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What Is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is an online retail platform wherein customers can search for, compare and purchase products from online retailers. Google Shopping enables users to browse a variety of products based on their search query, and when a shopper clicks on a product link, they are sent to the retailer’s site to make the purchase. Google Shopping is an extension of Google AdWords, however, Google Shopping ads display your product image, title and price for users to then click through directly to your website to learn more and make a purchase. We know how to make your products stand out in the SERPs with a visual incentive to click through to your website and entice users to make a sale.

Why Is Google Shopping Important?

Build your business’ exposure, impressions and sales with an enticing Google Shopping ads strategy to make the most out of online users’ purchasing intent.


High Conversion Rates

We design Google Shopping campaigns with your customer’s in mind, ensuring the ad is eye-catching, high-quality and stimulating. As Google Shopping ads are display ads, they have a 30% higher conversion rate than text ads, meaning that your business is likely to see a flurry of clicks and sales from the more visually enticing Google Shopping Ad. Better still, your Google Shopping campaign is broadcast to users who are actively seeking to make a purchase, a captive audience looking for the perfect product which your business may sell! Enhance your online sales by reaching out to this active audience with Google Shopping UK.


Strong Sales Leads

Users who are searching on Google Shopping are already one step ahead of the sales funnel and are actively looking to make a purchase. Chances are, Google Shopping users have already connected some research and are ready to make a decision about what product they want to invest in – this is where a vibrant Google Shopping campaign comes in to secure the deal. Brands who deliver relevant product ads through our Google Shopping services are more likely to see sales and revenue returns as they target a user’s buying intent and capture the purchase.


Increase Search Exposure

Google Shopping campaigns are highly effective for building exposure and traffic for retail and eCommerce businesses as, through Google Shopping, you can appear multiple times in the SERPs through organic web results, text-only PPC and in a Google Shopping result. This enables your business to expand its audience reach, drive traffic and convert interest into revenue and sales. As an experienced Google Shopping agency, we can optimise your Google Shopping ads to ensure your listing is attracting interest and driving traffic and impressions to your website and help get the online sales rolling in!

Google Shopping Tools

As an expert Google Shopping agency, our PPC specialists are trained on the latest, top-performing PPC audit service tools including Google Analytics, Google Ads and Adobe.

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Case Study

Category: Digital PR Case Studies Sector: eCommerce

We knew that FootActive had a niche target audience due to the types of products they sell but we also knew that this would open up an opportunity for us to get creative in the way we approached the brands digital PR campaign.

Our ultimate aim was to gain links in high-tier, high-brow publications in order to improve both SEO rankings and position the brand as authoritative and credible.

This included the idea of gaining coverage in publications that cover sports, lifestyle, health and wellbeing in order to ensure we were able to capture their target audience in the most direct way.

We created a series of created campaigns that would support the brand in achieving the coverage needed in order to reinforce their image as one of the leading manufacturers of orthotic soles – something that may have been challenging during a time when people were restricted as to when they could leave their homes during lockdown.

Featured in
Trail Running Magazine
Featured in
The Mirror
19 total
pieces of coverage

Understand Google Shopping: Your Questions Answered By The PPC Experts

Google shopping ads are the individual product listings users can see when searching for a product on Google Shopping. By opting for the Google Shopping tab on Google search, users will be presented with a visual, product listing search results page. Each Google Shopping ad is comprised on a high-quality product image, the product title, the product price and the website or business the product is from. When users click on the Google Shopping ad, they are taken to the online retailer’s own product website where they can learn more about the product and complete a purchase.

Any online retail business or eCommerce store selling products online can create a Google Merchant Centre account which allows you to advertise on the Google Shopping page. Our PPC team can set this up for your business and develop a Google Shopping campaign for your products. Focusing on each product range individually, we can optimise your Google Shopping ads to target specific search terms and boost your ad performance. If you’re a product focused business looking to drive online sales and reach a new digital audience, our Google Shopping services are ideal for you.

We’ve crafted many results generating Google Shopping UK campaign, wherein clients see an increase in traffic, impressions and sales as a result of our Google Shopping services. You can expect your Google Shopping campaign to bolster your overall brand awareness and capture shopper’s searching for your product and we can also work with other channels like Amazon PPC to boost this further. This converts into an increase in clicks and traffic which, if successful, will convert into sales and revenue for your business. As visual ads, Google Shopping ads perform well for conversions and will bring your business new customers and sales.

Yes! Your business can benefit from both streams of Google paid advertising and our Google Shopping agency experts are skilled in creating a PPC campaign which incorporates both Google Adwords and Google Shopping ads to bring the best results for your business. By utilising both Google PPC tools, your business can benefit from appearing multiple times in the SERPs and target different user markets based on product engagement, audience demographics and purchase intent. Our PPC team can build a bespoke Google advertising strategy for your business, so get in touch via the form below!

As an experienced Google Shopping agency, we are the perfect team to come to if your Google Shopping campaign is not yielding the results you’d like to see. Our PPC team can re-optimise your Google Shopping ads, create a targeted keyword strategy and search focus and home in on your ideal target audience to ensure your ads speak to the right market. Speak to our Google Shopping agency team today to discuss your goals and KPIs for your PPC activities and we can create a bespoke, results-driven Google Shopping campaign for you.

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