Our Top 5 Favourite Scripts Every Google Ads Account Should Have


No matter how smart and automated the new Google Ads campaigns are while using machine learning, we still need to take advantage of the scripts if we want to further improve our day-to-day tasks and overall account performance. There are scripts that will help you optimise your bid management, reporting, avoid overspends and overall save you lots of time.

Scripts use JavaScript language which very often can feel overwhelming for someone who has limited or no programming knowledge. However, there is a large number of scripts that are free to use and don’t require much of an input to make them work. Among all the available Scripts, there are 5 that are our absolutely favourite ones and we have implemented in all of our Google Ads accounts. Find out which, below!

01. Link Checker

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This script can be added either in single Google Ads Account or even better in your MCC Account and check that all of your URLs do not result in error responses. The Script can run in hourly/daily/weekly basis and send you an email when a thorough check of keywords, ads, sitelinks is complete to inform you of any error responses found. The email will include the total number of broken links as well as a link to a Google sheet that will show details of where you can find each of the broken links. As a tip it is recommended to run the script in an hourly basis especially if the script is added in MCC level as there is a huge amount of data to analyse and there needs to be a full day between two subsequent analysis. When you have an hourly run as soon as the first analysis finishes the next one will start after 24 hours.

02. Automated Placement Exclusion

When running display activity in your Google Ads Account, this script is a must have. We have all faced a client that complained for receiving low quality leads and it tends to be difficult to manually check all of the thousands of placements your GDN ads appear in. This script does most of the work for you. Every time this script runs it checks two things:

  1. a) it analyses a specific time period checking which placements reached a certain number of impressions (you can adjust this to the historic metrics for each account) and received no clicks. These placements are then added to a negative placement list which can be applied to all of your campaigns.
  2. b) it analyses placements that the domain includes a particular string like .in, .pdf, .torrent that you are aware would be irrelevant to the campaigns you are running. You also have the option to except some domains from this rule for example the above rule would exclude any website that would include .in but you still want to show in websites that end in .info. In this case .info can be added in your except list.

Depending on the time period you are checking you can choose how often to run this script.


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03. Positive & Negative Search Terms

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An especially helpful script when running international campaigns in multiple languages. This script pulls the search terms in two different tabs within a Google sheet. Positive are considered the search terms that have seen more than 0 conversions whereas negative can be the search terms with a cost you specify while they didn’t get any conversions. If you choose to run this script weekly, you will receive an email with a link to a Google sheet with the updated search terms. In the Google sheet you can add a column and use a formula to translate any search terms to the language you prefer.

04. Spend & Conversions Report

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One more script very valuable to PPC managers handling a number of accounts is a very simple script that sends an email with a table including information like current monthly spend, target spend, conversions and any other metrics important to you. This can run daily and give a quick overview of an account first thing in the morning or before the end of a working day. It is especially useful for accounts that have a strict budget to help avoid overspends or even underspends for grant accounts.

05. GMC Disapproved Products Alert Email

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Since we have a number of ecommerce clients in our agency, this is a must-have script when running shopping ads. One of the biggest challenges when managing several Google Shopping campaigns and essentially Merchant Center Accounts with thousands of products is keeping up with disapproved products. A disapproved product means that it will not be promoted in the shopping ads and therefore this can result in a decrease of sales. That’s were the script comes in to save us time and prevent loss of revenue. This script checks all of the products in the Merchant Center and sends an email informing you if there is a higher percentage of disapproved products from what you defined in the script. This can run daily as it will only send an email when the threshold is exceeded.

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Sofia Akritidou
Sofia Akritidou
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