Welcoming Heather, Our New Content Account Manager!


With every SEO, PPC or Social Media campaign coming with some sort of content element, we wanted to make sure that our content account manager team were geared up with the exciting projects coming our way. As we’re now sat more behind a screen than ever before, we wanted to shine some light on our new members of the team, as they could become your Account Manager or a member of the team you work very closely with in the coming weeks or months.

We’ve interviewed Heather, our latest Content Account Manager, to provide you with some more insight into her background, experience and skill set.

01. What past experience do you have in marketing?

 “I started my Marketing journey when I got accepted onto a Digital Marketing apprenticeship within a Web Design agency. Through this I learnt about a whole range of Marketing skills including PPC, SEO, email marketing and blogging whilst working towards a Social Media & Digital Marketing qualification.”

 “I then went on to University during which I spent a year working in industry in an in-house marketing role for brands such as Arm & Hammer, Femfresh, Nair, Waterpik and Pearl Drops. I worked alongside agencies to produce social and PR content and got involved in some great projects throughout my time there.”

02. Where did your passion begin?

“After my apprenticeship, I knew that marketing was the career for me. I decided to go down the University route to study Advertising & Marketing. I loved the course and learnt so much more about the theory behind Marketing, making me excited to get back out into the working world.”

03. What inspired you to start working within the industry?

“I was always a bit unsure of what career path to take during my school years, it was a confusing time and I definitely felt a bit lost. I chose not to go down the University route as I did not have a passion to pursue so instead looked into apprenticeship options. I gravitated towards the digital roles but hardly knew what Marketing even consisted of, it was something never covered in education, but I started to look into it and realised it sounded right up my street!”

04. What kind of projects have you worked on in the past, and which ones are you looking forward to getting stuck into?

“I’ve worked on a whole range of totally different projects in the past which has been great, it’s hard to pick favourites! One that jumps out was a photoshoot that I planned and worked with the photographer on, creating some lovely images to use across marketing materials. Another ongoing project I enjoyed was an email marketing campaign for a client, with weekly promotional deals and seasonal content. Now I’ve got started at Absolute Digital Media, I can’t wait to start writing blog content for clients, coming up with different topics to get stuck into is something I’ve always enjoyed.”

05. What skills do you have, and where have you applied them?

“I’ve always been flexible with my writing; working across a range of tasks for a variety of different brands. I am used to adapting my tone of voice to suit different audiences and at Absolute Digital Media it is no different. Getting to know the different clients I will be working with is so interesting, with so many different industries and niches to get used to, every day is different.”

“Another skill I have brought over into my new role is competitor research. Keeping an eye on the market and what the competition are up to is a great way to stay ahead of the game. It’s a good method for understanding what others are doing and identifying any areas that are not being utilised.”

06. Any last comments?

“There are so many talented people here at Absolute Digital Media, it’s been great to get to know some lovely people and learn from their areas of expertise. With SEO being such an everchanging area, it’s great to be a part of a team who share their knowledge and help each other to keep growing!”


For more information or to discuss your own digital marketing requirements, call one of our expert team today on 0800 088 6000.

Heather Langley
Heather Langley
Content Account Manager

Heather is one of Absolute Digital Media’s newest members of the team, joining as a Content Account Manager. She has recently achieved her first-class degree in Advertising & Marketing and read more.

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