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    Why Choose Absolute.

    We Build Award-Winning Digital PR Links

    Are you struggling to earn the digital PR coverage your content deserves? Lacking links? Wanting to drive greater visibility to your site? As a leading digital PR agency, we cover all three and more for a set monthly fee that covers the cost of our labour – not the placement of your links.

    Our digital PR specialists are well versed in the press, helping you achieve high-quality links and coverage across all your favourite publication like Forbes, Real Homes, Hello! Magazine and OK! Magazine to name a few. All of which are 100% earned, never paid for.

    We carry out our digital PR campaigns from start to finish in house from coming up with the initial idea and finding the relevant data and research to putting our content skills to the test to effectively pitch our campaign to the press.

    As consumers ourselves, we know what does and doesn’t interest different audiences, helping make sure our digital PR services hit the mark every time.

    We’ve earned links across multiple publications…
    Get ready to achieve 100% earned digital PR coverage and links

    Utilising creative assets such as these...

    Love Honey
    Sector: e-commerce
    Sector: e-commerce
    Sector: Finance
    Create a new talking point for your brand

    Links & Coverage That Matters

    We don’t just write, pitch, and outreach our creative digital PR campaigns in the hope they’ll land in top media publications. We research the hottest topics and trends in your industry to capitalise on new and developing opportunities we know both the media and your audience will love. By doing so we can:

    -Build stronger links back to your brand, keeping your main focus on mind

    -Earn coverage across a range of publications including those on your hit list

    -Drive greater referral traffic to your website to increase your custom

    -Create further unique content to place you directly in front of your target market

    -Build the long-lasting foundations that supports your brands ongoing development online and offline.

    Journalists receive thousands of emails each day but, with years’ worth of experience combined, our digital PR team have built a list of verified industry connections they have close relationships with, making us a valuable and reputable agency to seek support from. In some instances, journalists will even reach out to us seeking our expert commentary or a campaign around a particular topic. These are curated and developed on request, providing an even greater competitive advantage.

    We’re all for chance and, whenever we can, we’ll jump on a new opportunity to keep your brand in the public eye. News comes and goes all the time, so it’s important for us to keep tabs on what’s happening. Unlike reactive digital PR, newsjacking is all about jumping on what’s relevant today that might not be tomorrow. Our digital PR team is well equipped to respond to these opportunities helping to earn you a range of links and coverage.
    Reactive PR
    In digital PR, time is everything, and our teams are well structured to ensure they can quickly respond to requests and other breaking news stories. We will utilise what we know about you and your brand, helping to make sure that your expertise perfectly aligns with what has been asked while ensuring you are one of the first to comment or create a further news story. We work quickly to make sure you don’t miss out.
    Linkable Assets
    With a design team dedicated to our digital PR needs, we have the resource to create linkable assets to further support our campaigns. From infographics that can be easily understood and remembered to detailed reports that have been carefully compiled to evaluate key insights and research, our team have the desired experience to bring our stories to life.
    Large Scale Campaigns
    Large Scale Campaigns
    We don’t just respond to reactive opportunities but create large scale digital PR campaigns that show off your business in an admirable way. We take the simplest of ideas and turn them into something journalists can’t wait to share with audience, increasing your exposure in places that matter the most. From data we surface ourselves to the new latest craze, we’ve got it covered.
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    How We Do It

    As specialists in digital PR, we aren’t afraid of getting our hands dirty. Working together, our team have developed the perfect strategy to earning links and coverage in high-brow publications. Here’s how we do it.


    Creative Concepts.

    // All our campaigns begin with ideation. We provide our creative team with concept of the PR campaign in question, highlighting exactly what needs to be achieved from the bespoke link KPI set, to any dream publications the client would love to be featured in. This stage is all about pin pointing different areas that can be pivoted into an exciting story to share with the rest of the world.

    Deep Data Analysis.

    // Once we have pitched our ideas, our data analysts’ step in and get started on the data side of the campaign. With a team dedicated to providing the research for each of our digital PR campaigns, we can be certain that each insight or data-led PR piece has been developed upon the very best foundations for greater coverage.

    Building Our Campaigns.

    // Our team consists of PR specialists, managers and executives that are well versed in the world of PR. They know what makes a piece of content great and seek news angles that are in demand within your industry to bring something new to the table. At this stage of the campaign, required assets will be pitched to our graphic design team to map out to ensure the campaign is aligned from start to finish.

    Outreach and Promotion.

    // The exciting bit! At this stage your campaign will be released to the journalists itching to pitch something new to their publication. Whilst we keep our outreach approach under wraps to ensure we achieve the best coverage, it’s something that our team constantly work to evolve further to hone in on what specific types of content each journalist is looking for within their area of expertise.

    Reporting and Analysis.

    // No campaign is complete without reporting on its result and analysing its performance. We make all this information openly available to you, so you can see exactly where it was placed and the number of links and coverage it achieved. These reports are shared monthly with the opportunity to schedule a call with your dedicated PR team to discuss further.
    Earn greater media attention and increase your credibility

    Links & Coverage You Can Be Proud Of

    As part of our digital PR services, we specialise in earning authoritative and topical coverage in high-brow publications to elevate your SEO rankings and help you build a reputable image even in the most competitive industries. This doesn’t just apply to businesses in the adult, gambling, pharma/ health, CBD, crypto and finance niches but the wider market. Let us get on top of your digital PR so you can focus on growing your business.

    Our Expertise

    The digital PR possibilities are endless…

    Download Our Capabilities Handbook

    Find out more about who we are, what we do and how we do it in our capabilities and case study handbook. Read exclusive campaign content and more!

      Our latest client case studies

      // Stelrad

      Stelrad are the UK’s #1 heating specialists, manufacturing and supplying tailor made
      Industry: eCommerce

      // Loan Bird

      Loan Bird is a UK-based company who introduces customers to lenders for personal loans. Putting Fun Into Finance
      Industry: Finance

      // FootActive

      FootActive are the leading manufacturer of orthotic insoles made by foot specialists.
      Industry: eCommerce
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      Multi Award Winning Agency

      With more than 13 years of agency experience behind us, you can be confident in the ideas our digital PR team pitch when it comes down to earning high-brow coverage across national and international publications. Enjoy seeing your name in lights!

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