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Newsjacking in the US is a digital marketing strategy that allows brands to jump on the bandwagon of breaking news stories, exponentially increasing brand recognition, digital engagement, and unique website visits.

Absolute Digital Media US is an expert in sharing your brand’s views and opinions as part of a reactive digital PR campaign to drive consumer awareness of your brand and even generate links. This focuses the attention more on you, your company, and your products or services rather than the news itself.

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How Does Newsjacking in the US Work?

‘Newsjacking’ is a term that was coined during social media’s skyrocketing increase in use in the 2010’s and refers to the leveraging of breaking news stories to increase interest and recognition of a brand or company. Newsjacking in New York works like this:

Maybe a political candidate calls for change or an officeholder praises community first responders. A movie star or popular musical performer starts a trend with what’s worn on the red carpet at an awards show. A new television series is all anyone is talking about. A sports team wins a championship. You get the idea.

All these examples of news stories would be ripe opportunities for newsjacking in America. A company can adopt the trends related to these stories, share opinions, or show how their brand relates to what the latest headlines are in the news whether that be business, health, sports, or entertainment.

A company or brand with digital marketing that’s monitoring the top news stories can then share its culture with the public at large, through newsjacking.

Choosing the right story for newsjacking in New York is important for brand reputation and company culture. When you are considering the right strategy for newsjacking in the US, it is important to understand the best approach for your goals. For brand building, it can also be used as part of a strong link building strategy.

Newsjacking in New York can help your brand reach millions of potential customers. Those who follow the trending hashtags and stories that you’re newsjacking are likely to stumble across your content.

Newsjacking in America takes advantage of the worldwide interest in breaking news stories and can help to skyrocket your brand with a smart strategy. The right strategy can increase digital interactions for your brand, and we can help you to create that strategy.

Celebrities, sports stars, and hit movies have millions of fans. By newsjacking stories about them, your brand can hijack celebrity followers and make them followers of your brand or company. Newsjacking in the US will introduce a whole new audience to your brand. Teaching them more about the company and brand culture through savvy digital marketing and newsjacking global news.

Newsjacking in America doesn’t have to be a one-time thing. Our expert team will look for different angles for the same stories to help maximize your exposure online when the chatter is hot.

Advantages of Newsjacking in New York

As you can see from the newsjacking process, there are plenty of advantages to newsjacking American and international news stories. Here are several advantages to having Absolute Digital Media handle newsjacking in New York, along with national and international news stories.


Shares Brand Values and Culture

Newsjacking allows a brand to share thoughts and culture with a wider audience. By reacting and jumping quickly on news stories from around the world, a company can showcase its brand personality to a much wider audience. Combining this with editorial outreach and link reclamation can further excel your PR strategy.


Increases Interest and Brand Recognition

The interest that global and national news carries will be the stage for a brand, product, or company. This stratagem is to shift focus away from the breaking news itself and more towards the brand that’s newsjacking the story. This level of exposure can increase brand recognition exponentially.



Digital marketing and newsjacking US and international news stories is affordable for established companies in addition to start-up brands. Newsjacking in New York comes with a smaller price tag than large digital PR campaigns, but, with the right news story, the results can be enormous. Newsjacking can lead to a brand making its news.


Newsjacking Calls for Digital Marketing Professionals

Newsjacking strategies require being up to date on the day’s top news stories whilst maintaining a carefully crafted brand image and personality. The newsjacking New York team at Absolute Digital Media has the judgment, expertise, and savvy knowledge to understand which stories would be most effective. Absolute Digital Media can help shape a brand’s image through newsjacking in America.

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Absolute Digital Media won’t be your digital marketing agency. Their team will be your partners through the entire digital marketing experience, including newsjacking in New York.

We listen to our clients and include them in every step of the newsjacking strategy, keeping them posted on the stories best for your brand’s personality. Whilst always thinking about your brand and what’s the right fit, we’re also thinking outside the box to help you get the most coverage and links.

Our team will learn about your company, brand, and products and become experts. Working alongside you, we will craft a winning digital strategy that features newsjacking in the US and will make the most of your brand identity to increase its audience.

Every brand should have a voice. Newsjacking New York, American and international news stories will amplify that voice so it can be heard around the world by a whole new audience of customers and networks. Newsjacking as part of a comprehensive PR strategy can take your brand recognition to a world stage.

Absolute Digital Media’s team can be your newsjacking US experts, working every day to increase brand awareness and sales. Contact Absolute Digital Media today to start the conversation with one of our team members. It’s the first step toward spotlighting your company’s brand through intelligent and savvy newsjacking.

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