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What Is Microsoft Advertising?

Microsoft Advertising, previously known as Bing Ads, is a paid search and ads outlet ready for your business to utilise. With Microsoft Advertising, you could access pay per click ads and paid search opportunities on Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, MSN and AOL, as well as more, smaller search engine sites powered by Bing. Your Microsoft PPC ad will appear in your selected Microsoft browser search results, on desktop and mobile, opening a new, untapped market audience who are eager to interact with your business. A well strategised Microsoft Advertising plan will help drive traffic to your website, increase impressions and clicks, and provide a strong ROI.

Why Is Microsoft Advertising Important?

Increase your paid advertising engagement with a detailed Microsoft Advertising strategy for maximum ad impressions.


Increase Ad Engagement

Microsoft Advertising offers a unique opportunity to connect with and benefit from a wide search audience from all Microsoft Search Network sites. By tapping into this search audience, you could see an increase in website traffic, a high click-through rate and an increase in high-value actions for your business. These could be an increase in phone call enquires, driving footfall traffic or increasing your online product sales. Our PPC specialists are on hand to review your paid marketing efforts and craft an optimised Microsoft advertising campaign, capitalising on Microsoft Bing ads and other MS search engine opportunities.


Low Cost Per Click

Reap the rewards of a less competitive advertising market with Microsoft ads. Across all industries, the average CPC (cost per click) is 33% lower than the average seen on Google ads; meaning that Microsoft paid advertising campaigns can get more for their money than the Google comparison. With this CPC saving and the opportunity to connect with new audiences, Microsoft Advertising is a golden platform for further paid advertising for your business. Build brand awareness, reach new audiences and push your business to the next level with a diverse PPC ad campaign strategy.


High-Value Audience

Microsoft Advertising offers a unique value, in that it offers PPC advertising across a range of websites including Bing, Yahoo and AOL. Niche, high-impression audiences not found on Google tend to use these search engines and are accessible through the Microsoft advertising search platform. Microsoft search holds 20.7% of the UK desktop search market, with 444 million desktop searches taking place on the Microsoft Search Network in the UK.

Microsoft Advertising Tools

As a trusted Microsoft Advertising agency, our PPC specialists are trained on the latest, top-performing Microsoft Advertising service tools including.

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Case Study

The National Autistic Society
Category: PPC Sector: Charity

NAS wanted to improve their online exposure through a PPC campaign which could help them to reach their target audience and generate new leads, while also securing the $40,000 a month Google Grant awarded to non-profit organisations that use AdWords. In order to meet Google’s eligibility guidelines to obtain the $40,000 grant, the campaign had to reach an ad spend of $9,900 – at least twice within a six-month period, without exceeding a maximum bid of $2 per ad. We also had to follow the grant account rules as follows: Must have valid conversion tracking, must maintain a 5% click-through rate (CTR) each month, must have at least 2 ads per ad group, must have at least 2 ad groups per campaign and must have at least 2 sitelink ad extensions.

increase in conversions
decrease in CPL
increase in campaign clicks

Your Microsoft Advertising Questions Answered By The A-Team

Microsoft Advertising can help businesses of all sizes and industries to help connect with new audiences, drive traffic and turn clicks into business conversions. If you’re looking to target a specific audience group, reach untapped markets and boost digital sales, then Microsoft ads could be the ideal platform for your company. It is especially useful if, for any reason, you have not seen success in your Google Ads performance. Our expert PPC team are equipped to deliver the best possible PPC ad targeting for your organisation and will discuss the opportunities Microsoft ads can bring and how it can help you reach for digital marketing goals.

All Microsoft Advertising, including Microsoft Bing Ads, tap into the Microsoft Search Network meaning your PPC ads can go live on all Microsoft hosted search engines including Yahoo, Bing, MSG and more. This is a major difference to the Google service, and tapping into a variety of different search engine stream can improve the traffic and lead generation of your paid campaign. Microsoft Advertising also offers a slightly lower CPC price, with an average of $1.54 per click. However, at the core, the two services are very similar as they both offer paid search advertising, display ads and keyword search targeting.

One of the best pay per click marketing strategies is targeting both Google and Microsoft ads to capture the largest possible sales audience and drive their search intent into sales. As a fully comprehensive PPC agency, we can develop pay per click plans which incorporate both Google and Microsoft ads and help you achieve excellent paid search results. By utilising both search giants, as well as Amazon if you’re an eCommerce site, you will have access to the lion’s share of search traffic and an opportunity to see clicks convert into sales. Microsoft Advertising allows PPC accounts to import campaigns and data from Google into the Microsoft ads software for a seamless transition and chance to blend the two.

Microsoft Advertising services can vary in response time, depending on your ad strategy, target audience and bid strategy. However, compared to other digital marketing services, such as SEO, PPC Microsoft Advertising is a relatively quick response time and can deliver a high impression rate quickly. However, as always, these things cannot be guaranteed, yet, rest assured your PPC campaign will be in expert hands! Our PPC managers will fine-tune your Microsoft Advertising campaign to ensure it reaches its top performance levels. Our PPC team will discuss the expected projection of your campaign with you during the set-up process and deliver monthly reports on your Microsoft Advertising services.

Yes – we deliver UK-wide Microsoft Advertising, and can also assist international brands with their PPC. We have helped businesses across the globe to achieve local, national or international results through Microsoft ads and have worked with a range of companies to help improve their PPC. As a remote Microsoft Advertising agency, we can help business owners across the world make the most of their pay per click marketing and implement an effective Microsoft Advertising strategy to help drive your business’ traffic and ROI.

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