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PPC - Pay Per Click

What Is A Pay Per Click Audit?

A PPC audit is a detailed analysis of your current paid ads to determine areas where performance could be improved to bring your businesses better ad conversions. A PPC audit also includes assessing your market position, industry, competition and target audience to build a thorough paid ad campaign tailored to your business. Conducting a detailed PPC audit is the crucial first step to creating and delivering an effective PPC campaign and the navigation map to ensuring your ads are prosperous. Our PPC specialists will follow a detailed PPC audit checklist when assessing your account and review your paid ad audience, target market, keywords, conversions, bid strategy, ad landing pages, IP linking, ad evaluation and more, working closely with your other channels such as SEO to ensure you’re targeting the right areas.

Why Are PPC Audits Important?

Your PPC audit provides the foundation for your overall paid advertising strategy, indicating where improvements are needed and how to boost your conversion revenue.


Manage Your Costs & Control Inefficacies

A PPC audit can help to ensure your account is as efficient as possible. Running a PPC campaign involves a lot of bidding and cost management, and for some businesses, this can spiral out of control and result in inefficient cost expenditures. However, our PPC experts know how to monitor this and ensure your campaign is as effective as possible. A PPC audit will identify which ads are no longer performing and are becoming a drain on your ad resources, or perhaps identify an ad exceeding performance expectations and would benefit from additional bidding; ensuring that your resources go the extra mile.


Identify New Opportunities

To produce an effective PPC ad campaign or paid search strategy, you need to think outside of the box, assess market opportunities, and conduct comprehensive keyword research. A detailed PPC audit will do just that for you and help identify new opportunities for ad growth. For example, keyword targeting can lead to an increase in conversions and sales, as an audience targeting as your ad is more likely to grab the viewers’ attention. Differentiating your PPC ad based on new opportunities identified by a PPC audit could be the exactly what is needed to turn your PPC campaign into a success!


Campaign Refinements

Are you struggling to meet your PPC goals? Are you seeing the conversion rates you’d like to be gaining? An expert-led PPC audit is the way to turn these negative around and refine your campaign for paid ad success. Digital moves fast, so it’s important to keep reviewing and fine-tuning your PPC ad campaign plan and strategy of attack to ensure you’re seeing a high ROI and reaching your business goals. We can objectively assess your PPC campaign and identify the necessary areas for refinement to ensure your ads convert into leads, sessions or sales. PPC isn’t just about paid search in Google. Our PPC audits can cover all channels including paid social, remarketing, native advertising, Microsoft ads, Amazon ads and more!

PPC Auditing Tools

As a leading PPC audit agency, our PPC specialists are trained on the latest, top-performing PPC audit service tools including Google Analytics, Google Ads and SEMrush.

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Case Study

Category: PPC Case Studies Sector: Charity

Following Covid-19, the National Childbirth Trust needed to pivot their strategy to accommodate new “stay at home” and social distancing rules. The best way to do this was to adapt to providing online courses (compared to in-person ones).

We knew that we needed to act fast in order to ensure the charity was able to continue to provide support for parents in need during crucial stages of pregnancy, childbirth and post care.

We worked alongside the team at The National Childbirth Trust during this crucial time to ensure the change in strategy was successful and could be rolled out as soon as possible.

increase in Conversions
decline in CPL
increase in clicks

Your PPC Audits Questions Answered

A PPC audit is a detailed review of your paid ads and paid search. A PPC audit will review your current PPC ad structure, assess new campaign opportunities and review your target audience to ensure the campaign is delivering top results. This is completed by a thorough analysis of ad groups, camping structure, keyword targeting, bidding strategy and more. A PPC audit aims to optimise all aspects of your paid advertising campaign and identify new opportunities to fulfil, such as new audience targeting, changing bidding to support the top-performing ads and keyword targeting.

PPC audits are a crucial tool for all business using PPC advertising as a detailed review will identify where your spending is brining success, where your ad campaign needs to improve for efficient delivery and new opportunities to cease. A PPC audit will lay the foundation for your new PPC strategy and give you the best possible ROI and sales opportunities. As PPC is focused on bidding, a regular PPC audit is recommended to ensure bidding is efficient and targeting the best possible opportunities, especially because these can fluctuate in the digital world. Your PPC audit will ensure you are always ahead of any damaging changes!

Fill out the form below! Contact our PPC experts today via the contact form, and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your PPC audit requirements. As a leading PPC auditing agency, your paid ad campaigns will be in safe hands as we assess the detail of your PPC marketing. Our PPC specialists will be able to give industry-leading advice, assess your campaign objectively and provide insights into how to update your strategy. We can then go on to implement this service if you so wish. Contact our team today!

The main benefit of a PPC audit is its ability to provide a detailed insight into all your paid advertising activity and provide assessments on what needs to be changed to improve your results. An expert PPC audit will identify areas for growth and improvement within your PPC marketing plan which capitalises on your investment to deliver an increase in traffic, sales and leads which will boost your business. Your PPC audit will be a guiding light to improving your campaign and delivering industry-leading results.

A PPC audit report is an analysis of the findings found by the PPC specialist including campaign results, performance gaps, opportunities for development, keyword mapping, assessing your audience, market comparisons and more. Your PPC audit report can be tailored to reflect company-specific goals and targets, such as performance KPIs, for maximum usefulness and relevance to the businesses. Your PPC audit report will detail the next steps necessary to fill any performance gaps, increase results and ensure maximum ad spending efficiency. The PPC audit’s response will act as a roadmap to delivering an industry-leading PPC campaign.

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