Client Reviews

"Absolute Digital is the dream team of professionals to deliver quality content marketing services in the most timely manner. The team is driven, motivated, goal-oriented, very approachable, always open for discussion, welcoming feedback, problem solving, proactive and the list could go on. The way they organise the workflow is transparent, clear and strategic, we are aware of progress at any stage. Most importantly, the team always delivers top quality results with an admirable sense of urgency. I'm glad to be working together with such a professional agency and meet our mutual goals and targets every month."
Blexr logo

Client: Blexr
Project: Content Is King
Rimante Kvasinskaite
SEO Analyst
"We’re so grateful to the Absolute Team! We have already seen some fantastic results across SEO, digital PR and PPC and can’t wait to see how it continues to progress as we develop our relationship."
Vera clinic logo

Client: Vera Clinic
Project: Hair Transplant Turkey
Waleed Taleb
Founding Parnter & CMO
"We’ve had a great start to our project with Absolute Digital Media. The team grasped our needs and wants very early and understood exactly what we hoped to achieve with our campaign. They also spend time getting to know our brand and our competitors allowing them to target our customers far better. We have been able to decrease out CPC by nearly 20% but still see and increase in click and a revenue increase of over 25%, so long may it continue!"
ITS logo

Client: ITS
Project: Long Lasting Paid Advertising Results
Richard Hughes
Digital Marketing Manager
"We continue to be impressed with the high level of service we receive across all areas of our paid search campaigns. The team are always available to answer any queries and we’re happy to report that our ROI is improved considerably thanks to the work carried out by Absolute Digital Media."
Santa Fe Relocation logo

Client: Santa Fe Relocation
Project: Redefining An Outdated Marketing Vision
Anjali Langford
Social Media Manager/Online Marketing Manager
"We instructed Absolute Digital Media to maximise our SEO campaign a few years ago and they’ve done a fantastic job. They have proven to be professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of optimisation and we continue to see significant increases in traffic visiting our website. Our strong online presence is crucial to our business growth and so we set them clear goals which they enthusiastically work to deliver. I appreciate their can-do attitude and the ability to speak to any member of the friendly team directly. They will always take the time to meet face to face and, if not immediately available, will call me back promptly. I look forward to working with them for the foreseeable future and would highly recommend the service they provide."
Veincentre logo

Client: Veincentre
Project: Promptly Delivered SEO Results
Katherine West
Marketing Coordinator
"Since Absolute Digital Media took over our email marketing, we are pleased to report that they have been able to significantly improve the opening rates, delivery rate and conversions. We’re also really pleased to say there’s been a notable boost in sales. As with the SEO and affiliate campaigns, the correspondence and Absolute Digital Media has been excellent, and we look forward to working with them further."
Luggage Superstore logo

Client: Luggage Superstore
Project: Supercharging Online Sales With SEO
Andy Steadman
"After redeveloping our website it quickly became clear that to be competitive in the market we would require an experienced SEO campaign to optimise and improve our search rankings. After initial conversations with Matt Wood I was convinced we had found the correct team and began a 6 month trial, needless to say we have now extended our contract. The team are extremely competent and helpful, taking on suggestions and focusing on areas key to us. Our account manager Olivia is always on hand and provides detailed analysis of the campaign showing areas of improvement. Suffice to say I am very pleased with the professionalism and the high standard of work carried out for us."
Events International VIP Hospitality logo

Client: Events International
Project: Planning The Biggest Event Yet
Emma Ruddell
Marketing Manager
"I've been extremely impressed by Absolute Digital Media. They listened carefully and understood our requirements and as a result we've seen excellent growth from organic traffic and ranking positions on Google. The team are professional, knowledgeable, friendly and very quick to respond. Very happy with them and highly recommend."
FennWright logo

