Black Friday Email Marketing Strategies For Building Anticipation & Driving Sales

30-Second Summary:

  • Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to boost year-end profits. 
  • Creating anticipation is key to Black Friday success, and email marketing plays a central role. 
  • Learn how to craft compelling email campaigns, spark excitement, and offer exclusive deals. 
  • Teaser emails, countdown emails, and early-bird deals are all tactics to intensify anticipation and drive Black Friday sales. 

Black Friday is the retail extravaganza that needs no introduction, marking the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Businesses globally strive to capture consumer attention at this time of year and make their mark on year-end profits. £3 billion is expected to be spent by eager UK shoppers looking for great deals during Black Friday this year, so to stand out in this highly competitive landscape, one key strategy reigns supreme – anticipation. 

By building anticipation, businesses can transform their Black Friday campaign into a memorable and profitable one. Email marketing is still a great and dynamic way of engaging your audience for this, helping to generate excitement, and hopefully, drive sales alongside your SEO strategy and social media campaigns. 

So, how can your Black Friday email marketing strategy create anticipation and set the stage for a successful year? It’s a good question, so here, we’ll look at crafting compelling email campaigns, tapping into the psychology of excitement, and offering exclusive deals to your subscribers. 

Whether you’ve experienced your fair share of Black Friday success over the years or are a business experiencing this for the first time, hopefully, you’ll be able to takeaway a few tips to help. Plus, if you’re seeking professional assistance from an award-winning digital marketing agency, we can certainly help you and discuss your goals. So, let’s see how you can turn anticipation into sales. 

The Power of Anticipation

When it comes to email marketing, anticipation is a dynamic tactic that can be harnessed to elevate your Black Friday campaign. You want to create excitement, curiosity, and expectation among your target audience, all of which are crucial for driving sales. In 2022, 51% of shoppers made impulse purchases on Black Friday, so the opportunity to entice your email subscribers to see what you have to offer cannot be understated.  

Building Excitement – Anticipation makes your audience eagerly look forward to your Black Friday offers. By generating buzz and excitement leading up to the day, you increase the likelihood that your subscribers will not only open your emails but also act on them. 

Curiosity and Engagement – Anticipation-driven emails are a perfect opportunity to spark curiosity and engage your audience. Teaser emails, countdowns, and exclusive previews of your offers can capture interest and keep your subscribers engaged with your brand. 

Setting the Stage – Effective anticipation allows you to set the stage for a memorable Black Friday, as it ensures that your customers are not only aware of your deals but also emotionally invested in them. 

With consumers spending 138% more than those who don’t receive email offers, Black Friday email marketing done effectively can bring in the revenue you’re seeking. By the time the big day arrives on the last weekend of November, your customers will be eagerly ready to take advantage of the deals you have to offer. 

Creating Black Friday Email Campaigns

So, you want to create compelling and attention-grabbing email campaigns for Black Friday (don’t forget Cyber Monday too) – the success of your campaign will depend on how well you craft, structure, and deliver your emails. Here are some tips to consider: 

  • Eye-Catching Subject Lines 

The subject line is the first thing your subscribers will see so it must be attention-grabbing and concise, conveying the essence of your Black Friday offer. For example, ‘Get 40% OFF… For A Limited Time…’. Experiment with various subject lines and test their performance to determine what resonates with your audience. 

  • Visual Appeal 

Your emails need to be visually appealing and aligned with your brand. Use high-quality images, graphics, and a clean design to capture the attention of your subscribers. Make sure the visuals reflect the excitement of Black Friday. 

  • Compelling Content 

The content of your emails should be concise, engaging, and focused on the value of your Black Friday promotions. Use persuasive language to convince subscribers of the benefits of your deals such as “Don’t miss out..”, “Shop Now…”, “Just hours left…” etc. Consider incorporating storytelling elements to create an emotional connection. 

  • Personalisation and Segmentation 

Personalised emails tend to perform better. In fact, they can deliver 6x higher transactions. Address subscribers by their first name and tailor the content to their interests or past purchase history. Segment your email list to send different offers to different customer groups. 

  • Call to Action (CTA) 

A clear and compelling CTA is essential,  whether it’s “Shop Now”, “Claim This Offer”, or something equally enticing, the CTA should prompt subscribers to act immediately. 

  • Mobile Optimisation 

Ensure that your emails are mobile-friendly. Many users check their emails on mobile devices, so a responsive design is crucial for seamless UX. 

