The Importance of LinkedIn Audience Personas


Within paid media we frequently talk about ad assets, bids, budgets, calls to action and reporting. We spend our time researching themes, keywords, content pieces and try to match raw data to a result. Beit a download, lead, sales, or brand awareness.

One element that gets overlooked in the journey is understanding “the Who”, in paid media. Who are we advertising to? What are their specific needs and requirements and is this the right advert message for them?

One of the core USPs of LinkedIn advertising is the ability to target by job titles, seniority, interests and a combination of industry and demographic overlays. The initial inclination is to think, I need to target C-Level decision makers or just the CEO/Head of who will make the decision to buy my product or get in touch.

This is usually the quickest way to burn through advertising budget with little return. Rather than going straight to the CEO, ask yourself do they have the time to research your product, invest in reading whitepapers, cases studies or feel like jumping straight into a direct call via a LinkedIn Ad.

Within most cases and especially in SASS based scenarios you will find three types of users.

01. SASS Style Users

  • Day-to-day user: Employees who will actively work with your software. The focus should be on features, benefits, and ease of use.
  • Administrators: Team leaders or IT Users who will be managing a platform. The focus should be on integration, setup, training, and support
  • Decision makers: CEOs / Head of Department / C-Level. The focus is on core benefits, gains for a company and the long-term results.

Each of these users has different requirements and thus different needs when it comes to advertising. Your Day-to-day and admin users would generally look for solutions to for problems and promote the concept to their higher ups. However, C-Level users would see a top-level benefit, so actively ask users down the chain whether it is workable or not.

By knowing different tiers in your advertising, you can tailor your messaging for each group to ensure you are getting what is important front and centre, as opposed to a one-sized fits all advertising approach.

02. Proposition Grid

For each of your services, I would recommend creating the following type of grid:

Proposition = What are you looking to sell/promote

Industry = What are the main industries you are looking to promote to

Roles = Who are the main user-roles you are looking to target

Pain points = What is the need or solution to overcome

Requirements = What are the features/benefits of your service

Outcome = What is the action you want. Download | Traffic | Leads | Sales etc

By completing the below grid, you can start to break out your audiences in more detail to look at your proposition and compare it to your outcome. Then you can dive into each user role to understand their specific needs/wants. For each user role, I would also recommend creating out a profile.

PR Proposition Grid

Profile 1:

  • Role: CEO + Head Of
  • Seniority: C-Level
  • Company Size: 200+
  • Years in Role: 3 – 12+
  • Interests: Corporate communications, customer experience
  • Industry: Finance, Retail, Automotive, Leisure, Consumer Goods, Government, Charities


  • Looking for innovative ways to scale business operations, leveraging technology to grow the business.
  • Focus on cost-efficiencies, reporting functionalities.
  • Looking for a reliable partner to help work with the business operations.


  • Industry specific content with a focus on growth, scale, and validation points for initial phase of research and brand awareness.

03. Summary

Now that are you starting to build out specific needs, wants and actions you can then move to building out your campaigns in LinkedIn Ads to refine your audience lists by title/seniority/industry etc. Knowing that the pool of contacts you are eventually going to promote to follow a logical structure of needs/wants. This way, you can quickly identify a targeting process which will allow you to effectively build out your message. You might find in your user profiles certain overlaps in requirements. Here you can join up your campaigns together to hit a wider pool of users. Similarly, if it is for very specific ad messaging it’s more beneficial to think niche and only target those who are relevant, as opposed to firing in all directions and getting no return.

For more advice on campaigns and targeting get in touch with the team at Absolute Digital today at [email protected].

For more information or to discuss your own digital marketing requirements, call one of our expert team today on 0800 088 6000.

Stephen McAllister
Stephen McAllister
PPC Manager

Stephen is our PPC Account Manager specifically for our lead generation clients. He provides data driven solutions to increase lead quality, campaign optimisation and rich insights into user behaviours. Stephen’s read more.

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