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Fast Loan UK


The Client.

Fast Loan UK approached us having been scarred by numerous bad experiences where deliverables were promised, and results not gained. Having heard of our previous success within the finance and payday loan sector, they wanted a final hit at improving their site’s visibility. Up against much bigger brands, we needed to devise an SEO strategy that would skyrocket their organic visibility and fast. Our objectives were to:

The Objectives.

The Strategy.

At the start of our relationship with Fast Loan UK, we carried out a full site technical audit leading to full technical resolutions on all critical errors, warnings, and concerns. This included a full review of site speed optimisation and core web vitals to increase site efficiency.

We were then able to begin carrying out keyword mapping on existing site pages to determine areas of cannibalisation which highlighted the need to further content optimisation. To better visualise the existing pages on the site, we went on to create a map of page titles, meta descriptions and header tags.

We were then able to get started creating new content pages based on regular content gap analysis to encroach on their competitor’s market share. We made sure that link acquisition was effectively distributed across the main pages on the site, focusing on key target terms and natural variants as part of the anchor text strategy.

fast loan case study

The Solution.

increase in pre-approved loan applications
  • Due to the restrictive nature of Fast Loan UK’s CMS, technical SEO fixes were key to improving the site’s performance in SERPs. With many areas of the site, even including the meta data being hard coded, we had to work closely with our internal development team and Fast Loan’s external development team to implement the most efficient technical fixes to maximise on the client’s budget via a GIT system. Having conducted a full site technical audit in month one, we highlighted several key concerns.
  • We utilised an impact/effort ratio process to assess which areas to resolve first, prioritising the indexability, content and loading time issues, particularly in line with the core web vitals announcement. Using a version control system, we implemented a series of fixes which, when deployed, significantly improved the site’s performance, and began to see an uplift in visibility. We also implemented both FinancialProduct and FAQs schema on the site having conducted a series of competitor analysis with the intention of improving CTR and taking up more real estate in SERPs while giving users as much information as possible on the SERP to help improve traffic quality.
  • Fast Loan operates in an industry once tainted by bad practice, which is the reason why the business was founded. Their commitment to responsible lending remains a core value for the team and one that we wanted to continue to promote throughout the campaign. We knew that the content across the website needed to reflect this and the sensitivities of those facing a financial emergency, whilst remaining in line with FCA guidelines. With this firmly in the forefront of our minds, we needed to make sure that our marketing efforts only targeted individuals who would not overcommit themselves. 
  • It’s no hidden secret that the payday loan industry is becoming increasingly competitive, with the average customer taking out up to 6 loans in a year. As Google’s algorithm continues to focus on providing users with detailed information, we needed to make sure we produced high-quality, optimised content that supported this. We began by conducting a keyword mapping file on the existing site pages to determine areas of cannibalisation which highlighted the need for future content optimisation. Utilising our knowledge of the industry, we then mapped out a further keyword mapping file to highlight new opportunities across a variety of both short and long-tail keywords. This allowed us to disperse new content pages that would effectively encroach on the client’s competitor’s market share, supporting the campaigns overall performance.
  • We also provided users with further information about the payday loan product which focused strongly on well-researched, unique FCA compliant content such as that regarding how short-term loans work and the eligibility of low credit score loans. We knew that, by producing said content, we could be confident that users were fully informed prior to committing to borrowing a loan. As per our initial strategy, this included the creation of additional pages overtime, all of which are displayed at the bottom of the site, helping to ensure they are always easily accessible to users.
  • To ensure that link equity was effectively distributed across the site, we conducted a full internal linking structure review which supported us in equally distributing link acquisition across the site’s main pages, which included the home page, focusing on target terms and natural variants as part of the anchor text strategy. As part of this strategy, we also designed our offsite strategy with the new content pieces we had produced in mind. This allowed us to achieve Fast Loan’s objective of enhancing the brands overall online visibility and the ability to compete for competitive industry terms such as “fast loan” and “quick loan” which we pursued through covering interesting topics within the industry to encourage people to revisit the site.


Since partnering with Fast Loan UK, users have increased from 26,349, to 125,614 (377% increase).

The number of new users visiting the site have also increased from 25,824, to 124,435 (382% increase).

The number of pre-approved loan applications increased by 315% from 3,159 to 13,113.

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