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What Is Website Migration?

Website migration occurs when a website undergoes substantial changes in areas that can alter the site’s overall SEO ranking. Website migration comes in many different forms, including site location changes, platform changes, content and structural changes, and design and UX focused changes. Sometimes it is necessary to move the URL with the changes; however, in some cases, a full URL audit and renewal is required to improve your technical SEO and overall digital strategy and visibility. Our website migration services can include protocol changes, subdomain or subfolder improvements, a domain name change, top-level domain changes and site structure modifications. As well as technical aspects of your website, our website migration specialists can also navigate updates including website content migration, re-platforming, mobile setup changes and website redesigns.

Why Is Website Migration Important?

Don’t let a poorly optimised, old website diminish your business growth, sales and traffic. Place your website in our safe, expert hands and reap the rewards of a successful website migration.


Improved Visibility & Ranking

Successful site migrations result in minimal visibility loss during the initial few weeks of modification – this is a short-term goal for SEOs undergoing website migration. Website migration’s long-term success is the reward of overall digital growth, improved visibility, and a strong user-focused experience. As a full-service digital agency, we’ve got experts across all aspects of website migration, including SEO technicians, web designers and developers on hand to ensure a smooth website migration is achieved. By modifying your website’s SEO, content and user-experience, your website migration will boost your website’s visibility and help your website climb the SERPs.


Increased Website Security

One of the most common website migration services is moving from an unsecured web page to a secure HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) website. This will help maintain a strong consumer audience and high customer trust levels as consumers are becoming increasingly more focused on security and safeguarding data. Website migration for security is particularly sought after for retail and eCommerce websites where customers are required to pay for products and services online. Ensuring that your customers’ valuable data is safe and secure will help maintain consumer loyalty and boost brand reputation levels.


Beat Your Competitors

With a renewed, state of the art website and full technical SEO review, you can wave your competitors good-bye as you climb the SERPs and progress in your market. As a leading website migration agency, our clients can rest assured that their website is in safe hands. We will create a detailed website migration strategy, including website content migration, and plan for all technical eventualities. Our website migration services include a specialist SEO technician and developer to ensure all technical changes run smoothly, and your website comes out on top. With the A-Team on hand, your premium website migration will be your ticket to search success.

Website Migration Tools

As a leading website migration agency, our SEO specialists are trained on the latest, top-performing website migration tools including GT Metrix, Screaming Frog and Page Speed Insights.

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Your Website Migration Questions Answered By The A-Team

Website migration is any significant change or alteration made to a website to improve its search ranking. This could include structural improvements, major content changes, UX and design modifications and technical aspects such as the site’s location, platform and URL. As you can see, website migrations are extensive, and we can tailor our website migration services to your website’s unique needs and KPIs. We can create hybridised website migration packages to blend both technical and creative SEO elements into one to deliver the best possible website migration for your business. All website migration packages will start with a detailed review of your current website to create a clear migration strategy to reach your businesses goals.

During our website migration services, an SEO specialist will take you through each element of the migration strategy. We will also create a bespoke website migration strategy unique to your business and website needs. However, a standard server website migration will follow this pattern. First, and perhaps the most important step, your website will be backed-up to ensure all data is saved. Next, the new server space will be created, and the data migration will begin by uploading your previously backed-up site to the new server domain. The website migration expert will then review the new site map, and run several tests before launching the new site – sharing it with the public and redirecting customers to the new site.

If a job is worth doing, then it’s worth doing well. Therefore, premium website migration services can take a while depending on your website’s current structure and your goals for its performance. Auditing your website, creating a strategy and delivering the technical changes will vary on the size and complexity of the website migration. Our SEO experts will be able to give you an idea of the time frame in the initial website migration meetings. However, once that is complete, the actual migration can take a little as 30 minutes! Again, this will depend on the size and detail of the website. It is important that this is carried out correctly, with all areas covered so as to ensure any visibility and authority gained from previous link building exercises are maintained.

A website migration checklist tracks the changes necessary for the website and can act as a reporting system between the agency and the client to update on the migration process progress. We pride ourselves on creating totally unique packages for each of our clients, meaning that each website migration checklist will be bespoke to your website. However, a standard website migration checklist will include the following key focuses – creating the overall strategy, auditing the site, benchmarking, pre-launch testing, technical SEO assessments and launch day testing. It is important that the website migration auditing and implementation is thorough to ensure that there is minimal or no impact on other channels that you may be running such as PPC, digital PR or social. Our website migration experts will guide you through your website migration checklist ahead of your migration program.

Yes – we pride ourselves on our UK-wide and international digital marketing offerings and can deliver website migration to websites and businesses worldwide. As a fully remote digital agency, we can help website owners across the globe and have our own digital experts across the nation. We’ve helped websites and businesses around the world to achieve local, national or international results through SEO and website migration – if you need SEO support or a website migration package, we’ve got the team for you, no matter where in the world you are!

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