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What Is Link Reclamation?

Link reclamation is the process of auditing, identifying, and replacing all broken links. When we audit a link, we evaluate each link to determine whether they are effective or not. It is good practice to remove links that are broken or deter page rank.

Broken links are hyperlinks to external pages that cannot be accessed by the user. This is usually because they are empty or do not exist. Broken links are also known as dead links or broken hyperlinks. Broken links can occur when admins remove pages or change the site structure. They could also be the result of a spelling or grammatical error. From an authority perspective, you may have broken links from high authority domains pointing back to your website. Reclaiming these links can help to boost your site’s visibility with strong authority being driven to your brand.

Link reclamation is one of the best ways to weed out these poor-quality links and redeem your website’s SEO rankings. We’re introducing our link reclamation services in New York to help businesses of all specialties climb up the rankings!

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the science of getting pages to rank higher in search engines. Effective SEO practices can lead to increased website traffic, engagement, and, ultimately, sales. A majority of the traffic on the web comes from Google’s organic search results. Organic traffic is a significant driver of business success.

SEO practices should be significant and consistent; the results may take some time. There are a few downsides to the process of SEO – it is time-consuming and volatile. However, the consistent benefits make SEO worthwhile. You do not have to pay for ads on search engines if you gain enough organic traffic.

Link reclamation can improve your SEO ranking, drive exposure to your page, and help you gain new organic traffic. Our link reclamation services in America can add value to existing links that are virtually useless for SEO gain and determine which ones are effective. It is a quick and easy way to up your ranking and overall outreach! Our link reclamation services in the U.S. focus on finding lost opportunities within existing links.

Every link matters—fixing old and broken links is a good SEO habit to practice. If a link doesn’t work or leads to an empty page, it can hurt your page ranking. Broken links are also inconvenient and can ruin the user experience on your site. They often cause visitors to leave your site early and interrupt the link equity flow.

Link reclamation can help ensure the maintenance of link equity, a search engine ranking factor used to evaluate interlinking. When you interlink, you link to other relevant articles on your site. Link value flows from one website or page to another and measures exactly how much a backlink strengthens the receiving site.

If you are trying to determine whether a link that leads to your page is valuable or useless, there are a few factors to consider. A link’s value can be defined by the authority of the linking website and qualities like whether it has relevant key phrases in the link text. It also increases in value if it is from a website that has not linked to your page before. Our team’s backlink audit services can help with this.

The most important aspect of a link profile is the quality of its backlinks. These are the links that lead back to your site. A link profile consists of the number of backlinks on a page and the content that the backlinks lead to. The quality of the content and the page also directly impact the link profile.

Building a strong backlink profile can be tricky. It involves thorough research to create quality content. Link reclamation can help recover the links that you worked so hard to establish and were lost or broken. With our link structure analysis service, we will identify the broken or lost links and even fix the broken connections with external link structures. Combining this with a strong link building or digital PR campaign (or a combination of both) can help lead you to SEO success.

Quality external backlink strategies can significantly improve SEO ranking and page visibility.

A page’s visibility is determined by how visible a site is in the search results when users search for queries. If you increase your page ranking, your visibility will consequently increase. Domain Authority predicts how well a site will rank on search engines. The higher your domain authority, the more likely it will have a high page ranking and receive a significant amount of organic traffic.

SEO is important because the higher your page ranks on a search engine, the more likely it is to be engaged with. Customers do not want to scroll through multiple pages of search results when making a query. They will usually only look at the first page of the results. Page clicks and engagement are important steps in converting a prospect.

We’ve brought our SEO and link reclamation services to America—our expansion is designed with you in mind. Contact us today and watch your website grow!


It is important to use quality copywriting practices and keyword implementation to assist your site’s SEO. You should also maintain quality links and ensure that your content is both readable and engaging.

Link reclamation can be helpful for any business! There are no downsides to auditing and fixing your links—quality links are the backbone of solid site authority. Utilizing link reclamation in New York will ensure that every link is making a positive impact.

We are a remote digital agency and offer our link reclamation services in New York and across the U.S. With our hub based in London and our dedicated link reclamation U.S. team, we are able to service the entire globe.

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