Our New Social Media Executive, Tom!


The move from our office to fully remote working has allowed us to hire up and down the UK, adding to the amazing team we have established over the past 12, soon to be 13, years. Having recently welcomed two new SEO’s to the A-Team, we were keen to hire a passionate Social Media Executive to offer even greater inspiration to the team.

We took some time to speak to Tom about his background, inspirations and what he hopes to achieve as Social Media Executive here at Absolute Digital Media.

01. Hi Tom. So, where did your passion for Marketing and Social Media begin?

“I’ve always loved reading and writing for as long as I can remember. From devouring a book to writing my own stories I’ve always been surrounded by content and creativity. It wasn’t until I started my career search that I discovered how important writing is in the world of Social Media, Marketing and Content Creation. From here, my passion ignited as I discovered I could have a career doing the things I have loved my entire life. I’m also kind of an analytics nerd and love proactively adjusting my strategies based on statistics in order to achieve better results – both within my work and daily life.”

02. Awesome! What inspires, and excites, you in the Industry?

“Marketing and Advertising have both always interested me. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always analysed adverts and came up with ideas on how I could have improved them; been so interested at the clever ways consumers could be drawn in. The fact that advertising has such an increasing global reach on Social Media, means that I knew Social Media Marketing and Content Creation was the path that I wanted to pursue. I wanted people to look at my strategies and content and think ‘what clever marketing!’”

03. Love that! So, do you have any dream clients?

“I remember always finding the Marketing Campaigns for Alton Towers so engaging and different, so I think I’d love to have the chance to one day create some kind of similar content. I’m also a huge sports lover so I feel I’d also do a really good job of creating some fun, engaging and interesting sports content.”

04. What skills do you have and what do you hope to achieve?

“This is my first time working in an agency. I’ve completed an online course in Social Media Marketing, and I have A Levels in Media and English Language. This helps in creating content and having the skills and knowledge to target specific audiences. I hope to be able to implement my knowledge and bring fresh ideas to boost the interest and engagement of my client’s posts. I hope to become a vital member of the team here at Absolute and discover new, exciting ways to reach an even wider audience.”

05. Any last comments?

“I’m super excited to continue carrying out amazing things with this incredible team. It’s really exciting to see the direction we’re heading in as a company. The prospect of being able to share future achievements with this supportive team is really motivating!”

For more information or to discuss your own digital marketing requirements, call one of our expert team today on 0800 088 6000.

Thomas Scott
Thomas Scott
Paid Media Executive

Tom has always had a passion for creating content and analysing its impact on social media or elsewhere online. After finishing his A-Levels, Tom went on to successfully complete a read more.

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