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How To Ace Your Festive Social Media Marketing Strategy

How to ace your Festive Social Media Marketing Strategy

30-Second Summary

  • 68% of festive shoppers heading to social media platforms to search for the perfect Christmas gifts.
  • Create a social media content schedule now for Christmas marketing success.
  • Invest in Christmas templates and themes to increase brand awareness and audience reach.
  • Create a Christmas PPC campaign to target your ideas customer and drive festive sales.
  • Embrace the Christmas spirit – we need it more than ever!


Shop aisles are full with baubles and selection boxes, Mariah Carey is back in the charts and the wish of Father Christmas coming down the chimney is on very child’s mind. Yes, Christmas is coming at us with full force and it’s time to embrace the seasonal magic.

Investing in your Christmas marketing is a must if you want to capitalise on the eCommerce opportunities that the holidays bring. Plus, in 2020, we need a sprinkling of Christmas joy now more than ever!

As a full-service marketing agency, all of our marketing avenues have a sprinkle of Christmas magic, but arguably, nailing your festive social media marketing strategy is the key to harnessing the Christmas spirit in your sales and conversions.

So, what can you do to get your festive social media shinning bright this season?



How Important Is Social Media Marketing For Christmas?

Consumers go crazy over Christmas; the facts speak for themselves with over 68% of festive shoppers heading to social media platforms to search for the perfect Christmas gifts, and in our current climate this is set to rise.

National and local lockdowns have prevented shoppers from hitting the high-streets, meaning that 2020 is set to be a record-breaking year for festive online sales. Research from Statista shows that retail websites generated almost 22 billion visits in June 2020, up from 16.07 billion global visits in January 2020, and they are predicted to rise again throughout the festive period.

The rise in online shopping can be targeted by businesses big and small through a dedicated Christmas social media strategy. Online shoppers are increasingly turning to social for purchasing inspiration and deals as the digital catalogue for eCommerce.

This is particularly true for younger generations, with the 18-25 age range turning to social media for shopping inspiration before going to search engine. So, your social media pages are your opportunity to see a slice of this festive traffic. After all, your social media page is your virtual shop-window, primed to draw eager punters in.


Build Your Perfect Festive Social Media Strategy Now

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What To Consider When Planning Your Christmas Posts

There’s a lot to think about during the Christmas season, so we’ve outlined the top points to consider when planning your festive social media posts:


Keep Your Christmas Décor In Line With Your Branding

It can be tempting to go FULL ON Christmas and deck your feed out with red and green tinsel themes but, take a moment to reflect before your social media becomes akin to Santa’s grotto. Remember that your social media pages still need to be a reflection of your brand. This means keeping your festive posts in line with your brand guidelines.

Keeping your branded style in colours, tone of voice and style will keep your brand essence at the heart of your holiday social strategy; remember, you still want you users to recognise and value your brand posts!

Having brand style consistency will ensure your over-all page aesthetic is maintained and will also help showcase your individual brand stamp to new social users who might find your business during the festive season. Keeping brand consistency will help maintain this new brand following as, come January 1st your social posts won’t suddenly change.

Perhaps try and invest in some brand coloured Christmas decorations to include in your product photos or spark up your BTS social posts with office decorations and joy. Often, small but effective brand hints will be enough to maintain an overall cohesive brand image.


Connect To The World

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Plan Your Social Posts Ahead Of the Rush

Stock lists, gift bundles, having your website in top condition… the ‘To-Do’ for eCommerce businesses at Christmas time is endless, so don’t let your social media marketing get lost or forgotten amongst all the yule-tide madness.

This year, your ‘little helper’ will be a well-considered social media schedule which you can plan weeks ahead. Never underestimate the power of a plan. A clear Christmas content plan will ensure you don’t miss a trick, take a moment in the pre-festive solace to schedule any Christmas events, promotions or sales into your content plan and build the rest of your schedule around these core dates.

This is particularly pivotal for 2020, as online shopping habits increase, every social media post counts towards your festive advertising, so you don’t want to miss anything from your schedule.

You can also invest in an auto-post tool such as Later or Hootsuite to automatically post your social media content at your scheduled time – a Christmas miracle! Take the stress out of regular posting and target your audiences’ most active times with an automated posting platform.


What To Consider When Planning Your Christmas Posts

Secure Your Christmas PPC

It’s not too late to get your festive PPC campaign up and running. The Christmas season is the perfect time to target consumer growth through a paid media campaign which could significantly boost your conversion rates.

