Top PPC Campaigns Of 2021

We can help but love a slice of reflection and that’s exactly how we’ve spent the first week of January. As an agency, we had numerous memorable highs in 2021, including when we won Best Independent Agency of the Year and Best Large Integrated Agency of the Year, accelerating our growth and independence.

We’ve taken the time to look back at some of our most successful campaigns in 2021 from businesses who are continuing to recover from the impact of Covid-19, to those looking to upscale their current strategies for an even more successful 2022.

  1. Carebase

Carebase was massively hit by Covid-19. As a leading nursing home in the UK, we needed to make sure that we focused on all the care homes including those that were low, mid, and high priority. Based on this, we created a report that would help us effectively distribute ad spend to ensure conversions remained consistent. Due to the ongoing nature of the pandemic, we have continued to create new campaigns each month, providing new copy and keywords to target. By doing so, we were able to increase conversions by 149% and reduce CPL by 9% in Q3.

Account Manager, Tiffany, said: “I would say this was one of the biggest challenges we had to face during Covid as a tram. If a care home had empty beds, we would need to double the budget. But, if in 2 months the beds were full, we had to cut the budget in half.”


  • 127% increase in monthly media spend
  • 149% increase in conversions
  • 9% decline in CPL
  1. Vera Clinic

Vera Clinic was also impacted by Covid, with few to almost no patients being able to visit turkey to receive their treatment due to travel restrictions across the globe. The client had also expressed concerns over the quality of the previous leads they were receiving, requesting to reach an audience that is valid and more likely to book a procedure at their clinic.

The main strategy was to refine the account structure and create campaigns per different language and location targeting to attract the correct audience. The client provided a list of countries that historically they had more patients coming from, and our focus was to attract that audience. During the year and as travel rules have changed multiple times, we were working along the client to adjust budgets and targeting accordingly.

During the biggest travel ban we run a promotional offer to attract clients to book for a later time in future. Part of our strategy was to increase brand awareness as well to assist our search campaigns. With this in mind, we started running display and video ads that have been seeing a very good performance as not only increase awareness but receive direct leads as well. Additionally, we created landing pages in different languages to promote the required services through Google Ads activity, making this way our ads highly relevant to users’ search. Finally, having access to client’s CRM tool we are able to refine our targeting and pause any keywords that result in low-quality leads, further improving lead quality.


  • 180% increase in monthly media spend
  • 109% increase in conversions
  • 114TL (target was below 150TL)
  1. Keyhole Heart Clinic

Before partnering with us, Keyhole Heart Clinic’s Google Ads activity was run by the owner of the company, who had created a series of smart campaigns and search campaigns. However, hard conversions were not being tracked. Without the correct goals being measured (phone calls, map directions and map clicks), the spend on the account quickly increased, making it non-profitable.

To support the client, we created a refined account structure splitting the campaigns in relevant themes and allocating budget to high performing ones per month. The main thing though was that we created correct conversion tracking measuring hard conversions like contact form completions, phone calls from the website and from call extensions. Whilst keeping the same budget monthly and testing some additional keywords, we have been able to to increase the leads and therefore patients. We also made further website recommendations to enhance the page relevancy, CTR and conversion rate.


  • 192% increase in conversions
  • 70% decline in CPL
  1. Stelrad

Stelrad are a long-term client of ours and so we are currently in the process of looking to further scale up the account. For context, previously only Branded (Stelrad) traffic was able to successful convert though was unable to gain traction on more premium products to push for the site.

With this in mind, we set up PPC protection software to eliminate low value traffic and rebuilt the campaigns into more granular subsects for targeting. This included setting up a series of DSA campaigns based on top categories for the site and reworked all Branded ad copy to improve the USPs of Stelrad and optimising the product feed to push higher value products. This resulted in a higher growth in sales and traffic for Stelrad giving more room to push premium products and non-branded terms to convert onsite


  • 165% increase in monthly media spend
  • 7% increase in conversions
  • 80% increase in conversion value
  • 837% ROAS
  1. Trilogy Stores

Another long-term client, Trilogy Stores, was looking to scale up their activity. However, every time they increased media spend, they would see a reduction in performance. Hitting a ceiling in activity, the fashion clothing brand was reliant on branded terms to convert, minimising opportunity.

With this in mind, we went ahead and rebuilt the existing shopping campaigns based on product times with a greater propensity to conversion. We also creased a defined DSA campaigns based on top ranges and top products to direct traffic over to key lines. To identify said lines and pinpoint the ranges that were most profitable vs those with lower returns, we integrated Google Analytics and Google Ads Data into Data Studio to create a visual report that would allow us to pick up on and monitor this data based on time of year. This resulted in the account being able to scale up activity (especially within Shopping) whilst benefiting from strong ROAS during sale periods. Whereas previously the client was unable to scale, we have now built the foundations to allow us to pivot spend into the right product areas to let the client grow as we move into 2022.


  • 177% increase in monthly media spend
  • 218% increase in conversion value
  • 733% ROAS


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Miguel López Cedeño
Miguel López Cedeño
Head of Paid Media

Miguel is our Head of Paid Media who looks after the Paid Social & PPC department alongside our Head of PPC. Miguel helps clients by creating and implementing award winning read more.

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