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What Is TikTok Advertising?

TikTok focuses on delivering short and snappy videos for the quick consumer generation, allowing businesses to reach their ideal audience through a highly-creative TikTok advertising strategy. While YouTube led the way with video marketing, TikTok is taking this to the next level. With the chance to go viral with one click, brands who invest in advertising on TikTok will raise their brand profile, drive business engagement and inspire a new consumer market. With a team of Millennial and Gen Z experts on hand, we can showcase your brand personality, build your business culture and rapidly increase your brand awareness with an innovative TikTok ads campaign. We know how to target an invested social audience with explosive TikTok advertising to take your business up a level.

Why Is TikTok Advertising Important?

Drive brand engagement through TikTok advertising and capture a new generation of consumers with creative marketing


Highly Engaged Audience

With over 500 million monthly active users, TikTok offers a fantastically active worldwide user base. TikTok is a fast-paced social media platform, and content can go viral even if it’s your first post. This is because TikTok offers a fast, reactive ‘For You’ page and a highly-engaged audience. Research shows that 90% of TikTok users visit the app multiple times a day, meaning that your business’ TikTok advertising is set to have a high rate of engagement and impressions if targeted at the right audience. For a brand, this engagement can translate into increased website traffic, a boost in brand awareness or a surge in sales.


Audience Targeting

TikTok Ads Manager is a smart paid advertising platform which enables businesses to target their ideal consumer audience and tap into ‘customer lookalike’ audiences to expand their business reach and capture new consumer interest. By tailoring your TikTok advertising to hone in on your ideal consumer, businesses will see a high rate of engagement and click-through rate, which will help boost your business. Businesses van target their TikTok ads to certain user demographics, locations and interests to ensure they are optimised for maximum engagement.


Showcase Brand Personality

Advertising on TikTok is a fresh opportunity for businesses looking to break away from the crowd and connect with their consumer market. TikTok is unique in its platform capabilities and culture, allowing users to produce snappy, creative content that speaks to their followers. This is a perfect opportunity for brands to express your core brand personality and values to drive brand awareness and develop a loyal following through explosive TikTok advertising. Growing your TikTok platform is one of the most cost-effective, ROI-focused marketing channels in our modern age, and your TikTok ads could send your business viral.

TikTok Advertising Tools

TikTok Advertising agency, our social media specialists are trained on the latest social media advertising tools and channels including TikTok Ads Manager, Canva & Adobe.

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Your TikTok Advertising Questions Answered

Advertising on TikTok is a simple, but highly effective social media marketing channel for businesses looking to drive their exposure, increase engagement and turn creative advertising into new consumer traffic. As a relatively new business marketing avenue, TikTok Ads Manager, where brands can create paid advertising, has only recently come into effect. Alongside paid initiatives, brands can also market themselves on TikTok with creative, organic content, influencer brand takeovers or branded hashtag challenges. However, the best performing brand marketing comes from paid TikTok ads that appear as in-feed native video ads and deliver a high engagement and impressions rate.

TikTok advertising is split into four main paid ads bidding formats, cost per click, optimised cost per click, cost per mille (one thousand impressions) and cost per view. TikTok Ads Manager gives you control over your bidding strategy and budget. The starting price for an in-feed TikTok ad is currently set at $10 per cost per mille, with the minimum ad group budget set at $50 USD. Our TikTok advertising team will be able to guide you through the best TikTok ads digital strategy for your business and build an ad campaign bespoke to your budget and objectives.

Yes – TikTok marketing is a highly worth-while avenue for businesses looking to capture a fresh consumer market. TikTok advertising is particularly effective for retail and eCommerce businesses, especially those who target the digitally savvy, Gen Z or Millennial consumer markets. Developing your brand presence on TikTok will build your brand exposure and awareness, pushing your business into a fresh and creative consumer market. Better still, TikTok users present exceptional ad engagement rates and are more likely to click-through to a brand that engages with them at their market level and in a creative format.

Utilising TikTok as an organic marketing avenue for businesses is a worthy strategy for brands who have the resources available to dedicate to creating regular, exciting video content for the platform. Producing a brand TikTok page will help drive your brand exposure, similarly to digital PR, and showcase your brand personality to users who are eagerly looking to engage with new and exciting businesses. Done right, business marketing organically on TikTok can definitely boost traffic to your brand and website if businesses tap into the right market audience and create engaging content.

Yes! Our TikTok advertising management can cover all aspects of your social media presence, and we are happy to create a business account for your company. We will work closely with you to gain all the necessary brand information and ensure we fully understand your brand messaging and values. Alongside this, we will conduct industry research and competitor analysis to fine-tune our TikTok ads strategy to fit your specific market audience and help grow your platform as quickly as possible. Fill out the form below to speak to one of our social media experts, and we’ll get your business profile launched as soon as possible!

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