How To Measure Social Media Marketing Performance

When it comes to measuring your social media marketing performance, many people automatically think of the number of likes they got on a post or more people commented on this specific post, so it must be good, right? Wrong. There’s so much more to measuring your social media marketing performance than the basic metrics that are available to anyone at any time. We’re taking a closer look, below!

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What Is Social Media Marketing

Social media for business is a bit like marmite; you either love it or hate it. Regardless of your view on social media, it’s here for the long run so it’s more effective to consider the ways your brand can benefit from a Facebook page or Instagram account rather than ignoring it completely. As a service, social media marketing often involves the set up and ongoing growth of your social channels. This includes publishing posts at times each businesses target audience is most likely to engage and interact with the posts and account itself.

There are 5 main pillars to a successful social media marketing in total: Strategy, Planning, Listening & Engagement, Analytics & Reporting and Advertising which allows you to reach a wider audience than those who are following you with a dedicated budget.

The Different Types Of Social Media Measurement

The Different Types Of Social Media Measurement

The way you measure your social media channels depends entirely on what you want to achieve or what success looks like to you. However, there are two common types of Social Media performance measurement: ongoing analytics and campaign-focused metrics.

  • Ongoing Analytics: The proof is in the pudding with ongoing Social Media analytics, as it is exactly what it says on the tin. An ongoing campaign will consist of numerous posts used to promote your brand, generate greater awareness and plug your services or products, meaning that you can analyse your channels performance at any time, over any period.
  • Campaign-Focused Metrics: Campaign-focused metrics are a little different and involve measuring the success of particular campaign or post. These types of “campaigns” will have a clear start and end, helping you to measure the performance in between.

How To Measure Your Social Media Success

Even though you can measure the success of your social media campaign in two ways, it’s important to understand the different success indictors and what they could mean for your brand or business. We’re taking a closer look, below:

It All Comes Down To Your Social Goals

Any post can be a “success” on social media whether you achieve 1 like, 1 share, 1 comment or 1 new follower. As such, you need to plan your goals according to the overall objective of your campaign or particular post. Consider:

  • What You Are Trying To Accomplish
  • What You Want To Gain Through Various Social Channels
  • What Channels Are Most Relevant To Your Outlined Goals

Social media marketing strategy

Metrics That Are Important To You

Once you have determined what you want to accomplish and the social media channels that will help to support your objectives, you can create different metrics to measure these goals. There are a number of behaviours available to measure across almost all social media platforms, including:

  • Awareness: To measure the awareness of your social media campaign or brand, use metrics such as Volume, Reach and Amplification. This will give you insight into how far your message is being distributed.
  • Engagement: To measure engagement of your campaign, consider the metrics that revolve around how many times you campaign is shared, how many replies it receives and the total number of participants. You can then determine your social media success by the forms in which participants are getting involved in.
  • Traffic: If you want a social media campaign that drives traffic to your website, consider tracking URL shares, clicks and the total number of conversions. This will help you to identify how people are transitioning from your social media channels to your website.
  • Finding Fans: To find fans, track your current contributors and the influence they have on their own audience. This will help you to identify the type of impact they have.
  • Marketing Your Brand: To increase the awareness of your brand online, track your competitor’s success. This will enable you to determine the conversation surrounding your industry or product.

Tracking Social Media Traffic

Measuring your social media traffic will help you understand what’s working for you and those that are coming up short. Regardless whether your social media traffic is generated via paid or unpaid sources, there are a number of other aspects you should look into, too. This includes shared posts from your page or even from a group which may attract more attention and engagement. You can then breakdown each piece of contents success by bounce rate (the number of single-page sessions divided by all sessions) and average session duration (the average amount of time users spend on your website).

Identifying The Best Posting Times For Your Niche

Identifying the best posting times for your niche plays a crucial part in measuring your social media marketing performance, helping you to understand the best days and times known to generate the most consistent engagement and lowest engagement. Whilst it can be difficult to identify an exact day and time to publish on social media, there are a few things you can consider. This includes:

Keeping Your Social Media Channels Up To Date

In a world where everything travels full steam ahead, keeping up to date with the latest trends and news can be difficult. However, with the right insight, you can plan your social media marketing strategy for the entire year, taking into account those trends that require a reactive approach. We suggest:

  • Use scheduling tools such as Tweet Deck and Hootsuite to help manage your social media accounts around the clock.
  • People much prefer following “real people” compared to businesses – even if they don’t necessarily have a connection with the person! Keep your businesses social media account(s) real.
  • Utilise your data to identify exactly how much you should post based on previous engagement and resources available to your customers.
  • Quality is key, even on social media, which is why you want to make sure that you have a constant flow of posts in the pipeline. To ease your workload, this can include UGC (User Generated Content) which your share or re-post on a customer’s behalf.

Social media is constantly changing, which is why you always need to be one step ahead of the times and managing your social success according to your objective(s).

Social media marketing campaigns


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