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Our BrightonSEO Itinerary

BrightonSEO Events

This Friday, our team are heading to Brighton for yet another BrightonSEO conference! Twice a year, this event is held to bring marketing professionals together for the chance to hear talks, network and simply meet up for a day of industry insights and the chance to learn more about the industry we work in. With talks from a huge number of leading speakers in the industry, we’re always thrilled to be able to attend to hear different approaches to the digital marketing landscape’s greatest trends.

In the run up to BrightonSEO, we’ve been preparing the team with an in-depth schedule to make sure we get the most out of our visit! We’ve got our hands on one of AccuRanker’s exclusive Grumpy t-shirts, and are even taking part in the BrightonSEO-organised pre-conference beach clean to get a breath of fresh seaside air, a spot of exercise and the chance to do our bit before the conference begins.

We’ve spoken to our team to see which talks they’re looking forward to attending most, and have broken it down into our own hour by hour schedule:

Brighton SEO Itinerary 10am


At 10am, the conference comes to life, with 8 rooms holding talks at any one time. During this hour and 15 minutes, the eight different rooms cover the Future Of Search, Small Budget SEO, Advertising, Technical, Mobile, Amazon, International Social and the Reporting Showcase. While we’d love to attend every single talk, we’ve broken down the 23 different seminars into three that we’re most excited to attend.


How I learned to stop worrying and love the .htaccess file

The .htaccess file is something that a surprising number of SEOs tend to avoid when it comes to their technical SEO, simply through a lack of understanding. While our development team have embraced this technical element, we’re looking forward to attending Roxana Stingu’s session covering the world of possibilities that these files can unlock. Her talk will cover redirects, canonicalisation of static resources and speed optimisation to name just a few concerns.

Don’t F-up Your Site Migration

Site migration can be a tricky thing to get right, not only from a technical perspective but in terms of reputation and expectation management with your consumers and stakeholders. Serena Pearson from Kaizen is tackling this issue head-on in her session, in which she’ll talk through the process of leading a site migration, as well as additional tips, advice and information regarding handling and managing expectations throughout the process.

Accessibility For People And Bots: Compassion-led Technical SEO

Accessibility should be a core part of any web design or technical project, and Ashley Berman Hale at DeepCrawl certainly believes that is the case. As a complement to our own accessibility practices within our clients’ campaigns, we’ll be attending this session to see just what accessibility means to others in the industry and how this changes when there is limited data. Ashley Berman Hale will be digging deep into how to create content that resonates with a wider audience, as well as how to test accessibility on your site, through compassion-led programming and design.

Future Of Search

Beetlejuice’s Guide To Entities And The Future Of SEO

Greg Gifford from Wikimotive will be covering everything we can expect from the SEO industry in the coming months, including local SEO, mobile SEO and Google My Business. His session will cover how SEO strategies should shift based on different and changing entities and relationships, as well as how GMB can be used to feed entity info about your business directly into Google’s hands.

Rethinking The Fundamentals Of Keyword Research With The Insights From Big Data

Tim Soulo from Ahrefs will be overturning everything that traditional SEOs ever knew about the fundamentals of keyword research. After taking on data-driven research studies, the team at Ahrefs questioned some of the more conventional keyword research practices and in his session, Soulo will be presenting the findings of this research to the wider SEO community. Our team are looking forward to seeing this new approach for themselves and are ready to shake up our own keyword research techniques.

Why AI Will Be A Key Part Of Your Team, Not A Replacement

Time is valuable and as workloads get bigger, more and more businesses are turning to automation to free up resources which can then be distributed elsewhere. The question on everyone’s minds, however, is whether this automation and artificial intelligence is an opportunity, or a threat. Sal Mohammed at Adzooma and a team of paid search experts will be exploring this, and more, with explanations as to how AI can improve ROI, and enhance paid campaigns on any platform.

International Social

Using LinkedIn Paid Ads To Support A Lead Generation Campaign

Jake Potter from Colt Technology Services will be tackling the topic of how LinkedIn’s paid ad system can support a lead generation campaign. LinkedIn is often overlooked when it comes to paid search campaigns, particularly when it comes to the insights that it can provide for a business about its audience. Jake Potter will be exploring how we can leverage data from paid social results, and how this can then be used to optimise existing or new content for ongoing campaigns on an international scale.

