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PPC advertising and paid search is an increasingly competitive and constantly changing landscape, making it hard for businesses to master. Here at Absolute Digital Media, we have a team of PPC experts who thrive on making innovative, savvy and effective PPC campaigns which deliver exceptional results to our clients. Through targeted PPC marketing, we can reach the right people and the right time and ensure that your Google PPC ads target specific terms, demographics and audience personas – we truly make the most out of your PPC campaign and squeeze out every advertising opportunity possible. Our PPC specialists have experience working across the globe’s most challenging industries, challenging them to keep their PPC tactics flexible and creative to ensure they deliver tangible results from each paid search campaign.

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PPC Audit

PPC auditing is a crucial first step to understanding the direction in which your paid search campaign should go and who you should target. Our PPC experts have the tools, qualifications and expertise necessary to analyse and audit your PPC activity and build an appropriate report on your PPC marketing. All our PPC managers are Google Analytics qualified and equipped with the latest PPC tools to provide expert insights on your paid search activity. As a leading PPC agency, we will utilise the detailed PPC audit to guide our new, results-driven PPC campaign strategy and get your businesses noticed.


Captivate an already interested audience through remarketing PPC and targeted paid search ads that will appear to users who have already visited your website and are, therefore, more likely to make a purchase. Retargeting advertising has a large success rate and enables a business to funnel their precious paid marketing budgets into a PPC strategy which has high conversion rates. Our PPC specialists can create a full retargeting strategy based on your consumer demographics and data to effectively remarket to your customers and build a strong returning customer base.

Microsoft Advertising

As an expert PPC company, our talented PPC specialists are fully trained in and well equipped with Microsoft Advertising, and Bing Ads. This allows us to provide our clients with paid search marketing options across the two largest search engines and an opportunity for further PPC success. With our pay per click services, you could see your business appear on the top of Bing, Yahoo and MSN search results. These search results can target specific regions, times and demographics to ensure the best possible PPC marketing results are gained for your business – results which will bring tangible benefits and sales to your company.

Native Advertising

We're experts in all things pay per click, including native advertising, a paid advertising strategy designed to match the look, feel and function of an organic media format in how they appear – in essence, an ad disguised as ordinary web content. Native advertising is most commonly used on social media. It is a softer, more personal approach to advertising most frequently used to build brand awareness or lead new audiences to a particular product or sale. As a highly versatile PPC company, we can incorporate a variety of direct and targeted advertisement approaches to your PPC campaign.

Programmatic Advertising

As a leading PPC management company, we have optimised every level of our PPC campaign delivery. We have the skills and expertise to offer programmatic advertising, where appropriate, to our clients to further boost their PPC marketing results. Programmatic advertising is an automated ad buying software, coded and controlled by our PPC specialists to drive your PPC campaign's efficiency and ensure the best ad opportunities are purchased. This PPC management tactic will ensure your campaign is as efficient and reliable as possible, sealing the results you need to thrive as a business.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping, formally known as Google Product Search, allows users to search for products via search directly and is an excellent tool for paid advertising and optimising your shopping campaign. We’re a trusted Google ads agency, and our PPC agency experts know how to build an effective Google Shopping campaign to target your ideal audience, hone in on key search terms and place bids on targeted shopping campaign positions. An excellent PPC campaign strategy for eCommerce and retail businesses looking to boost their sales conversions and reach new audiences for a fully optimised paid search marketing tactic.

Display Advertising

Attract new customers with an eye-catching display advertising campaign. Showcase your brand through expertly designed ad banners or sidebar images with our leading PPC ad services. Utilise images, videos and animations for a rich ad campaign bound to turn heads. Showcase new products, promote sales and target new audiences with a visual PPC campaign focused on bringing new customers to your website while building brand awareness through an ad focused on your brand colours, messaging and style. Bring a visual element to your paid campaign with our leading display advertising services and get your brand noticed.
GoogleGrant Management

Google Grant Management

We're a PPC agency London focused on delivering paid search opportunities to all industries, including the charity sector and understanding Google Grant Management is a crucial asset we can use to help charities master their PPC campaigns. A Google Ad Grant provides non-profit organisations with the opportunity to advertise on Google at no cost to the charity or non-profit organisation. Our PPC specialists have previously secured $40,000 Google Grants for non-profit organisation clients, enabling them to reach new audiences, access more traffic and get more support for their charity.

