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The Client.

Vera Clinic is a leading hair transplant and cosmetic surgery hospital in Europe. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Vera Clinic attracts a wealth of international tourists seeking world-class treatment.

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We were able to deliver on our client's brief, which consisted of more than 275 placements across both campaigns. Coverage spread across the UK, U.S., and Europe, including Poland. Almost all the earned placements were links, and above all, we established brand new relationships with journalists across prolific media outlets in the dental, health and hygiene sphere, whilst continuing to nurture relations across major regional newspapers in the UK.

The Objectives

We have been working with Vera Clinic for the past two years and had an extremely high success rate when pursuing digital PR campaigns targeted at their homepage for branded links. As a B2C business, Vera Clinic not only focus on the hair transplant aspect of their business, but also dental aesthetic.
01. Brainstorm campaign ideas that would specifically target leading pages - Cosmetic Dentistry and Hollywood Smile
02. Increase the number of traffic referrals whilst naturally evolving Vera Clinic’s ranking capabilities
03. Reinforce industry expertise where credible by reacting to industry news and producing timely data-led campaigns
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The Strategy.

With our client's landing pages agreed on, we were keen to brainstorm off-shoot topics that would create a boost in traffic referrals, digital footprint and naturally evolve their ranking capabilities. To kickstart, we were approaching Halloween and knew there would be several opportunities to earn backlinks for their cosmetic dentistry page. The team thoroughly researched reports, statistical pages and carried out desk research to pinpoint the most talked about topics when it came to dental health. Likewise, when discovering potential ideas for their Hollywood smile page, we immediately highlighted the connection between celebrities and influential figures and consumer trends. Armed with a breakdown of hyper relevant campaigns, we were able to carry out our campaigns.

The Campaign.

For the cosmetic dentistry page, we were keen to deliver on a campaign centred around Halloween, with a focus on the British press. We revealed the confectionery brands with the most ‘shocking’ sugar content, potentially damaging our teeth, accompanied by expertise by Vera Clinic's in-house Dentist Dr. Selin Kılıç. The research entailed analysing the sugar content per average portion size of the nation’s favourite sweets and chocolates against the average recommended sugar intake for those aged four and over (the NHS recommends a daily sugar limit between 19g and 30g depending on your age.) Considering how important oral health and how much sugar not only children but adults should have daily, we knew a campaign such as this would be welcomed by journalists, due to how much clickbait appeal it had. The data collected allowed us to rank the confectionary brands by the number of teaspoons above the recommended daily allowance - an easily digestible way to understand lots of numbers.
Featured in
“We are so grateful to the Absolute Digital Media team! We have already seen some fantastic results across the campaign and can’t wait to see its performance go to new strengths!”
Waleed Taleb
CMO & Board Member
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Award-Winning Digital Marketing: It’s All in a Day’s Work

Being able to see our hard work become part of award-winning digital marketing campaigns is always a pleasure. It’s not why we do it, but it shows the world we can. We regularly are both nominated and awarded for our forward-thinking campaigns that the whole team has a part in achieving. We want to do the same for you.

As a leading digital marketing company with recognition in our efforts for both clients and our approach to worklife, from Agency of the Year to Best Company Culture and more, it really is all in a day’s work. Want to see how your business can share in our success? Discover our rich history of award wins and work with us – it’s that simple.

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