The Keyhole Heart Clinic is a London-based heart clinic, which specialises in world leading keyhole heart surgery. Generating 124% Increase in Leads Through Google Ads

The Keyhole Heart Clinic


The Client.

Keyhole Heart Clinic is a specialist’s heart clinic with more than 15 years of expertise. They approached us having seen our success within the health sector. They wanted a PPC campaign that would enable them to drive the visibility of the brand forward and generate leads, whilst reducing the total cost of their paid marketing efforts. Our objectives were to:

The Objectives.

The Strategy.

When partnering with Keyhole Heart Clinic we knew that we would need to create a new set of campaigns from scratch.

Through doing so, we would be able to make good use of smart bidding and creatives available to use, which would ultimately lead to greater success.

Before carrying out the campaign set up, we first fixed the conversion tracking on the account to ensure that all data was being passed through accurately. This also helped to ensure that all data was captured and not just some of it.

We also set up an advanced Google Data Studio report to highlight the campaign performance to the client and identify what was already working well and what may have needed an extra push.

We still use this Google Data Studio report to date, as it provides us with the opportunity to compare data across the campaign so far and identify any trends which may be beneficial to us in the coming weeks, months and years.


keyhole heart clinic case study

The Campaign.

increase in conversions
  • When we partnered with Keyhole Heart Clinic, we conducted keyword and competitor research. This enabled us to create a new campaign structure that would allow us to effectively build our PPC activity.
  • During the set up, we were keen to make good use of Google Tag Manager to focus on conversion points that are considered important to the client, such as calls and the total number of form completions.
  • We applied across all the campaign, utilised search ads and provided the required signals to the machine learning (like audiences). Also, include Dynamic Search Ad Groups to reach a higher number of searches relevant to the targeted landing page.
  • We also created a report that includes not only the typical Google Ads stats that help us determine the tasks for the coming weeks, but also include stats from the Call Tracking software to report on calls that are completed by users that directly dial the phone number they see in the ad extension (without clicking on the number).


From Jan 2021 to June 2021 comparing to previous year, we achieved a 124% increase in conversions.

CTR also increased by 356%.

In addition, we saw a 70% decline in cost per lead for the same period.

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