Amazon Marketing

Amazon is the dominating force for eCommerce selling opportunities, which can make it difficult for brands to cut through the competition and see results – this is where our PPC team come in. Here at Absolute Digital Media, our Amazon marketing team can optimise your Amazon listings to help your products rank higher on the Amazon search engine and ensure you stand out from other products to improve your Amazon listing. From sponsored ads to Amazon PPC display features, we can develop a detailed Amazon marketing campaign for your brand’s needs, focused on delivering a strong ROI and improving your sales on the world’s leading eCommerce site.
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Absolute Digital Media is responsive, proactive, and easy to work with. Their expertise is proven with the results they produce – in the period of 2015 – 2016 they achieved 215,000 clicks and increased the ads click-through rate by 3%. They also give valuable feedback and advice.

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The A-Team are innovators in digital marketing, and our award-winning PPC services are no exception. With a creative and analytical approach, we are proud to deliver leading PPC campaigns across a range of industries. Our pay per click marketing has secured a range of client successes, including obtaining $40,000 Google Grants, increasing ROI by 600% and delivering over £100,000 conversion turnover, to name a few!

We’re not just your agency, we’re your partner; and we’re committed to creating innovative, resourceful and results-driven PPC strategies which will bring your business new traffic, increase conversions and boost sales. As your partner in pay per click marketing, we will navigate the best possible paid ads solution for your company and guide you through the process. When we partner with new companies, we see ourselves as an extension of your business’ team, your growth and success goals become our goals; we’re your very own PPC expert agency with you every step of the way.

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Meet your pay per click agency experts! From AdWords services to creative PPC digital marketing, our PPC agency team is full of experts who deliver detailed, ROI-focused campaigns to all our clients. All our PPC management agency members are Google Analytics certified and are equipped with all the latest tools and software to deliver innovative, tactical and results-driven PPC campaigns.

Get to know the team behind our award-winning PPC services – welcome to the PPC A-Team! See who makes up our pay per click company team and get to know their experience and skills.

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Pay per click or PPC marketing is a paid advertising service used to drive traffic to websites that convert into sales and customers when successful. PPC advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their online ads. PPC ads appear when people use search engines, such as Google and Bing, and each ad can be targeted to a specific product or keyword. PPC is a quick and effective way to attract new customers, boost sales and convert clicks into customers. Unlike organic digital marketing services, this paid method has a quick ROI turnaround.

When you see a PPC ad appear in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), this ad will have gone through an Ad Auction held by the search engine to determine the ad’s relevance and validity to appear on the SERP. This includes a ‘bidding’ system, based on the most relevant keywords to the company. This process means that every PPC campaign must be well researched, strategised and built with both the search engine and user in mind. Hence, our PPC agency leaders create PPC campaigns focused on market research, keyword targeting and customer usefulness to ensure the best results possible for each PPC marketing project. Our PPC management London team are highly skilled in Ad Auctions and PPC ad bidding.

One of the most common types of PPC ads is a paid search ad. These ads appear when users search for products or services online and are almost always part of the search engine results when someone performs a commercial search. This can include mobile, “near me” searches, through to searching for a gift to buy a loved one with Google Shopping, all commercial searches trigger a pay per click ad. Other forms of PPC advertising include display advertising and banner ads, as well as remarketing efforts, which are visual marketing banners on website headers or sidebars. For more information on display advertising, see our sub-service offering for PPC display ads.

Each paid advertising platform is different and comes with various benefits. However, Google Ads is the most popular PPC ad network because it brings in the largest search volume with more than 3.5 billion searches being launched on Google every day. However, this can mean that there is a high competition rate and cost per click expense for popular search terms, products and keywords. Other search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo, also have PPC marketing opportunities and can help companies expand their customer reach. Our PPC company specialists will take you through each network’s pros and cons during your PPC strategy.

Here at Absolute Digital Media, we like to think of SEO and PPC as two sides of the same digital marketing coin, and a powerhouse combination which could bring you exceptional results. SEO is an organic, long-term digital marketing solution which will help cement your brand’s industry authority and boost organic search rankings. However, PPC marketing is a quicker digital marketing service focused on targeting specific audiences and search terms, meaning that as soon as your PPC campaign launches, you will see an increase in traffic, clicks and conversions. Luckily for you, as a full-service agency, we can do both!

As an award-winning PPC agency, our PPC services strive to fulfil each of our clients’ vision and requirements to ensure we deliver results aligned with your business’s goals and objectives. Our PPC management follows five core steps: Objectives, Reach, Optimisation, Trends & Opportunities, and Reporting & Analysis. As a pay per click management company, we are dedicated to reaching your brand’s KPIs and delivering a high rate of conversion with every PPC campaign we create. We also work closely with our clients to keep them informed about our PPC marketing at every step of the campaign and deliver detailed PPC service reports every month.

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