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What Is eCommerce SEO?

eCommerce SEO is search engine optimisation focused on enabling eCommerce and retail websites to boost their overall traffic, sales and conversions through tailored eCommerce SEO services. As an eCommerce SEO company, we help companies compete with their market level competitors, reach realistic SERP rankings and grasp new sales audiences through keyword targeting, meta tags and content. All eCommerce SEO tactics aim to help showcase your brand or business to your ideal customer base and help turn their interest into a sale. eCommerce SEO marketing is focused on putting your business in front of new potential customers and maintaining a connection with current or returning consumers – a search tactic tailored for companies to convert views and traffic into sales and conversions.

Why Is eCommerce SEO Important?

Utilising our expert eCommerce SEO agency knowledge will enable businesses to increase traffic, drive sales and reach new audiences.


Market Opportunities

Did you know that 81% of people perform a type of online research before making a large purchase? This is massive for eCommerce SEO because businesses can provide what the consumer public want by making their products and service readily available through eCommerce SEO services. Search engines want to provide users with useful and reliable content and products, meaning that an optimised eCommerce website will reach new markets. As a trusted eCommerce SEO agency, we know how to utilise the search engine opportunities for your business and industry by optimising your keywords, content, meta tags, site structure and more.


Increase Traffic & Sales

Look at your eCommerce SEO services through the lens of profitability and growth; at its core, eCommerce SEO generates traffic, and traffic generates sales, and sales enable businesses to grow and thrive. As an eCommerce agency, we know that businesses who are performing well in the SERPs get ahead of their competitors, take a larger proportion of the market share and see an increase in traffic and sales. Therefore, acing your eCommerce SEO strategy could be the strategy needed to push your business to the next level and harness the real power of SEO marketing. As more consumers head online, businesses need to stay one step ahead with their eCommerce SEO to capture future sale searches.


Holistically Improving User Experience

eCommerce SEO will improve all aspects of your consumer’s digital experience. Producing a fantastic user experience is crucial for building brand awareness and encouraging repeat custom. Our eCommerce SEO services will improve your website’s visibility, usefulness and reliability by implementing authoritative content, creating a strong link structure and implementing a robust, keyword-focused site structure to name just a few tactics and we can work closely with your other channels such as PPC, social or PR to help push your brand further. As an experienced eCommerce SEO agency, we will create a user-focused strategy to ensure your website reaches and maintains high traffic and sales levels – allowing your business to connect to your market audience through search.

eCommerce SEO Tools

As a leading eCommerce SEO agency, our SEO specialists are trained on the latest, top-performing technical SEO tools including SEMrush, Ahrefs and Google Analytics.

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Case Study

Trilogy Stores
Category: SEO Case Studies Sector: eCommerce

When we first partnered with Trilogy, we created a comprehensive keyword map and optimised content on category and brand pages.

As part of this, we assisted the in-house marketing team in creating a strategy for website development with user experience at the heart.

To improve the visibility of the website without wasting crawl budgets, we made improvements to the technical setup of their faceted navigation.

We now conduct regular full site technical audits and provide actionable recommendations to the development team to improve core aspects of the site in line with the Core Web Vitals rollout.

increase in transactions
increase in revenue
increase in eCommerce conversion rate

Your Questions Answered By An Expert eCommerce Agency

As an online eCommerce business, search is your shop window to the world, and you need a strong eCommerce SEO strategy in place to ensure your businesses is seen by your target search audience. Our eCommerce SEO services will drive your website traffic through tailored keyword targeting, content optimisation, technical SEO, site structure reviews, link building and much more to ensure your retail and eCommerce website is visible and clicks are converting to sales. To achieve this, our eCommerce agency experts will review your market competitors, SERP position, site content and structure to create a detailed eCommerce SEO strategy focused on improving traffic and sales.

As the leading eCommerce marketing agency, our main aim is to showcase your business’s website to your ideal, target audience. Putting a retail or eCommerce website in front of it’s ideal customer base is the most effective form of search marketing as the target market is more likely to click on a website they’re interested in and these clicks are more likely to convert into sales. Our expert eCommerce SEO services will push your website to the next level, improve SERP ranking positions, boost traffic, and create new sales for your business through search.

Auditing is crucial for defining an effective strategy which is bespoke to your business. Our eCommerce SEO audit will assess your on-page, off-page and technical SEO aspects to ensure you are effectively targeting your ideal market, competing at your market level and ensuring an excellent user experience is delivered to consumers who use your website. An eCommerce SEO audit includes reviewing your keyword strategy, content structure, site architecture, meta tags and more to build a strategy which effectively targets your ideal market. This also includes competitor research and target audience assessments.

An effective, well-structured eCommerce SEO campaign will positively impact your traffic and sales if businesses utilise the expertise of a specialist eCommerce agency. However, all eCommerce SEO marketing takes time, so there won’t be an instant influx in sales as soon as you start. SEO for eCommerce websites is a long-term commitment and the best results will be achieved when businesses afford their eCommerce SEO services time to fine-tune the overall campaign and target the best tactics. From this, our eCommerce SEO agency experts will be able to deliver premium results and improve sales, traffic, search positions, keyword ranking and brand awareness through our eCommerce SEO services.

Yes – we deliver eCommerce SEO services across the UK, as well as international eCommerce SEO marketing. We have helped businesses across the globe to achieve local, national or international eCommerce SEO results and have worked with a range of businesses, across a variety of industries, to help improve their SEO rankings. As a remote digital agency, we can help deliver SEO for eCommerce websites across the globe, from eCommerce SEO London and local SEO campaigns, to national and international companies, we’ve got the SEO package for you. Speak to one of our experts today to find out how we can help your business reach the next level of success.

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