Increasing Conversions Over 126% for Hair Loss Restoration Brand Vera Clinic

We’ve been working with Vera Clinic, a leading hair clinic and cosmetic surgery hospital, for a couple of years now and supported them throughout the complications Covid-19 presented. 

We have a fantastic client to agency relationship, allowing us to test proven strategies as well as new campaign enhancements to uphold their position on Google.

The campaign ended up being so successful that we actually won a number of awards for it at both the UK Search Awards and European Agency Awards. 

We ended up winning Best Digital Marketing Campaign in the Travel and Leisure industry at the Northern Digital Awards, firing our inspiration to explain more about how we achieved the following results.

Breaking The Campaign Down

Vera Clinic pride themselves in being a state-of-the-art hair clinic and cosmetic surgery hospital meaning that we needed to devise a highly targeted marketing strategy to maintain their brand awareness to drive traffic and conversions to the website. 

From an SEO perspective, we drilled down into three core areas which included:

  1. content marketing
  2. technical SEO, and 
  3. offsite strategy

Auditing the Baseline

The site’s content was minimal, poorly translated with numerous SPG issues and no internal linking structure. The pages that they did have on the site were also not well researched and did not offer users valuable information, meaning that it lacked E-A-T.  

Content Marketing

With this in mind, we carried out a full site performance audit and keyword mapping file during month 1 of the campaign which allowed us to get into the nitty gritty of what was and wasn’t working on the site, where the drops occurred, what the leading causes were and how to resolve these as quickly as possible. 

With this insight, we were able to effectively expand their service offering pages from 3 pages in total that were pre-existing to 44 service pages. 

Tech SEO

We developed a close agency/customer relationship with Vera Clinic through detailed initial conversations and questionings to get to the root of their problems to create a plan that would allow us to meet the businesses objectives. 

From this, we were able to identify that the site’s technical health was very poor with lots of broken pages, hreflang tag issues across the different language versions resulting in numerous language pages ranking in SERPs for the same terms, regular bot attacks at site and server level, overall poor optimisation of metadata, missing metadata, poor historical redirects and 302 redirects instead of 301s. 

Offsite Strategy

We produced a robust internal linking structure that would allow authority and link equity to efficiently pass throughout the main target pages which included the hair transplant turkey page, and domain. This would not only ensure the key pages were indexed but improve the position and visibility of all other indexable pages within the site. 

We also linked relevant websites to specific pages on the domain to maintain the site’s authority whilst ensuring that any low-quality or potentially harmful links were removed from the site’s backlink profile through conducting regular link detoxes. This worked in parallel with the links and brand visibility the PR team offered. 

Design and UX was a huge part of the campaign too. Whilst design wasn’t a part of the service offering, we decided internally that the existing home page was not effectively converting the minimal traffic that they were achieving monthly. Utilising pre-existing heatmap data and GA audience behavioural data, we redesigned the home page to achieve a more streamlined user journey allowing the site.

Digital PR

Moving onto to digital PR, we utilised tools such as the Instagram Marketing Hub’s Money Calculator to create quick turnaround campaigns on trending TV shows such as Too Hot To Handle to ascertain the season two contestants estimated earnings per Instagram post and rank them from highest to lowest earners.

We quickly realised that data-led campaigns combined with trending topics made for a series of successful campaigns, so we jumped on the Love Island craze to identify the most popular love islanders of all time. 

We pulled data such from IMDb and Love Island fandom websites and analysed the cast of love island from season 1 through to season 6 to find out the most popular islanders, couples, and seasons.

We also used Ahrefs to find out the search volume for islanders and couples to see which are the most searched for. Coupled with the fact Love Island was trending at the time, it’s no wonder this campaign scored amazing coverage!

Overall, this led to a 72% increase in users through referral traffic and a 62% rise in sessions. 


Despite the restrictions presented by Covid-19, such as that regarding travel, we persevered with our paid activity to set Vera Clinic up for instant success the moment travel to Turkey was permitted. We carried this out in several carefully planned stages to ensure our work accurately reflected the most up to date restrictions. 

Building A Bespoke Custom Report

We built a bespoke report using Google Data Studio to be able to closely monitor positive and negative leads generated by country. 

This would allow us to effectively expand our targeting, creating ads relevant to those within that country based on what’s trending and treatment preference.

Reporting On Performance

As well as ensuring that we were able to effectively track and monitor each individual campaign, we needed to make sure we were able to accurately report on its performance too. 

Within Google Data Studio, we highlighted our campaign activity and trend line data to enable us to easily feedback on what was performing well and what could be performing better and why. 

This enabled us to quickly make changes to the campaign based on what was seemingly more relevant throughout different times of the year to get ahead of the competition.

Waleed Taleb, CMO and Board Member at Vera Clinic, commented:

“We are so grateful to the Absolute Digital Media team! We have already seen some fantastic results across the campaign and can’t wait to see its performance go to new strengths!”


In Conclusion

The site’s overall technical, offsite, and content prior to onboarding us were poor. We capitalised on a series of quick wins, but equally as important opportunities to improve the site’s health, authority, and trustworthiness. 

This led to a steady improvement in visibility and keyword positioning, and with the integrated approach to the strategy, we were able to ensure the campaign remained highly targeted and focused on driving traffic quality and ultimately leads. 

Using our learnings from our previous experience in the industry, we were also able to make further prominent improvements that saw quick successes for the brand across all channels. We have also recently started to investigate further opportunities to support the brands visibility and growth. 


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Jasmine McKenzie
Marketing Manager

Jasmine has been a member of Absolute Digital Media’s team for almost five years now, having started her journey at the agency as a Digital Copywriter and progressing onto become read more.

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