QuidMarket are a leading direct loan provider and authorised lender. Growing QuidMarkets Top 3 Positions By 271%

Client: Quid Market
Sector: Finance

The Client

QuidMarket approached us looking to drive traffic to their website and convert clicks into customers by targeting some highly competitive industry terms. Operating in a highly competitive space, they wanted to reduce their reliance on terms such as ‘payday loans’ and move into more of the short-term loan market to promote the brand as a responsible lender. While PDL would still be a target term, our aim was to capture more keywords i.e. brand visibility to improve new applications.

Having carried out an audit across all channels to identify what was and wasn’t performing up to expectation, QuidMarkets objectives were clear. They wanted to achieve the following objectives to compete up against bigger and well-known lenders:

quidmarket logo

The Objectives

quidmarket logo

The Strategy

A key part of our integrated approach to QuidMarkets campaign was to carry out a complete redesign and rebuild of the website to modernise their brand and help them with integration to improve the way they managed their forms internally through integrating Salesforce.

They also needed a UX overhaul with their form to enhance the user experience and encourage applications. Google’s Core Web Vitals were at the top of our priority list, with many decisions being based on the overall efficiency of the site which was further supported by UX data from Hot Jar.

 We also carried out a keyword mapping on existing site pages to determine areas of cannibalisation which highlighted the need to further content optimisation. We followed this up by creating a map of page titles, meta descriptions and header tags for existing and new pages on the site before creating new content pages identified through carrying out a regular content gap analysis to encroach on their competitor’s market share.

As part of this, we devised a new, full internal linking structure to ensure link equity could be equally passed through to the key pages of the site, promoting our best practices for usability. This focused on key target terms and natural variants as part of the anchor text strategy.

The Solution

  • As part of our SEO strategy, we needed to provide QuidMarkets potentially vulnerable target audience with detailed insight into the market and loan type for them to be able to make an informed decision prior to applying. We set out an E-A-T led content strategy that would enable us to capitalise on warnings on overborrowing and not meeting repayments, FCA-compliancy and no advice/guidance to ensure that the decisions being made were solely down to the customer and not unconscious sales efforts. This involved regularly liaising with QuidMarkets compliance department to ensure accuracy and compliance with FCA guidelines.
  • Although QuidMarket was already well positioned in the market for top search terms “payday loans” and “short term loans” and could be found on page 1 and 2, the site had little organic visibility for other common industry terms and so were not capturing a larger proportion of the market. To combat this and enhance the site’s visibility in a highly competitive market, we created a fresh content strategy. Beginning with an audit of existing content and an extensive content gap analysis, we created a keyword map that identified ‘low-hanging fruit’ opportunities on existing URLs as well as a wealth of new pages to be created. We also used this document to map out purposeful and user-friendly internal linking opportunities throughout the site.
  • By beginning with the end-goal clearly laid out, our content strategy each month was akin to completing a jigsaw puzzle. Each new piece of content written was purposeful and not only performed well individually but enhanced the performance of internally linked pages and the overall organic visibility of the site. As a result, the number of users visiting the site, engaging with the content, and ultimately completing an application increased month-by-month.
  • We then produced a robust internal linking structure that would allow authority and link equity to efficiently pass throughout the main target pages and domain. This would not only ensure the key pages were indexed but improve the position and visibility of all other indexable pages within the site. We also linked relevant websites to specific pages on the domain to maintain the site’s authority whilst ensuring that any low-quality or potentially harmful links were removed from the site’s backlink profile through conducting regular link detoxes.
  • As part of our CRO strategy, we made improvements to the user account page as we identified an increase in the number of mobile users. These improvements consisted of implementing a new, fresh mobile-friendly layout to enable visitors to easily view their information. Now, users can view their full loan history and download/upload documents to the site without having to login on a desktop computer, providing greater flexibility. We also focused on optimising QuidMarkets loan application form to improve user journey and overall usability.


We have already seen some great results across the QuidMarket account including a 53.67% increase in new users.

As a result of more people visiting the site, we have also seen a 274.77% increase in the number of completed online applications.

Due to the UX changes we made on the site, finished applications increased by 164.29% from 4,719, to 12,472.

Finally, QuidMarkets top 3 positions increased by 271.05% in total.

increase in completed applications
increase in top 3 positions
increase in new users

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