Client: Fenn Wright
Project: Landing Right On The Mark
Chris Richards
Managing Director
"We've had a fantastic experience working with Absolute on a new venture from web design through to SEO and plenty of advice along the way on other areas such as PPC. Have already recommended them to others. We're seeing steady growth in organic search from a standing start last year."
LoanPig logo

Client: Loan Pig
Project: Steady Organic Search Growth
Andy Button
"Absolute Digital Media have had a positive impact on our search and paid campaigns. We are seeing our target keywords rise within projections whilst our paid clickthrough rate has increased significantly since we started working with them. Their proactive nature in calling us with suggestions, ideas and solutions has ensured that our working relationship remains on top – something which sets them apart from the competition."
Sienna X logo

Client: Sienna X
Project: An Award-Winning Campaign For An Award-Winning Brand
Adam Church-Millward
Digital Marketing Manager
"We've been working with Absolute for six months now, and i'm really impressed, great tangible, commercial results, great team and great work! Would (and do) highly recommend this company."
EF Medispa logo

Project: Providing Tangible SEO Results
Howard Hughes
Marketing Manager
"Our experience of using Absolute is fantastic. We use them to manage our PPC account and i can honestly say it could not be in better hands than it is with Absolute. Everything is well managed and we are kept informed of even the slightest change. Great agency and really nice people in general."
Neopost logo

Client: Neopost
Project: More Than Just An Ad Campaign
Chris Collis
Digital Marketing Manager
"Having partnered with Absolute Digital earlier this year, we have achieved excellent results from our SEO and PPC campaign so far, helping increase traffic and online visibility. My contact is always on hand to answer my questions and continue to provide us with new ways in which we can develop our strategy to continue generating the results we want. We’re looking forward to our continued partnership."
Talking Heads logo

Client: Talking Heads
Project: Strategic SEO Delivered Differently
Melina Lyraki
Senior Marketing Executive
"We have been working with Absolute Digital Media for a number of years and have found that the agency have continued to develop their methods in order to ensure that we meet and exceed every business objective. Absolute Digital Media go above and beyond their remit to give us further recommendations on all elements of our site, to ensure that we achieve the best possible results at all times."
Glyn Hopkin logo

Client: Glyn Hopkin
Project: Full Speed Ahead
Harry Roles
Digital Team
"We have been working with Absolute for years now and are really happy with the results they deliver and how our relationship has grown over that period of time. We first brought Absolute on board to help with our SEO performance, including technical SEO work and link outreach, and have since gone on to expand our package with them to include more links, blog content, and they delivered a brand new website rebuild for us last year which we’re over the moon with. Sophie is a fantastic account manager, always available as a point of contact, answers any questions we have and always open to our feedback as well as proactively suggesting ways for us to see better results. Grace has been looking after the content side of things for us and has been excellent too. Absolute are a crucial part of our team now, offering support in a wide range of areas, and we look forward to continuing to work with them! ?"
The Printed Bag Shop logo

Client: The Printed Bag Shop
Project: Bags, Bags, Bags
Sophie Butcher
Operations Manager
"We're fairly small business, in an annoyingly competitive market. However, in deciding to move with a more digitally focussed approach - we stumbled across Absolute Digital Media. And I can only see exciting opportunities and growth as our working relationship continues. The guys have treated us fantastically well and despite our size, have shown there are many to get a returns in this space. We have a professional and strategic approach to everything pertaining to SEO; monthly report calls, and troubleshooting as and when we need it. My Account Manager Sophie is spot on and has a bright future within the industry for sure. Due to the service given and the lengths gone to when dealing with our business, we have chosen Absolute Digital Media to design and build a new website for us which highlights a separate division within our business."
Uniglobe Travel logo

Client: Uniglobe Gemini Travel
Project: Going Large
Adam Richardson
Head Of Business Development
"Absolute Digital Media have been looking after the digital marketing of our website for over six months and we are pleased to see an increase in organic traffic and new visitors to our website compared to year-on-year. The team are friendly, professional and very knowledgeable in all aspects of digital marketing."
Dengie logo