Social selling is becoming a popular aspect for businesses operating on social media, and understandably so. For those who may not know what social selling is or how to leverage it to its full potential, however, Anlieka Marconi’s session about how social selling could change your approach to global sales is bound to be enlightening. The session will cover tips in developing a social selling strategy, as well as optimising profiles, choosing the right targets, growing networks, promoting and maintaining engagement and, of course, how all of this fits into a wider global social strategy.

How To Create A Sexy AF PR Pitch To Land Sexy AF Links No Matter Your Budget Or Brand

Pitching your brand or business to a journalist can be challenging but in this seminar Carrie Rose is set to share her excellent tips and tricks on how to make sure that your content stands out against the crowd. During the session Carrie Rose will also be sharing ‘behind the scenes juicy screenshots’  providing an even more in-depth look at what it takes to woo your audience.

Brighton SEO event


At 11:45, after a half-hour break, the 8 rooms resume activity! During these sessions, the rooms will cover Content SEO, Users First, Wellbeing And Inclusion, Onsite Technical, E-Commerce, Fundamentals, International Search and the Links and Outreach Showcase. We’re hoping to attend:

Digital Marketing to An Older Audience

While digital marketing is a given method for younger and middle-aged audiences, businesses with older customers can understandably be left confused as to how best to target their prospective consumers. Hannah McKie from Cotton Traders works with customers of an average age of 60, and her session will cover how best to adapt marketing strategies to ensure they are as efficient and as effective as they can be for the target audience.

The Future Of Search Is Understanding Human Psychology

Time and time again, SEOs, marketers and even businesses themselves can become swept up in bots, AI, algorithms, SERPs and similar, when their attention should really be on the consumers themselves. Becky Simms from Reflect Digital will be covering how marketers need to better understand and focus on the human element of marketing, paying attention to human behaviours and psychology models, as well as how these models can be integrated with our SEO campaigns and procedures.

Progressive Profiling And Engagement Triggers

One of the most difficult parts of targeted marketing is profiling who your audiences are and engaging them with the right triggers accordingly. Kenda Macdonald, from Automation Ninjas, will be covering exactly that in her session at BrightonSEO. The talk will cover how you can get into the brains of your customers, figuring out what they care about, the problems they need to solve and how you can keep track of this and more in order to produce proper profiles to utilise in your marketing.

Content SEO

Making Captions Beautiful (And Searchable) To Improve Video Experience

Visual – and specifically video – content has become a crucial part of any marketing strategy, but too often, digital marketers forget just how powerful the captions alone can be. Ahmed Khalifa from Khalifa Media will be exploring just why captions are a necessity in video marketing, but how to produce beautiful, yet still optimised captions for every video.

How To Find Content Gaps When You Don’t Speak The Language

Content gap analysis can be a valuable way of determining the best avenues for a business to head when looking to capture sectors their competitors are missing out on – but what about those cases where you may not understand these new areas? Catherine Goulbourne of Oban International will be covering the best methods for producing a content gap report, how to find SEO opportunities from these reports, and the best ways to capture these opportunities, even when you don’t speak the language.

How To ‘SEO’ Forums, Communities And UGC

As businesses, we all have control over the content that we produce – in most cases. We can write a blog, optimise it to our heart’s content, share it on social media and update and change it as we see fit. For user-generated content, however, this isn’t nearly as simple. While forums and communities can be a great way to build up rapport with and around your business, it’s difficult to ‘SEO’ these particular platforms. Steph Whatley from Blue Array will be covering how to do precisely that, as well as tips for crawling, indexing, EAT and duplicate content within these areas.

