitor nationals, locals and industry-specific publications to stay on top of what’s happening across a range of news sites and publications. This tactic ensures we are landing both top tier media placements and niche business-specific source links and mentions. This will bolster your backlink profile and drive your site authority – all while demonstrating your industry expertise. Did someone say win-win situation?

This digital PR method is highly successful for clients within the financial sector as insights and wisdom into economic news, business performance and stock and shares development is highly sought after. However, newsjacking can be used in a range of industries, including retail, sports, healthcare, travel and more. If you’ve got a niche angle, there will be a newsjacking opportunity for you somewhere! Our PR experts will be able to find an angle that relates to your brand and target audience to make the most of trend-focused news.

Absolutely! When a new client joins our digital PR services, we attack your PR and communications from every angle, and this includes newsjacking. However, we do tailor your newsjacking approach to fit the messages and style your brand wants to deliver. For example, we could focus on providing expert quotes on breaking news stories aligned to your business, and this example would be a fantastic option for finance businesses. Alternatively, we can create a reactive press motivated newsjacking campaign focused on creating quick press releases for trending news or re-packaging stories to fit the new story focus to gain larger coverage pieces.

When a news story breaks, time is of the essence. Journalists and media houses will be working furiously to get the right quotes and insights for a breaking news story, and the turnaround can be as little as 5 minutes for journalists and PRs looking to deliver a quote. This is why our team will work very closely with you to gather a bank of quotes and expertise ready for particular events or stories that we can predict. We will also develop a strong line of communication with our clients so that, if an opportunity arises, we can quickly and efficiently contact you to approve a quote or deliver an expert insight.

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