PPC is a form of targeted advertising, meaning that you have the opportunity to select different terms or interests in order to ensure that your Google ad is seen by the “perfect” audience. You can even target users who may have previously expressed an interest in your products or services through remarketing, which is an effective way of generating good results.

Showcase your best products and unique brand values in a Christmas wrapped PPC campaign to draw the holiday shoppers to our brand. Make sure to include a targeted landing page to make the most of those clicks – Christmas themed of course! Why not promote Christmas gift bundles or wish lists on your festive landing page?


Sprinkle Some Christmas Magic On Your Social Media

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Target Your Ideal Audience

As always, you need to make the most out of your paid and organic social by producing content which your ideal audience find useful, relevant and valuable. To ensure your content reaches the best results, tailor your social posts and PPC campaigns to your perfect audience.

This is crucial for delivering successful PPC campaigns. To target your ideal customer, you need to group your prospects into different demographics, behaviours and interests. This includes location, gender and age; but it can also go further to include parameters linked to your niche brand. Not having to pay for views is also an added bonus, meaning that your brand name, logo and any key advertising information could be viewed by hundreds, or thousands, of festive social media viewers for free!


Increase Your Brand Awareness With Social

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How To Boost Engagement With Festive Social Strategies?

So, you’re ready to embrace the joy of Christmas marketing, would you like some inspiration for successful festive social media campaigns? Look no further…


Christmas Themed Giveaways

Consumers love a giveaway – and they’re even more successful when you put a Christmas spin on it. Giveaways are a fantastic tool for increasing brand awareness and captivating new audiences. Post a giveaway on your social media platforms and ask users to ‘like’, ‘follow’, ‘comment’ and ‘share’ to enter and you’ve landed yourself a whole host of potential new prospects as your followers – Merry Christmas to you!

Thankfully, Christmas comes with lots of countdowns to get people excited, and businesses can use these too. Why not try a 12 Days of Christmas inspired giveaway or, if you’re feeling particularly Christmassy a full advent calendar of consumer treats – the opportunities are endless.


How To Boost Engagement With Festive Social Strategies?

Share Christmas Codes & Offers

Be sure to put your Christmas deals and codes front and centre of your social media content plan, creating exciting ‘Offer On Now’ posts to make the most of your Christmas sales. Especially following COVID-19, as 65% of UK consumers have increased their online shopping during 2020.

Capture these additional online sales with social media promotional offers to further entice shoppers to your brand. This is a particularly useful tool when independent and medium brand are competing with the likes of Amazon and their Christmas Prime Days.


Christmas Hashtags

Specific Christmas hashtag strategies are a fantastic way to connect with the festive spirit and people looking for the perfect gift. Take some time to search for industry specific festive hashtags to tap into your ideal audience. To build brand awareness and audience connectivity, consider creating your own Christmas hashtag and encourage users to tag their Christmas product posts with this tag to spread the Christmas magic.

A hashtag is your brand’s way of connecting with your audience and customers, a notion which could feel sorely lost if your business cannot open its physical doors because of COVID-19. However, you can still instil a sense of Christmas connectivity through tailored hashtags which spur B2C conversation.

#WishLists are a great way to connect to Christmas shoppers and highlight your brand’s unique products. Create a series of wish list posts for different audiences, such as ‘Gifts for Her’ and tailor them to your industry. Plus, with Instagram’s new Guides feature, you can make the most of drawing consumers to your perfect gift bundles.


Themes & Templates

Give your social media feed a Christmas face lift with easy to create Christmas templates and themes. Monitor industry trends and implement them into your templates for maximum engagement, for example, a ‘Best Christmas Jumper’ template for a fashion brand, or ‘Top Christmas Songs’ for brands in the leisure industry – the potential for creative ideas is endless!

To increase your brand awareness and drive traffic to your social media page, create shareable templates for users to copy and re-share. This is particularly effective for Instagram and Facebook Stories, and users can easily screen shot and share your festive template.

Shareable Template Ideas:

  • My Ideal Christmas In GIFs
  • My Christmas Wish List
  • Top Christmas Foods
  • Best Christmas Songs
  • My Christmas Happy Place
  • This or That Christmas Edition


Unlock Your Christmas Marketing Dreams

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To boost your business this Christmas, speak to our expert social media team to build your perfect festive social media strategy. For more information, get in touch with a member of our friendly, expert team on 0800 088 6000, today.

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