Brighton SEO Tips on Content


After lunch, sessions resume at 14:30 to cover SERPs, Content Strategy, Structured Data, PR & SEO, Market Analysis, E-Commerce Advertising, International B2B and the SEO Showcase. We’ll be attending:

Structured Data

What’s New In Structured Data

Structured data is constantly changing, with new forms being released more or less daily. For SEOs, keeping on top of the ever-changing landscape is the key to staying ahead. Charlie Norledge from Impression will cover the latest changes, how they’re changing the SERPs and how attendees can begin to use them within their own websites or marketing campaigns. Norledge claims “Attendees will leave with a list of new structured data opportunities and tangible tips to help maximise visibility in an ever-changing SERP landscape.”

How To Create Connected Schema Markup And Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge graphs on Google offer us invaluable insight into countless topics – including ourselves! Martha van Berkel will not only explain how well-connected schema markup can help you build and control your businesses knowledge graph, but how her own has seen her two degrees away from none other than Kevin Bacon! We’re looking forward to listening in on this fun, entertaining take on structured data and how it can drive SEO results, as well as business intelligence.

From Knowledge Graphs To Commonsense Knowledge Graphs

Once we’ve all become familiar with knowledge graphs, Dateme Tubotamuno from Yotel will shake that up completely. Introducing commonsense knowledge graphs – the more dynamic version of the ones we have come to know and understand. Dateme Tubotamuno will be covering what they are, how they could change the SERPs and just how businesses can start to implement them across the board.


Mining The SERPs: How To Make The SERPs A Powerful Weapon In Your SEO Armoury

The SERPs are more than just a goal for SEOs – they’re a tool and Rory Truesdale from Conductor certainly knows that that is the case. In his session, he’ll be covering how SEOs and marketers can better mind the SERPs for data and insights into their industry, the language of their search audience while finding topical trends that are more likely to generate engagement and traffic. The session will dig into the program Python, which our teams have been working to implement into our own strategies here at Absolute Digital Media, and so we’re looking forward to finding out just how much it can do.

SERP Features Glossary

The sheer number of SERP features available on Google today is bigger than anyone could’ve ever predicted. Paige Hobart from We Are Roast is using her session to provide us with a full glossary of just what features are available to us, what they do, and how your business can make the most of the ones available to you. The talk will also cover how these features could have an impact on your organic listings, for better or for worse.

Building A Brand With Local SEO: The Factors That Create Effortless Online-Offline User Journeys

Local SEO is a vital part of any online marketing strategy today, particularly for small and medium businesses. However, local markets can often be the most competitive, so how do you capture the search visibility ahead of your competitors? Antony Robinson from Uberall is covering exactly that, providing us with insights into all of the necessary elements of building up a successful local SEO strategy.


How To Get More From Digital PR (Without Mentioning AVE)

PR is one of the trickiest content marketing methods, particularly when you consider that it’s rapidly and constantly evolving. While it offers value in terms of external linking opportunities and authority building, there are a number of additional benefits that are often missed by SEOs and marketers alike. Laura Hampton from Impression will be covering the best ways to capitalise on digital PR on a cross-funnel basis, for anyone in SEO, PPC or, of course, PR specifically.

How To Actually Measure The Impact Of Digital PR Coverage

We all know that digital PR has it’s benefits – but how exactly do we go about measuring this? Well, the answer may be simpler than you think. Fran Griffin from Honcho will be covering how we can measure the reach and effectiveness of PR, even when there is no link involved. Linkless mentions are becoming more and more common in marketing, but also make for additional coverage that should be tracked and Fran Griffin’s talk will cover exactly that.

Let’s Take This Offline: The Power Of Face-To-Face Events In Digital Marketing

Digital marketing might have ‘digital’ in the name, but face-to-face marketing is still a powerful and valuable avenue that more and more businesses are leaning towards. A face-to-face marketing event can offer far more valuable insight for consumers and a host of opportunities for businesses that they wouldn’t get from online marketing alone. Claire Gamble from Unhooked Communications will be covering this and more in her talk about how businesses can implement PR events in their strategies to generate buzz around their business.

