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What Is LinkedIn Advertising?

LinkedIn is the number one platform for B2B lead generation and business advertising. If you’re looking to drive brand awareness, highlight your industry expertise and generate new business leads, then our LinkedIn paid ads service is ideal for you. Through engaging and useful B2B social media content, you can ensure that your businesses social media profile is at the top of its game to keep consumers coming back for more. With a creative LinkedIn ad campaign, you can showcase your business’ unique flair and reach your objective of building brand awareness, generating leads, or increasing website traffic in line with your SEO or PPC efforts – or perhaps meet all three!

Why Is LinkedIn Advertising Important?

Target audiences in a professional context and produce a purposeful LinkedIn ads campaign, tailored to deliver top results.


Target A Professional Audience

LinkedIn is unlike any other social media platform as it is a community purely created for professional connections and corporate news. With a unique professional audience, LinkedIn paid ads can be focused at educated professionals and separated into specific industry categories. LinkedIn advertising allows you to target a user’s industry-specific variables, such as their job title, job function, industry, company name, company size, skills and degree type. Thanks to these targeting opportunities, businesses can fine-tune their LinkedIn ads campaign and increase the number of clicks or leads generated by pursuing their ideal audience.


Unique Advertising Opportunities

Brands who want to advertise on LinkedIn can take advantage of an array of different advertising opportunities, including image-focused and text optimised LinkedIn ads. From carousel image assets to sponsored text ads, there is a variety of LinkedIn advertising formats available to brands to inspire your audience to conduct valuable actions for your business. A fantastic format unique to LinkedIn is their Sponsored InMail advertising, which uses the LinkedIn internal messaging platform to direct message individuals in your target audience. These messages have a high open and click-through rate and ae a fantastic way of generating leads through conversation.


Increase Conversion Rates

When used the right way, LinkedIn advertising is a fantastic way to increase your conversion rates and capture the interest of your professional audience. A fantastic LinkedIn ads manager feature is the Lead Accelerator which allows businesses to track their most high-value prospects and direct more targeted LinkedIn ads to these users. This in-platform remarketing tactic enables brands to nurture their leads and encourage further progression down the consumer funnel. Ensure your LinkedIn pay per click brings value, traffic and sales to your website with our experienced LinkedIn advertising team.

LinkedIn Advertising Tools

As an experienced LinkedIn Advertising agency, our social media specialists are trained on the latest social media advertising tools and channels including LinkedIn Ads Manager, Hootsuite and Google Analytics.

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The LinkedIn Marketing Agency Who Answer Your Questions

LinkedIn advertising, like all paid media advertising, is a form of paid media exposure whereby brands can showcase their unique advertising campaigns to a wider social media audience. LinkedIn pay per click advertising allows businesses to create LinkedIn ads and share them with users who are most likely to engage with the ad and bring value to your company. This is achieved through audience targeting, which is tailored by the LinkedIn Ads Manager tool, which enables users to target their ads to specific industries, job roles, locations and more. Our LinkedIn advertising team can guide you through each step of the process and manage your campaign to deliver the best results.

As LinkedIn is a professional social media network, unlike Facebook and Instagram, and it is the best suited social media marketing platform for B2B businesses looking to generate new leads. LinkedIn ads generate a strong business lead generation because the platform has a highly active professional user base, providing a strong user engagement rate and click-through result for the businesses who utilise its advertising opportunities. Business leads generation can be enhanced through LinkedIn paid ads tailored to specified industries, job positions, companies and more, ensuring that your LinkedIn pay per click budget is used to produce the best possible results and quality leads.

As the leading social media network for professionals, LinkedIn advertising is effective for companies across a range of industries. However, the best results are found in corporate, professional industries, and B2B companies looking to connect with other brands. If you’re looking to reach out to industry professionals or sell a B2B product or service, targeted LinkedIn ads are the best social media marketing route for you. However, all industries can benefit from a strong LinkedIn profile, especially if you’re looking to hire the best candidates in your industry. Speak to our LinkedIn advertising team today to see how we can help you deliver a recruitment LinkedIn ads campaign.

Your LinkedIn advertising campaign cost is determined by the type of LinkedIn ad you want to run. As the ad campaign owner, you can be totally in control of your ad spend and bid strategy, and you can set your own budget. Your campaign can focus on either pay per click (CPC), pay per 1,000 impressions (CPM) or pay per send (CPS) for message ads. Once your bid strategy is confirmed, you can decide which LinkedIn ads you want to create depending on the outcome you’d like to see from your LinkedIn paid ads. The platform split these into three tailored categories, awareness, consideration or conversion.

Developing a business LinkedIn account is a fantastic way to push your business growth and move toward success in the digital age. Now more than ever, users are expecting brands to have a useful, reliable and dependable social media presence, and this is especially important for corporate brands looking to cement their industry authority. LinkedIn advertising will help drive your business’ brand awareness, generate quality leads and increase traffic to your website. Implementing a paid LinkedIn ads strategy will further these causes and help you target the professional individuals who are looking to engage with your brand and ensure your LinkedIn advertising efforts produce a healthy ROI.

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