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High-tier UK coverage for Loan Bird: Our PR strategy

The Client.

Loan Bird is a UK-based loan broker operating across all types of unsecured loans, including bad credit loans. As a credible brand, loan Bird want to break the stigma surrounding loan applications through using digital PR. We worked closely with the team to come up with an effective PR strategy that would enable them to do that whilst driving traffic to their website to further support the SEO activity we were also carrying out.

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We successfully delivered on our Loan Bird’s digital PR campaign brief, which consisted of more than 40 high-tier news placements across the UK and Europe with an average domain rating of 61.

The Objectives

With a clear brief in mind, our role as digital PR experts was to identify key opportunities amongst consumers that were highly topical as well as reactive to earn industry relevant and authoritative backlinks.
01. Increase overall SEO rankings to the website by gaining links in publications with a high domain rating
02. Reinforce the brands credibility through positioning them as a thought leader within the finance industry
03. Ensure the brand is effectively positioned in front of their target audience through earning coverage in lifestyle and finance related publications
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The Strategy.

The finance, particularly the payday loan industry, is not easy to crack. We knew that we would have our work cut out for us, but also knew that the areas in which Loan Bird operate would offer us numerous opportunities to get creative with the digital PR campaigns we produced for the brand. Upon discussion, we decided that we would target the lifestyle-focused finance route to speak directly to Loan Bird’s target audience and cut through where their audience will more naturally be. We also made the decision to gain coverage in lifestyle publications to get the brand in front of the target audience and put the brand at the forefront of its industry.

The Campaign.

Often, finance-based campaigns are labelled ‘boring’ or ‘predictable’, so we wanted to break through this stereotype and build campaigns which spoke to Loan Bird’s audience in a fun and memorable way, while being newsworthy to encourage media coverage. Our strategy focused on finding financial stories and hooks through lifestyle and celebrity stories, both in larger content campaigns and through reactive coverage. For example, we built a campaign which revealed which TV streaming subscription was the best value for money based on its genre, landing national coverage in The Daily Express as well as relevant tech, TV, and lifestyle press. This lifestyle hook also works for reactive press such as during the Friends TV reunion when we reviewed the Friends’ character namesake that earned the most money and compared this to the character’s jobs.
Featured in
"It’s been great to work with such a professional team. Absolute really understand our business, our direction and where we want to go with our brand. It’s clear they have experience working in the financial industry too, which has been a massive plus for the campaign. We’re really looking forward to seeing how much more we can progress here!”
Ofter Akerman
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