Brighton SEO on-site optimisation


16:10 sees the shut-down of two of the eight rooms, leaving us with six covering Advanced SEO, Onsite Optimisation, Automation, Link Building/Outreach, Success and Social Media. We’re looking forward to attending:

Advanced SEO

Think Like A Bot, Rank Like A Boss: How Googlebot Renders

Rendering refers to the gap between what you see and what Google sees, which can be the cause of a low or non-existent ranking in some cases. Jamie Alberico from Not A Robot will be covering how Google’s bots see your website, and how rendering could be the difference between a successful ranking or otherwise. We’re looking forward to hearing potentially new ways to help Google understand our client’s sites and new tactics regarding HTML and DOM.

How Serverless Technologies Can Help SEOs Overcome Legacy (And Modern) Tech Obstacles

Dan Taylor from SALT.agency will be taking to the stage in Auditorium 1 to discuss how ‘edge SEO’ can help businesses implement the technical fixes they need through the CDN, without causing any harm or issue to the underlying tech stacks or code bases. The session will cover how to do so while overcoming obstacles along the way, or how to implement temporary fixes where needed when a bigger, more time-consuming fix may be needed.

Web Server Logs As Technical SEO Key Data Source

Aysun Akarsu from SearchDatalogy will be covering everything we could possibly need to know about web servers, their logs, and how they can be used as a key data source in technical SEO. Her session will cover everything from crawl distribution, to dealing with missing data or how web server logs can be used in crawl-first SEO and our teams will be attending to see how we can implement more in-depth server data into our technical SEO campaigns.

Onsite Optimisation

Improve Your Rankings With Internal Links, Like These 7 Popular Sites

Christoph C. Cemper from LinkResearchTools will be taking to the stage to discuss how internal link building is one of the most powerful SEO tools you can use, and probably aren’t. The session will cover everything you need to know about internal linking, including how it can improve your rankings and how seven different popular sites have been using this strategy to build their visibility online.

How To Turn A Press Release Into Unique Ranking Content

We’re all guilty of clicking away from a press release before we can even scan it, but did you know that these can actually prove to be valuable marketing avenues? Eleni Cashell from the Society Of London Theatre will be exploring how you can turn a packed inbox full of PR into quality and high ranking content that will benefit you, and your customers.

Medic Update – Easy And Actionable Tips For Recovery

By this point, the term ‘medic update’ is enough to send chills through the spines of any SEO professional. Steve Haynes from Global Search Marketing will be tackling the issue head-on in his session covering how you can optimise your website for Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness, and how you can triage a site that’s been hit by the update.

Social Media

How We Got Brighton To #BeMoreSnail

Hannah Clare from Martlets Hospice will be taking to the Toggl Stage to discuss how she and her company were able to hold and promote a fundraising art trail in Brighton and Hove. This trail encouraged residents to get out and #BeMoreSnail, enjoying the slower, more peaceful moments in life. With a £300,000 total raised, this is a social media campaign we’re keen to hear about and will be attending her session to find out more.

How To Get Facebook Groups Working For Your Business

While Facebook Groups isn’t the first feature you’ll think of when it comes to the platform, the potential that it holds for businesses is huge. Marie Page from The Digiterati is hosting a session covering everything from the new features for Groups, the algorithmic advantage this offers, and how businesses can harness this power.

The Relationship Between Pop Culture And Social Media Marketing

As part of our efforts to continue growing our incredible social media service, we’re looking forward to attending Yumna Kumran’s session on the relationship between pop culture and social media marketing. Kumran will be covering how these two areas are not only powerful individually, but how integrating them together can be a “match made in heaven”.

Brighton seo

17:30 – Keynote: Dave Trott – Simple Is Smart, Complicated Is Stupid

To round off the day, there will be a single keynote, hosted by industry expert Dave Trott. It has been simply (and aptly!) described as covering the following: “People think complicated things are clever, but the opposite is true. The value of the brief is inversely proportional to the length of words used.”

We’re not only keen to find out just what this keynote will cover, but hearing from Dave Trott in the final keynote of BrightonSEO September 2019!

Over the next couple of weeks, our teams will be collating their notes and will present what they have learnt to the office in an afterwork training session helping to ensure that each of us are fully up to scratch with the latest in the SEO world. Be sure to follow us on social media to see the event through our own eyes!

To find out more about the digital marketing services available at Absolute Digital,
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