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What Is Twitter Advertising?

Twitter is a mirco-marketing platform ripe for brand presence and business exposure, Twitter advertising is the key to developing an authentic brand authority and showcasing your brand voice. The power of Twitter is not to be underestimated, from strong brand messaging, to building a personal brand, Twitter is the place to be – heck, this platform basically made one of the US presidents! So, how do you make it work for your business? Enter the A-Team social media experts. We know how to utilise both paid and organic Twitter advertising tactics to target your ideal audience, build a brand community, remarket, foster your business’ customer relationships and turn loyal followers into active customers. Turn your Tweets into revenue with a creative Twitter advertising agency.

Why Is Twitter Advertising Important?

Showcase your brand authenticity and connect with users who are interested in your business with targeted Twitter advertising.


Keyword Targeting

Target your idea audience or topics of conversation with Twitter’s unique keyword targeting opportunities. Within your Twitter advertising, you can target users who have included specific words or hashtags within their Tweets within the last seven days, giving your advertising a massive keyword focus advantage. This is particularly useful in reacting to industry news or jumping on a trend to boost your brand exposure and product sales, by targeting a trending hashtag, you will gain a quick rate of impressions and capture clicks and conversions. Plus, with a reasonably low cost per click, this Twitter advertising tactic won’t cost you the earth.


Build Brand Exposure

Twitter is a fantastic platform for building your brand authority and sharing your unique voice and style. Make your brand stand out within your industry and connect with other prominent Twitter pages by organically sharing relevant blogs, links and news with your followers. You can also boost brand authority by engaging with trending topics and participating in Twitter conversations. For paid Twitter advertising, brands can reach tailored audiences by targeting their interests, who they follow and what they engage with. By targeting these specific users, Twitter advertising has a strong ROI as users are more likely to engage with your ads if they are interested in the topic.


Customer Relations

Twitter is a fantastic platform for conversations, and customers can have a direct line of communication with your brand in the public sphere. With quick, easy and direct lines of communication, you can foster a strong customer relationship with your following if you actively engage with your audience. Our Twitter advertising packages can include daily monitoring and replies on Twitter to boost your customer service and brand engagement to help foster a strong customer relationship and encourage repeat custom. From a paid media perspective, brand focused, targeted Twitter ads can help build brand trust with your wider audience as users will associate your positive advertising with your brand.

Twitter Advertising Tools

As a creative Twitter advertising agency, our social media specialists are trained on the latest social media management tools and channels including Hootsuite, Later & Twitter Analytics.

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Your Twitter Advertising Questions Answered

A bespoke Twitter advertising plan will benefit businesses of all shapes and sizes across a range of industries. Twitter is a platform ripe for business advertising and through keyword targeting, hashtag strategies and audience tailored content, you can find users who are interested in what your business offers. Twitter advertising is particularly important for establish a unique and authoritative brand voice within your industry and demonstrating this will help bring you future traffic, sales and leads as users will see your brand as an authority within your industry.

Twitter advertising is a great tool for showcasing your business to interested users and new potential clients. With a strong ROI and steady conversion rate, Twitter advertising often results in fresh lead generation and prosperous sales for businesses. Further still, the brand awareness and trust built from Twitter advertising is crucial, and this will go a long way in securing a loyal client bases, driving traffic to your website and sparking future customer purchases as they trust your brand offering. The platform can also work closely in line with your existing SEO or digital PR strategies. If you’re looking to secure business leads, speak to our social media experts today on how Twitter advertising can bring you future revenue.

Twitter advertising costs can vary depending on your business account, industry targeting, keyword focus and budget. There is no minimum spend required for your Twitter ad and you have complete control over your Twitter advertising campaign cost and angle. Twitter advertising costs vary because you are charged based on the campaign objective you choose and each one has a separate billable action based on either awareness, consideration or conversion. The price of each billable action is not a fixed rate, however, when you join us for Twitter advertising, we will be able to conduct a review and show what the average cost for your desired action would be at that given time.

Twitter advertising is fantastic for honing in on particular audiences who are more likely to engage with your ads and bring valuable actions back to your business. This works in similar model to PPC ads, but is channel specific. Twitter advertising targeting works by focusing in on Twitter users’ interests and actions. For example, you can target users who follow certain accounts or hashtags which relate to your business. Or, you can focus on keyword targeting which take each Tweet’s content into consideration and allow you to target specific words used by Tweeters in the past seven days. By targeting your ideal audience you will see an increase in engagement, impressions, clicks and traffic to your website.

Yes! Our Twitter advertising management can cover all aspects of your social media presence and we are happy to create a business account for your company. We will work closely with you to gain all the necessary brand information and ensure we fully understand your brand messaging and values. Alongside this, we will conduct industry research and competitor analysis to fine-tune our Twitter advertising strategy to fit your specific market audience and help grow your platform as quickly as possible. If you already have an account, that’s okay too! We can conduct a full social audit of your existing account and strategise to help get you the results you deserve. Fill out the form below to speak to one of our social media experts and we’ll get your business profile launched as soon as possible!

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