Client: Dengie Horse Feeds
Project: Stirr-uping The Equine Industry
Donna Wilson
Marketing Assistant
"Working with Absolute Digital Media on our SEO campaign has been a seamless experience. The content recommendations provided by Absolute through a monthly content gap analysis have allowed us to capture more of the market while providing our readers with new and exciting content based on highly sought after topics. The technical recommendations have also helped Google to better crawl our very large, complex website. The team are helpful and responsive, providing us with advice and in-depth information whenever we require it. It’s been a pleasure working with the team and we look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with them."
Stella Novus Limited logo

Client: Stella Novus
Project: More Than Just SEO
Ioannis Syrigos
Chief Executive Officer
"Excellent service. Staff are always friendly on the end of the phone. They always give excellent reports and breakdown all the information so it's easily understood. Nothing is too much trouble and the monthly reports we receive show how much work is done. We have used this company for a number of years and have been very satisfied with the service they provide. I would definitely recommend them and feel confident that they are promoting and supporting our business. The data speaks volumes."
The Russett School logo

Client: The Russett School
Project: Speaking Volumes Through Data
Helen Roberts
Family Liaison Manager
"I would recommend Absolute Digital Media to anyone, they have been brilliant and so helpful."
Ginger Comms logo

Client: Ginger Publicity
Project: Good PR
James Scott
"We are so impressed, we truly can’t recommend Absolute Digital highly enough. Our SEO results speak for themselves - number 1 on page 1! Communication is always punctual & prompt with regular monthly reports. A truly professional organisation which we will certainly keep using."
Hamblin Watermains logo

Client: Hamblin Watermains
Project: The Full Works
Deana Mironska
Office Manager
"It's a pleasure working with the Absolute Digital team. They have come up with some fantastic, never-seen-before campaigns and ideas that have supported the launch of our business. They aren't afraid to push boundaries and that's what we need and love! We're looking forward to our continued work with them."
MegaPleasure logo

Client: MegaPleasure
Project: Supporting The Revolution Of Sexual Pleasure
Charlotte Johnson
Sex & Relationship Expert
“We have been working with Absolute Digital Media for a while now and have found them very skilful, helpful and reliable. What has been particularly pleasing is the support and help they have managed to provide during the pandemic. As an online pharmacy, we have been working closely with numerous members of the team who has continuously been available to help us ensure our service continues to operate at a high standard. The support has been greatly appreciated!”
PostMyMeds logo

Client: PostMyMeds
Joseph Issac
Managing Director
“Absolute supported the growth of Jackpot247 fantastically. No height was to high to reach and they were willing to combine our existing ideas with their own to create a powerhouse of resource for our players. They helped us to achieve maximum visibility despite the known competitiveness of the market and their dedication to doing so really shone through. We can’t thank them enough for their ongoing hard work!”
Jackpot 247 logo

Client: Jackpot247
Project: Hitting The Jackpot
Daniel Solomou
SEO & Social Media Manager
“Absolute delivered the best work we have seen within the online casino space. We know how tough it is to rank for casino-specific keywords, but they took it in their stride. They helped us transform our SEO activity through implementing several dramatic but worthwhile improvements to the site (from content to design) to ramp up conversions. It certainly paid off!”
SuperCasino logo

Client: SuperCasino
Project: It's Your Lucky Day
Daniel Solomou
SEO & Social Media Manager
“Working with Absolute Digital Media, we were able to make what we thought was impossible, possible. We earned position 1 on Google for highly competitive key terms including ‘online casino’ and ‘online bingo’ which helped spark a new lease of life into the business. They really did bring some eye-opening ideas to the table which shaped our further marketing activity. Without Absolute’s support, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we did!”
Ladbrokes logo

Client: Ladbrokes
Project: Online Casino & Online Bingo
Dudi Nakidmon
Head Of SEO
"I have found Absolute Digital Media fantastic to work with. They are extremely engaged and passionate about the work they do and have a huge breadth of knowledge around PPC. Highly recommend."
NCT logo

