Ideation & Creativity: The Superpowers of Digital PR

As digital PRs, we have a fantastic job, focused on both the technical and the creative. We’re true hybrids in the digital space. This is because we’re tasked with achieving our client’s SEO and revenue goals while also presenting the messages of the brand’s stories, ethics, values and much more through the creative content we produce. Our job is more than an SEO company tick box – we create the stories and content which will make our clients known.

Take a moment to consider the best digital PR campaigns you’ve seen. What stands out about it to you?

I guarantee that the key element calling out to you from this campaign will involve some kind of emotive repose. And that’s the hook. The stories and emotions we create through our campaigns are what makes our service special and our client’s household names.

This is why, as digital PR’s, the creativity, ideas and stories behind our campaigns are what makes us unique, and a marketing service with people at its heart.

Innovative thinking is behind each and every one of our digital PR strategies and tasks. From ideating for larger content campaigns to spotting a fresh angle to a reactive opportunity, the requirements of our creativity are split across a wide range of opportunities, and this is what I hope to highlight.

Often, the digital PR world is split into people who say they love ideation, or those who fear the words ‘creative brainstorm’ and find the ideation process trickier. And yes, we do all have our strengths and weaknesses, however, often the latter group are wrongly labelled “un-creative.”

So, here’s my stance: all digital PRs are creative (ground-breaking, I know), but I do believe that we need to break down the stigma of “oh, I’m not a creative” and here’s why…

Thinking Outside The Box

Across digital PR we are constantly being asked to think outside of the box and find unique ways of doing things to get cut through. This could be adapting a media pitch, conducting a backlink deficit analysis or updating a press release to fit a new story angle.

Creativity doesn’t always have to be the all-singing-all-dancing big campaign ideas.

Let’s go back to thinking about our favourite PR campaigns. Yes, the initial idea will have been strong to get the story off the ground, but there then comes a whole host of different creative based skills to make this campaign a reality.

Getting Started

To start with, most campaigns will involve some kind of data analysis or finding research to link to your story. Finding, analysing and synthesising this content to support your campaign is the first stage of ‘hidden’ creativity which provides the foundation for your campaign production.

Conveying Your Message

Next up is the ability to convey this information in a way that resonates with the readers you’ll be targeting in the press and working with the data to tell a story. Having the vision to find the key headlines and let the stats do the talking is a form of analytical creativity not to be ignored.

Determining Your Visual Assets

Then you might have what would be considered a more obvious creative skill in developing the visual assets which support your campaign. Ultimately, the designers behind the imagery or on-page assets will always have an unbounded sense of creativity, but the design brief and vision behind the creation of these assets is again, not to be ignored.

Grab Your Reader’s Attention

As PRs, we have to think about how to convey our story through impactful visual ways which readers and journalists will want to see. For example, visualising data to instantly show a stark comparison which grabs a reader’s attention or, developing a short video to express the mood of your campaign – the options are endless, and knowing which form works requires a creative vision, understanding of your audiences and a clear strategic direction.

Once the campaign is produced, some may argue that the “creatives” work is done, but I believe that the traditional outreachers of PR have bundles of creativity and the success of each campaign is built on this.

Cut Through Competitive Media Positions

From writing witty and eye-catching press releases to understanding exactly how to cut through to different journalists and media publications, an outreacher’s pointed communication approach requires an unbridled way with words, a unique strategy of who to approach and a creative way of finding cut through into the competitive media positions; all of which would not be achievable by those who don’t think outside of the box.

All of this, and more, is behind your favourite PR campaigns and it’s imperative to showcase that the creative process and skills are so much more than the initial campaign idea.

The bottom line is that creativity is the super power of digital PR and what gives us the ability to create and share awesome campaigns – and this should be celebrated at all levels.

So, next time you hear a PR say they’re not creative, point them in this direction.


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