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What Is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is graphic advertising which can appear on search results, a website or on social media. Display ads are a form of visual paid advertising, focused on delivering attention-grabbing brand messages to boost brand awareness, traffic and sales. Online display advertising consists of any visual paid advertising, including page banners, box banners, sidebar ads and more. Your display ads can be made using images, graphics, animations or videos to create a rich visual ad which will attract your customer’s attention, increase clicks and help convert interest into sales. The best PPC display advertising strategies include product images, your brand logo or a compelling call-to-action (CTA) as the central image asset. Are you ready to see your brand name in lights across the web?

Why Is Display Advertising Important?

Use rich visual advertising to attract new customers, build traffic and gain new sales through an innovative and engaging paid advertising tactic.


Drive Brand Awareness

Display advertising allows you to showcase your business across the internet in a dynamic and engaging way to thousands of potential prospects. A fully optimised digital display advertising campaign will help spread your brand name and grab new customers’ attention. Showcasing your brand’s personality through Google display advertising and other online platforms is one of the best ways to successfully build brand awareness, primarily through interactive content such as countdowns, video clips or animations. Our PPC team work closely with our design team to create an optimised, creative and effective display ad campaign including branded colours, logos and brand style throughout the creative content to spread brand awareness and drive traffic.


Reach New Audiences

Did you know that an ad on Google Display Network can reach up to 92% of internet users? Display advertising is a fantastic tool for building your business’ audience and a chance to expand your traffic reach. Online display advertising can be implemented across various digital marketing platforms, such as Google display advertising, other search engines such as Amazon, paid social media platforms and more to spread your brand name to a range of new audiences. Markets across the internet are looking for the products or services your business has to offer, and your display advertising campaign will showcase this in an engaging and eye-catching manner.


Increase ROI With Display Advertising Retargeting

Retargeting advertising is a key tactic for paid ads and always produce a high rate of ROI – adding display advertising into your targeted ads will add even more traction to your retargeting and boost ROI further. Attracting previous customer’s, or interested audiences’, attention through a creative display advertising campaign can involve brand colours, logos, products and brand styling to ensure audiences instantly recognise your brand and are drawn to your new product launch or sale promotion. As well as increasing traffic and clicks, retargeting with display advertising can help build consumer loyalty and brand awareness as you draw consumers back to your website with a creative digital display advertisement plan.

Display Advertising Tools

As a leading display advertising agency, our PPC specialists are trained on the latest, top-performing display advertising service tools including Google Analytics, Google Ads and Adobe.

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Case Study

Category: PPC Case Studies Sector: Telecom

PiPcall approached the team at Absolute Digital Media in order to develop a strategy to structure the PPC account. As part of this, we provided in-depth insights into the types of users who interact online and to create traffic for IT users looking for alternative mobile solutions. With this data, we then setup the relevant tracking to understand the user flow and began to build out the user segments. The next stage of the campaign was to utilise the data to create targeted bespoke content for users, which enabled us to achieve a 70% increase in user sign-ups.

increase in traffic
increase in user sign ups

Your Questions Answered By The Display Advertising Agency Experts

Display advertising is any visual paid advertising including website banners, sidebar ads, pop up ads and social media advertising, among others. In addition, rich display advertising involves videos, animations, graphic advising and GIFFs to give your display advertising an additional layer of eye-catching, interactive content. To boost ad engagement, we can also include further interactive content such as countdowns, product links and CTAs to drive ROI and clicks. As a display advertising agency London, we’ve created innovative display advertising campaigns focused on building traffic, clicks, sales and revenue for your brand. We can also focus on delivering a brand awareness displayed advertising campaign to build customer loyalty and brand recognition.

From social media online display advertising, to Google display advertising, we’ve helped businesses across a range of industries reach PPC success with a creative display advertising campaign. The benefits are vast, including increasing click-through rate, boosting revenue and reaching new consumer audiences. As an expert display advertising agency London, we know how to create a digital display advertising camping bespoke for your business, designed to showcase your products, promotions and services. A display advertising campaign will benefit your overall digital advertising campaign by highlighting your brand visuals and driving your paid advertising with an enticing paid social image.

Display advertising is a great digital marketing tool for seeing your long-term conversions rise. However, compared to PPC or SEO marketing, the conversion rates can come in a bit slower but don’t lose hope. A well-structured display advertising campaign can boost conversions by capturing new potential customers before they are actively looking to purchase your products or services. This success rate is often noted in display advertising campaigns as there is less competition compared to other PPC methods. As an expert digital display advertising agency, you can count on our PPC and design experts to create a results-driven display advertising campaign.

Our PPC team and design team are leaders as a display advertising agency London and have created ROI focused, creative display advertising strategies. Our experts are all Google Ads qualified and up-to-date with the latest practice in Google, native, social media and YouTube display ads. We have created inspired and effective display advertising campaigns for clients across the globe and from a range of industries. We will work with your brand every step of the way to develop a unique, brand-focused display advertising campaign to meet your KPIs and boost your brand’s digital recognition.

Yes! As a full-service digital marketing agency, with have display advertising design specialists on hand to create a range of visual ads, including banner ads, sidebar ads, pop-ups and social media ads. We’ll carry out in-depth market research and work with your brand experts to develop an effective display ad campaign that channels the look and feel of your brand. ‘We’re not just your agency, we’re your partner’ – and we pride ourselves on genuinely integrating with your brand to ensure we deliver a display advertising campaign that you love the look of, as well as optimising it for top ad performance.

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