How To Integrate Organic and Paid Social Media To Drive Results

When it comes to posting on social media, few people understand the power of integrating an organic campaign with a paid social media campaign. However, the are several reasons why doing so may boost your profiles visibility, fast. Many of us have now become accustomed to seeing customised ads on our feeds, with some even scarily accurate as to what we have been speaking about or searching for in recent weeks and even days.

In my latest piece, I’ll be explaining the difference between organic and paid social media and how the two can be integrated to create the powerhouse of all social media campaigns.



What Is The Difference Between Organic & Paid Social Media?

The different between organic and paid social media is pretty simple. Organic social media encapsulates everything you can do on the platform, such as Facebook, without paying any type of fee. This includes uploading posts to your feed, sharing photos, videos and utilising any of the features you can see on your main business page.

As the name suggests, paid social media is where the advertising part of the platform comes in. Whilst you can often boost posts directly from your page from Facebook and Instagram, to LinkedIn, a lot of this is conducted in the business manager of said platform. For Facebook, for example, this would be the Facebook Business Manager or LinkedIn Ads Manager if you’re targeting leaders and other businesses.

How To Integrate Organic & Paid Social Media

Integrating both organic and paid social media can seem tricky but in reality, it’s not too difficult to get the two-running side by side. Here’s how:

Take Your Social Presence To The Next Level

Get Started With Your Organic Feed

To integrated organic and paid social media successfully, you need to have a feed. A feed of valuable information, articles, images and even video to help you inform consumers about your product or offering in the most effective way possible. Many businesses make the mistake of setting up their paid promotion first and, whilst is may be successful for some businesses to dive straight into the deep end, many will click onto the page to find out a little bit more before taking the desired action on the ad.

Make Sure Both Platforms Are Relevant

With this in mind, you also want to make sure that any content you do share to your page is relevant to your ad. For example, if you’re offering a 10% off promotion to all of your customers and have created an ad to also attract new people to your business, make sure it’s visible at the top of your page or even in the banner of your page to make sure your message is heard. Whilst it can often be trickier to track organic results through social media (though UTMs are a great way to track how well said post is working), it can help to provide some consistency across your channel(s).

Utilise The Same Message

In addition to making sure the two remain relevant to one another and your promotion and/ or offering remains consistent with the rest of your marketing, utilising the same message is an effective way to make sure that your channel remains streamlined. This includes making sure that the same tone of voice is used across both areas and is especially true if your team is divided by a pool of organic social media experts and paid professionals. In order to make the two work together, you need to collaborate closely. This will help to ensure that the message you are sharing, the format you are sharing said message in and the general look and feel of your ad remains recognisable to your audience.

Target Existing & New Customers Through Both

When people think of paid social media advertising, many believe that its all about reaching out to a new audience and, whilst it is a great place to pick up on prospecting customers, retargeting to your existing customers via social media is just as effective, if not more. Retargeting campaigns are a great way to reignite the interest of your existing customers, including those who have purchased from you before, but also those who have previously seen your ad or website but not taken any action.

With Facebook, for example, in addition to targeting people who visited your website within so many days, you can also retarget to users who have previously added an item to their basket, or even hit the checkout button but didn’t complete their payment. You can then utilise this data, by tweaking your messaging or asset to provide a final push towards making that sale.

Get Ready To Embark On A New Social Media Mission

Track Your Results

Just like you would track your paid social media campaign performance and results, it’s just as important to track the engagement (and potential sales) generated by your organic feed. The results you track will differ slightly but will help to inform the other campaign in question. For example, your organic engagement may help to provide some insight into the type of content your audience favours the most, helping to boost your performance from a paid social media perspective.

But, It’s Not Just About Social…

When it comes to making your organic and paid social media campaign stand out, it’s not just about targeting users on said platform. Many marketers utilise this data within their wider marketing strategy, such as their email marketing activity, slowly closing the sales cycle. Emails can also be sent to people who have added an item to their cart but abandoned it shortly after, providing you with an additional opportunity to reach out. Some even use this provide a further discount or offer to secure the sale.

If you haven’t already jumped on the organic and paid social media bandwagon, now is the perfect time.

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Miguel López Cedeño
Miguel López Cedeño
Head of Paid Media

Miguel is our Head of Paid Media who looks after the Paid Social & PPC department alongside our Head of PPC. Miguel helps clients by creating and implementing award winning read more.

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