  • Social Proof 

Consider including social proof, such as customer reviews or ratings, in your Black Friday marketing emails. 63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a website if it has product reviews and ratings, so this builds trust and confidence in your offers. It also helps your offer stand out from the potential hundreds of emails they’ll receive.  

Building Excitement with Teasers 

Teaser emails are a clever and effective way to ignite anticipation in the run-up to Black Friday. These emails serve as a sneak peek and preview of what’s to come, generating curiosity and excitement among your subscribers. Here’s how you can use teaser emails to your advantage: 

  • Intriguing Hints 

In your teaser emails, drop subtle hints about the exciting deals and offers that await on Black Friday. Use cryptic or intriguing language to pique the curiosity of your subscribers. For example, you might say, “Something big is coming. Get ready to be amazed.” 

  • Visual Teasers 

Include enticing visuals in your teaser emails, such as teaser images or teaser videos. These visuals should offer a glimpse of the products or deals without revealing everything. 

  • Exclusive Previews 

Consider giving your email subscribers an exclusive preview of some of the Black Friday offers. Let them know that as valued subscribers, they’ll get a first look at the deals before everyone else. This exclusivity can make them feel special and appreciated. 

By strategically using teaser emails in your Black Friday email marketing campaign, you can keep your audience eagerly awaiting your upcoming offers. 

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Build it Further with Countdown Emails 

Sending countdown emails can help intensify anticipation and excitement in the days leading up to Black Friday. The psychology of counting down to a big event creates a sense of urgency and FOMO that can drive sales. Countdown emails typically feature a timer, ticking down the hours, minutes, and seconds until the start of Black Friday and your offers. The timer serves as a visual reminder of the impending event, urging subscribers not to miss out. 

  • Daily or Hourly Updates  

Consider sending daily or hourly countdown emails as Black Friday approaches. These updates keep your audience engaged and make them feel that the event is rapidly approaching. 

  • Exclusive Early Access 

Offer subscribers the opportunity to access your Black Friday deals a little earlier than the general public. For example, you can send a countdown email announcing that subscribers will gain early access to the promotions 12 hours before everyone else. 

  • Highlight Exclusive Deals 

In each countdown email, showcase one or two exclusive deals or products. These should be particularly enticing and must-have items. Countdown emails are a great way to build excitement about specific offerings. 

  • Emphasise Limited Availability 

Mention in your emails that some deals are in limited supply, and they could sell out quickly. This adds an element of urgency, encouraging subscribers to be ready to make a purchase as soon as the deals go live. 

  • Encourage Social Sharing 

Include social sharing buttons in your countdown emails, encouraging subscribers to share the excitement with their friends and family. This can expand the reach of your Black Friday event.

Exclusive Pre-Black Friday Offers

One of the most effective ways to generate anticipation and excitement among your email subscribers is by offering exclusive pre-Black Friday deals. These early-bird offers not only reward your loyal customers but will create a sense of privilege and urgency. 

  • Subscriber-Only Perks 

Emphasise that these deals are exclusively for your email subscribers. Make them feel special and appreciated for their loyalty by granting them early access to the Black Friday discounts. 

  • Clear Promotion Period 

Specify the dates and times when these exclusive offers will be available for Black Friday. A countdown timer in your emails can reinforce the sense of urgency, encouraging subscribers to act quickly. 

  • Highlight the Savings 

Clearly communicate the value of these early-bird deals. Show the original prices, the discounted prices, and the total savings to demonstrate the incredible value of the offer. 

  • Limited Quantities 

Create a sense of scarcity by indicating that these exclusive deals are available in limited quantities. Mention that once they’re gone, they’re gone! This can prompt subscribers to make quick decisions. 

  • Cross-Promotion 

Incorporate cross-promotional opportunities within your exclusive pre-Black Friday offers. For instance, if a subscriber purchases a discounted product, offer an additional discount on related or complementary items. 

  • Exclusive Access Codes 

To ensure that only your email subscribers can access the offers, consider implementing access codes or links that are unique to each recipient. This adds an extra layer of exclusivity. 


Power Your Next Email Marketing Campaign 

As you prepare for Black Friday, remember that the key to success lies in understanding your audience. If you can craft engaging emails and deliver the exceptional value that your customers are looking for, you can enjoy this busy time of year. 

If you’re ready to take your email marketing for Black Friday to the next level, we offer tailored marketing services that can make a significant difference – did we mention we’re Ecommerce Agency of the Year 2023? Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you harness the power of anticipation and drive sales at this time of year. 

For more insights and information, please check out our blog and discover articles from Halloween marketing to what is responsive web design. 



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