Client: The National Childbirth Trust
Project: Ads With A Personal Touch
Philippa Ward
Communications & Engagement Officer
"We have worked with Absolute Digital Media on a off for a few years - they are always on the ball and there if you need them. We've seen some excellent results so far despite the COVID situation and I hope to see the leads and conversions rise next year as we hopefully start to get back to some degree of normality."
Gerson Relocation logo

Client: Gerson Relocation
Project: Unboxing The Power Of PPC
Heather Darby
Creative Multimedia Manager
"Prior to partnering with Absolute Digital we had been through 4 different SEO agencies in 2 years. Each of whom made promises and set targets that were never met. Absolute Digital made these same promises. At first I was a bit sceptical. I hoped and expected gains to be made, as we had increased our SEO budget for the year. However, I thought the self imposed target we set for this December were, whilst very much desired, over ambitious. However, I am absolutely delighted that we are now half the way into the month of December and well on the way to smashing this target with steady month on month growth over the past 12 months. My Account manager is absolutely tremendous! She has gone above and beyond what was expected. She asks the right questions and shows a real interest in our plans for the future. She, and the team working on my account have been real assets that are now indispensable to us. Really grateful! Wouldn't use anyone else."
Fast Loan UK logo

Client: Fast Loan UK
Project: A Loan Worth Having
Joe Brunt
"Absolute have supported us in all aspects of our SEO strategy tailoring a holistic solution that is right for us. Over the last year, we have seen positive growth and lead volumes generated throughout this strategy, which has been difficult due to the global pandemic. We are also seeing early signs of increased performance this year with further improvements to our site authority and quality backlinks. The team at Absolute are as knowledgeable as they are friendly and personable, they will always describe or explain the technical side in as much or as little detail as you prefer and most importantly the results will speak for themselves."
The Car Loan Centre Logo

Client: The Car Loan Centre
Project: Speeding To Success
Aaron Shovlar
Head Of Marketing
“Absolute Digital Media really have gone above and beyond our levels of expectations with our content campaign! Being in an industry based on Science and Nutrition, ADM have not only helped strengthen our SEO and shown significant growth in rankings, but also always meet the technical side of scientific content in a way our users truly can understand and relate. We would recommend to anyone looking to use their services.”
Eden's Gate logo

Client: Eden's Gate
Project: Creams & Gummies
Tyler Woodward
CEO & Founder
"We’ve worked with absolute digital for almost three years, and have always been pleased with the communication, care and support they have offered us in an effort to grow our business. We have monthly contact with our SEO Account Manager who always offers ideas and explains the long term goals. The service provided is far superior compared to our previous SEO company and we have nothing but praise for their work, particularly during the recent pandemic which has had a major impact on our business."
Spa and Hotel Break logo

Client: Spa & Hotel Break
Project: Well Deserved Spa Breaks
Rebecca Jackson
Business Partner
Client: Third Bridge
Project: Third Time Lucky
Douglas Adams
Social Media Manager
It’s great to be working with the Absolute Digital team. They’ve secured some excellent results so far, helping us progress as a business which is exactly what we wanted.
Stelrad logo

Client: Stelrad
Project: A Hot Partnership
Chris Harvey
Head of Marketing
We’re so grateful to the Absolute Team! We have already seen some fantastic results across SEO, digital PR and PPC and can’t wait to see how it continues to progress as we develop our relationship.
Vera clinic logo

Client: Vera Clinic
Project: Medical Tourism in Turkey
Waleed Taleb
Founding Partner & CMO
Client: Montrose Glass
Project: Combing SEO and PPC to generate leads
Michael Montrose
Client: The National Autistic Society
Project: Securing Google Ad Grants For The National Autistic Society
Barbara Grays
Senior Website & Digital Marketing Manager

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