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What Is Native Advertising?

Do you ever click on an article, search result or social media post and are surprised to see that it’s an ad? Clever hey! That’s native advertising, a paid ad which matches the look, feel and function of the digital format in which they appear for a non-disruptive advertising technique. An ad which doesn’t really look like an ad – although this sounds contradictory, native advertising is a highly effective tool for building brand exposure, obtaining audience trust and driving traffic to your website. If you head to your chosen social media feed or read an article, you’ll likely find some great native advertising examples, whereby brands deliver paid ‘sponsored’ posts or articles to link to their brand and connect to their target audience.

Why Is Native Advertising Important?

Drive insights, traffic and conversions with non-disruptive native advertising which builds consumer loyalty and trust.


Quality Clicks & Impressions

Native advertising channels enable businesses to focus their paid advertising budget to target audiences who are more likely to positively react to your native advertising and click-through. By focusing on targeted, native advertising content, businesses are more likely to see an increase in clicks and impressions, leading to a valuable action within your business – be the purchasing a product or downloading a free resource. Owing to its non-disruptive style, native advertising is more likely to attract users who are genuinely interested in what the ad was offering and have come to your website to actively seek an answer, product, or service related to a high click to conversion rate.


Personalised & Creative

Your native ads need to match your chosen native advertising channels’ look, feel, and format, meaning that brands have an opportunity to get more creative to mimic the expectations of certain social channels. For example, on the social media platform, Instagram native advertising is very successful, especially when brands create lifestyle-focused imagery which slots into their target market’s feed and grabs the users’ attention. Personalising your native advertising content to reflect the personality of your business, usefulness of your products or to showcase products in a natural lifestyle setting will cement your business’ authority, trustworthiness and exposure with your target audience.


Complementary Advertising Tool

Often, people think of contextual vs native advertising, pitting the two together; however, we see the two as a highly complementary digital advertising form. Native advertising is any paid content which is ‘in-feed’ and non-disruptive, guiding interested users to your website and making it the perfect tool to pair with your traditional content marketing strategy as your native ads can link through to your authoritative content and build consumer trust. This is a particularly useful native advertising link when your native ads appear as suggest articles or hot topics; you need to prove that you’ve got the relevant information to win new customers.

Native Advertising Tools

As a trusted native advertising agency, our PPC specialists are trained on the latest, top-performing PPC audit service tools including Google Analytics, Google Ads and Adobe.

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Case Study

Quid Market
Category: PPC Case Studies Sector: Finance

A key part of our integrated approach to QuidMarkets campaign was to build an entirely new site from a search, pay-per-click and conversion perspective. The build also involved the successful migration of the site Magento 1 to Magento 2.

By taking the existing website apart, we were able to capitalise on UX design best practices and improve the site speed. Google’s CWVs were also at the top of our priority list with many decisions being based on the overall efficiency of the website which was then further supported by UX data from HotJar.

We reviewed search history and market competitors to create a more designed ad campaign targeting key industry terms around Payday, Short Loans, Direct Lenders and more before deploying Google Automation with a combination of target CPA and maximise conversion bidding to help use the additional signals from Google to enhance the bidding and to stabilise the WoW conversion performance.

As part of this, we developed a detailed keyword variation ad plan, targeting specific keyword ad groups and a variety of long-tail keywords. This included separating out campaigns into defined match types and set up the relevant keyword negative to filter out traffic.

We also provided Google with first-party data to feed its Machine Learning to further optimise the campaign and capture valuable users.

increase in conversions
reduction in CPL
increase in value generated

Your Native Advertising Questions Answered By The PPC Leaders

Native advertising is any paid advertising made to fit the look, feel and function of the digital channel it is placed on. Native advertising channels include social media post, suggested reads at the bottom of an article, YouTube videos, search results and more. This digital marketing tool is designed to be a non-disruptive, blended form of advertising to capitalise on users’ interests linked to each platform. With this in mind, native advertising can hone in on your target audience’s interests and behaviours to capture traffic and engagement with your paid native advertising.

Mobile native advertising is a native ad designed and optimised for mobile devices. Mobile native advertising can include text ads, banner advertisements on mobile websites, mobile apps and social media posts. From sponsored content to in-feed ads, the fundamentals of mobile native advertising are very similar to desktop native advertising; however, the primary difference is the intention behind the ads. Most mobile native advertising focusses on personal and leisure activities rather than targeting businesses because users are more likely to be using their mobile devices in their leisure time. Hence, you can optimise your native advertising campaign for different devices to attract the most traffic.

One of the major benefits of native advertising is that native ads receive a higher click-through rate than traditional display ads, suggesting that native advertising speaks more directly to the consumer than obviously paid advertising. A high volume of clicks also helps translate into an increase in sales and brand interest as people who interact with a sponsored post or article are more likely to invest in your brand – especially if they’ve built a connection with your business by regularly seeing your in-feed native advertising. The best way to build brand loyalty is to use native advertising as an opportunity to express your brand’s personality and showcase your creativity, and you can use this in partnership with other brand visibility channels such as digital PR.

Choosing a native advertising channel to focus on is the first step to creating an effective native advertising strategy. The channel you choose is all dependent on your target audience, the purpose of advertising and brand message. For example, using social media native advertising channels is a great move for brands wanting to reach out to a wide audience base, but selecting which social platform to focus on should be a direct reflection of your target audience. If you’re targeting professionals or B2B, then LinkedIn is the best channel, however, if you’re aiming for lifestyle lovers and are showcasing a homeware retail product, Instagram or Pinterest are the best channels available.

Yes – we can offer a UK wide native advertising service and can help businesses across the county, as well as international companies. As a fully remote digital marketing agency, we are able to help businesses across the globe master their digital marketing, and native advertising is one of the services we offer to our worldwide clients. We have delivered results-driving native advertising campaigns for clients across a range of different industries and markets. We have the PPC specialists on hand to enable a smooth and effective native advertising campaign is achieved – get in touch to find out more!

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