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Data is indisputable. The facts give us a crucial insight for businesses to use and gain tangible results for their digital activities which become the guiding light towards digital success. As a leading web analytics agency, we know how to harness digital analytics’ power and channel your digital marketing efforts towards targeted objectives. Breaking down your digital approach, we can gain a detailed insight into your SEO Google Analytics, individual page analytics and overall digital strategy analytics. From this, we can form a detailed view of where your business with succeeding, and where additional work is needed to better performance and let the data analytics take you to another level.

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Category: SEO Case Studies Sector: Health

When EF MEDISPA partnered with us, we conducted a full site audit to determine weaknesses and areas of improvement on the site.

A key focus point of the campaign was strategic, targeted outreach integrating high-quality content marketing to earn links from industry-relevant, authoritative sites.

We carried out full on-site optimisation to improve relevancy for our chosen keywords and to provide a clearer user journey for visitors.

As part of this, we carried out a complete redesign across our target treatment pages taking into consideration UX, IA and CRO.

increase in overall Keyword Positions
increase in number of Page 1 Positions
+ 385.54%
increase in organic goal completions

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We’ve been working with Absolute for six months now, and I’m really impressed. Great tangible, commercial results, great team and great work! Would (and do) highly recommend this company.

Melina Lyraki Senior Marketing Executive

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We approach data analytics with a unique, forward-thinking approach to convert your business data into tangible, useful and ROI-focused results. Web analytics is the perfect insight into the inner workings and successes of your business, and we’re committed to making that picture clear for you.

Here at Absolute Digital Media, you can have access to our full-service digital team, meaning that we can offer UX marketing analytics, creative content reviews, PPC auditing and web SEO analytics all in one agency. Our data agency London team are ready to unveil the possibilities for progression within your business and make your data work for you.

We’re not just your agency, we’re your partner – and we are committed to seeing our client’s campaigns thrive. When we partner with new companies, we see ourselves as an extension of your business’ team, your growth and success goals become our goals.

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  • Bespoke Analytics Reporting
  • Dedicated Account Manager
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  • Full-Service Digital Expertise

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Delving into your marketing analytics will involve a range of A-Team members from across our full-service marketing, so we can offer insight into every aspect of your marketing activities and business analytics. Our team hold all the necessary qualifications, experience and creativity needed to deliver fully integrated, result-focused web analytics and reporting system.

As an experienced Google analytics agency, every member of our team is Google Analytics certified and are trained on Google Tag Manager so we can offer you an experienced Google analytics consultant.

Get to know the team behind our insightful analytics audit services! Meet our digital marketing analytics team to get a more in-depth insight into the inner workings of our full service marketing agency.

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Understand Your Data Analytics: Your Questions Answered

Without data analysis, you’re shooting in the dark. Digital analytics is your guiding light to what is actually working for your business and where the success is coming from – and this is massive for companies of all sizes. No matter where you stand within your market, you need to understand your web analytics to improve performance, grow further and maintain your competitive edge! Our data agency London team are ready to give you the power for data – to help drive your business forward and with ROI-focused initiatives and foresight.

As a full-service marketing agency, we have digital expertise across all the major marketing avenues so we can offer a detailed insight into an array of different marketing analytics. Our digital analytics can range from SEO Google analytics to UX audits or content analysis. For eCommerce analytics, we can also offer customer behaviour assessments, PPC marketing analytics or paid social media analysis. We’ve worked with B2B and B2C businesses for various industries and have developed an acute business analytics system that we can apply to any analysis needed within your company.

Data is a true insight into your businesses’ progression and success, as a certified Google Analytics audit agency, we know how to make data work for you. Understanding your Google analytics will help you make informed decisions for your business moving forward. This can include understanding your marketing audience, spotting new opportunities for growth, where you can push your marketing to gain better results and how to navigate market changes and trends. By collecting and analysing valuable data, you will be able to maximise your ROI and gain an important competitive edge within your industry. Call one of our Google analytics consultant London team members today!

Our digital analytics agency UK team are all Google Analytics accredited and are trained on the leading web SEO analytics tools. We collate and cross-reference data from a number of tools, including Agency Analytics, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, Google Tag Manager, Answer The Public, SEMrush, Majestic, Ahrefs and Yoast. We then convert this information into a bespoke report for each client, to focus on the useful data for your business and highlight what data relates to your KPIs and goals for progression.

When we conduct your web analytics, the information can come from various sources depending on your site activity and marketing avenues. This can include sales funnels, customer reports and traffic funnels. No matter what data sets we monitor, we ensure that our reporting and analysis consists of ‘clean’ data. This ensures that we are able to see a clear view of the true data. Our analytics services UK review fields, filters and statistical methods to ensure data quality and a report that you can trust and is useful to your brand moving forward.

Each data analytics client will have a dedicated account manager assigned to them to guide you through the data report and be a point of contact for any questions you may have from the web analysis. However, we do try and make web analytics and reporting as streamlined and informative as possible. Our biggest aim is to remove the complexity of huge data sets and instead provide you with a clear and easy to understand insight into your business analytics. To achieve this, we will provide segmented data sets with comments and descriptions to ensure you always understand what the report is showing you.

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