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What Is Google Grant Management?

Google Grant management is a service we offer to charities and non-profit organisations looking to reach new audiences through digital. The Google Ads Grant management allows these organisations to apply for free Google Ads to reach new audiences and spread the word about your good work. Our Google Ad Grant management specialists can manage your PPC campaign and help you obtain $10,000 per month from Google for Google Ads for your charity. From this, we can then ensure your organisation appears on the appropriate search engine results page (SERP) which can complement other digital channels such as SEO. Take the hassle out of digital marketing and allow one of our Google certified PPC experts to steer your charity into the public eye and drive more interest to your page.

Why Is Google Grant Management Important?

Drive awareness for your cause and build funds through digital outreach and Google advertising.


Trusted Google Grant Acquisition

As an experienced Google Grant management agency, you can rest assured that your organisation’s Google ad funding is in safe and knowledgeable hands. Our A-Team PPC specialists have helped many charities and non-profit organisations acquire the large Google Grant advertising donations from the search engine, so we can confidently take you through the application process or do it for you. As part of your Google Grant management plan, we will then devise a strategy bespoke to your organisation’s values, target audience and digital marketing goals to apply the Google Ad funding to, ensuring every penny is wisely spent.


Drive Traffic & Reach New Audiences

We know that at the heart of your organisation’s marketing plan is the aim to build awareness of your cause and gain more exposure. By investing in our Google Grant management skills, we can deliver expert Google Ads placement services to ensure your charity is showcased to the right people at the perfect time. This will help drive your website’s impressions and your overall rate of brand awareness. We can make every click count by focusing in on your ideal audience through demographic, location and interest targeting, along with a thorough keyword search plan to build a strong click-through rate to your website.


Data Insights

Once your pay per click advertising campaign is up and running, our PPC team will be able to capture valuable data insights to help your non-for-profit organisations further. By effectively setting up and managing your Google Grant, our experts will start to understand your target audience and top marketing performance times better. This valuable data insight could assist your organisation across all marketing and strategy levels. These data insights include audience demographics, locations, and user behaviours and interests. We will also be able to report back on the best times of day for advertising for your target market and gather information on where your ideal audience come from, how long they spend on your websites and what actions they perform on your site.

Google Grant Management Tools

As an experienced Google Grant management agency, our PPC specialists are trained on the latest, top-performing Google Grant service tools including Google Analytics, Google Ads and Google Keyword Planner.

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Case Study

The National Autistic Society
Category: PPC Case Studies Sector: Charity

The National Autistic Society have four different campaigns set up on their account. These are: informational campaigns, brand campaigns, donation campaigns and school campaigns. Information campaigns and school campaigns are the most important, with their aim being to encourage users to stay on the site for longer as opposed to generating “conversions” such as a donation to the charity and its work. 

We found that the biggest challenges were how to ensure that the campaigns generated the conversions required. This is when we began to devise the campaigns into different “budget buckets” which were primarily based on performance. Through doing so, we would be able to teach the machine the conversion type we wanted to achieve.

increase in conversions
increase in conversion value
decline in CPL

Your Google Grant Management Questions Answered By The Leaders Of PPC

Google Ads Grants are available of charities and non-profit organisations looking to improve their advertising and spread their mission. Google work with over 20,000 non-profit organisations across over 50 countries. To qualify, your non-profit must be based in one of Google’s certified countries; these include the UK, US, most European countries, South Africa, Kenya, Russia, Philippines and more. Our PPC experts can guide you through the necessary requirements for Google Ads Grant management and develop an effective pay per click strategy you’re your charity’s mission.

Firstly, you must be a registered charity or non-profit organisation to be eligible for a Google Ads grant programme. Your organisation must also be based in one of the countries specified by Google and hold a valid charity status within this country. Government entities, hospitals and medical groups, schools, academic institutions and universities are not eligible for Google Ads Grants management; however, philanthropic educational institutions are eligible. Your website must meet Google’s high-quality Ads Grants website policy, and you must commit to sharing text only, mission-based advertisements with your Google Grants budget.

Charities and not-for-profits can apply for Google Ad Grants up to $10,000 USD per month. This equates to approximately £8,000 British pounds. Once approved, you are eligible to receive this sum every month for a year, so long as you stick to the Google Ad Grant rules: A daily budget set to $329 USD, a maximum cost-per-click of $2 USD, only running keyword-targeted campaign and only running text ads. Non-profits with an active Google Ad Grants account can also apply for the Google Grantspro program, which offers an increased grant of $40,000 per month for eligible grantees. Our PPC managers can assess if you would be eligible for this option.

As a non-profit organisation, you are eligible for a Google Ad Grant that you can activate to gain exposure for your charity and grow your advertising. With charity Google Grant management, you can set up an ad campaign without spending anything on the ad itself. First, you must sign up for a Google Adwords Grant, creating a Google for Non-Profits account and then waiting for their approval. If you qualify, you can easily apply for a grant which can award you up to $10,000 USD (£8,000) a month for a year. However, there are some limitations, you can only spend $2 CPC on your keyword term, and you cannot use display ad features.

To stay Google Grant qualified, you must follow the program policies. By signing up for our Google Grant management services, you can rest assured that our PPC managers are highly experienced in this area and can maintain your funding. Google are committed to fair advertising, so the organisation must not discriminate on any basis in hiring or administration of services within their organisation. Your Google Ads must also not promote hate, intolerance or discrimination. In addition, your PPC campaign must follow the CPC price limits and not spend more than $329 USD a day on Google Ads. With our Google Ad Grant management services, you can be confident that your organisation will meet the policy requirements and reap the rewards of PPC advertising.

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