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International digital PR coverage for Eden's Gate: Our strategy

The Client.

Eden’s Gate is the UK’s leading CBD health and wellness store, supplying products such as oils, gummies, and creams. Operating in a highly competitive space, it was paramount that our digital PR strategy positioned Eden’s Gate at the forefront of the industry, driving greater traffic to their site to support their SEO rankings.

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Since partnering with Eden’s Gate on their digital pr campaign in 2021, we have achieved more than 300 links across major global markets including the UK, US, Canada, South Africa, and major European countries such as Germany, Portugal, Serbia, Romania, and France.

The Objectives

With a clear brief in mind, our role as digital pr experts was to identify key opportunities to provide consumers with everything there is to know in regards to content motivated and centred around the health, wellbeing and lifestyle industry.
01. Produce highly topical campaigns focusing on health and wellness
02. Strengthen Eden’s Gate’s position as experts in their field
03. Encourage organic SEO growth, traffic, and brand awareness.
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The Strategy.

The CBD industry is somewhat niche, with numerous high-profile brands competing for the same positions within the results pages. As the UK’s leading CBD health and wellness store, Eden’s Gate has an advantage over smaller, less established names. Whilst a desire to earn links in high-tier, high-brow publications to improve SEO rankings and position the brand as both authoritative and credible, we also wanted to make sure that our digital PR campaigns worked in tandem with the activities our SEO team were carrying out for the best possible campaign performance across both parties. Therefore, we knew the best approach would be to master our ideation and subsequent outreach strategy, creating well-oiled campaign ideas that would have an evergreen appeal nationwide and internationally, covering targeted sectors of outlets and journalists enabling to get the brand in front of their target audience and further develop its position within the industry.

The Campaign.

A fantastic example which homed in on our approach to securing high quality, organic backlinks for Eden’s Gate consisted of setting out on a mission to discover what the oldest person in the world ate every day. A key part in deciding on pursuing this campaign was down to Eden’s Gate’s goal to improve the lives of people both physically and mentally, and so we knew we’d have global, and evergreen appeal. Having discovered who the oldest person in the world is and what she was known to eat and drink, we were able to supply unique commentary on why these food and drinks can help with longevity, coupling with expertise from Tyler Woodward on our motivations to be healthy. Longevity is topically interesting and universally familiar with many choosing to make positive changes to their health and wellbeing, so we knew this campaign would be well received by a plethora of journalists worldwide. It also ensued journalists individually responding to our release asking for further explanation, detailing each food/drink, including how mulled wine over the festive period can lower cholesterol, as well as how port wine can help you live longer.
Featured in
“Absolute really have gone above and beyond expectation with our campaign. Being in an industry based on science and nutrition, the team have not only helped strengthen our SEO and show significant growth in rankings but also always meet the technical side of scientific content in a way the audience can truly understand and relate.”
Tyler Woodward
CEO & Founder
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