Introducing Our Latest PPC Manager To Join The Team!


We’re very excited to welcome Tiffany onboard. Tiffany has vast knowledge within the PPC sector and has joined us as our latest PPC Manager to help the PPC team manage their growing client base. She has great real-life experience in eCommerce marketing and hopes to drive our campaigns forward by putting this to the test. Learn more about Tiffany’s background and experience in her interview with us!

01. What Past Experience Do You Have In Marketing? 

I started my Digital Marketing Journey when I started working in a complaints department for a digital marketing company. I would deal with technical complaints, which taught me about all the Digital Marketing products, including SEO and PPC. I then secured a job at an agency working as PPC Executive, before being promoted to PPC Manager. 

02. Where Did Your Passion Begin?

When I started my first job in a Digital Marketing Company I was actually still working on my dissertation for my Masters in Law. However, I fell in love with marketingso after I finished my master, I continued down the digital marketing route! I had already had an interest in Marketing but when I discovered how complex the digital marketing world could be I decided it was for me. 

03. What Inspired You To Start Working Within The Industry?

 I love problem solving and I can be very analytical and technical minded. I also get very excited when I work hard on a new campaign and it gets conversions! Knowing that PPC allows me to use all these skills it what inspired me to start working in the industry. 

04. What Kind Of Projects Have You Worked On In The Past, And Which Ones Are You Looking Forward To Getting Stuck Into? 

 I have worked on a variety of projects. I think the hardest project I worked on was for an eCommerce client where they weren’t getting the conversions through at first. I worked very hard on this client and had many phone calls. After a few months of hard work, I was able to increase their performance.  

When I left that agency, they thanked me for all my hard work and my ongoing passion working on their site, which I was really pleased with!” 

05. What Skills Do You Have, And Where Have You Applied Them? 

 A good example was when I could not get a tag manager code into a client’s website – and the website developer didn’t know how to do it eitherAfter a lot of research, I discovered what the issue was, and delegated the task to a senior developer to implement. 

Another good skill I have is problem solving and knowing how to run tests. I have often been able to increase a clients conversion rate by testing various bidding strategies.” 

06. Any Last Comments? 

 I love learning new things and, at Absolute Digital Media, there are so many knowledgeable people within different areas of expertise I’m excited to learn from all of them and find out more about the different channels we use. 


For more information or to discuss your own digital marketing requirements, call one of our expert team today on 0800 088 6000.

Tiffany Shears
Tiffany Shears
PPC Manager

Tiffany started off working in the complaints department of a digital masters company whilst completing her dissertation in Law. It was here she learnt about all the different forms of read more.

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