Top Considerations When Hiring A Link Building Agency

Are you considering hiring a link building agency in the coming months? Doing so could save you a lot of leg work. As a multi-award-winning digital pr and link building agency, we possess the in-house expertise required to elevate your website’s authority and visibility, resulting in increased leads, sales, revenue, and ROI. In this blog post, you can explore the advantages of outsourcing your link building and digital pr campaigns to an experienced digital marketing agency, along with insights into what you can expect from our services.


Table Of Contents

  • What is a link building agency?
  • Is our link building agency the right fit for your business?
    • Effective communication
    • Realistic timelines & attainable objectives
    • Accountability
    • Proven approaches & reliable tools
    • Continuous employee training
    • Reputation
    • Reporting
    • Scalability


is our link building agency right fit for your business

Is Our Link Building Agency The Right Fit For Your Business?

 With over 15 years of agency experience and many more between our experienced outreach and digital pr teams, we’re going to take a wild guess that services hit the nail on the head when it comes to earning high-quality backlinks to improve your website’s authority and online visibility. But it’s not just our glowing case studies that provide insight into how we roll as a link building agency. All our link building packages are designed with our clients in mind and are often tailored to their requirements so whilst there are some elements of our campaigns you can expect to see time and time again, others are specific to the objective at question. We’ve explained more about what makes us stand out as an agency, below.


  1. Effective Communication

We believe that every award-winning campaign begins with excellent communication. In addition to having dedicated account managers who onboard and manage individual clients, becoming the primary point of contact, but we personalise each stage of every campaign.

For example, our onboarding forms are specialised per department to ensure we’re asking our clients the right questions to boost their strategy forward so nothing is missed out. The benefit is that each team member can thoroughly dive into their client’s world and industry, soaking up knowledge, trends, and news stories to elevate campaign pitches, whilst nurturing relationships with website owners and journalists when introducing their clients’ specialities.

Our clients have expressed gratitude for our onboarding process, emphasising its value in helping them gain clarity on expectations and enabling us to perform at our best whilst keeping everyone informed.

“As a business who has worked with a number of different agencies, I was highly impressed by Absolute Digital Media’s internal structure which enabled us to easily get to grips with the ways in which the agency worked. This helped to ensure that everyone remained as involved in the project as possible at different stages of the campaign.”

Ofer Ackerman, Director of Western Circle Ltd


  1. Realistic Timelines & Attainable Objectives

We work closely with our clients during their link building campaigns to establish realistic timelines and attainable objectives that drive business growth. This approach enables us to set practical expectations, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of our team’s ongoing efforts and the forecasted timeframe for seeing results.

We can align these timelines with any internal marketing projects our clients may be undertaking, too. This ensures seamless coordination between strategies, avoiding conflicts for optimal results.

For example, during the proposal and strategy stage of each campaign, we establish a transparent timeline outlining the specific objectives we aim to meet each month. Whilst the deliverables may differ for each client, this approach offers both our team and the new client a comprehensive overview of what to expect in the coming months and provides reassurance that our efforts are driving them closer to achieving their goals.


statement of work


  1. Accountability

 While we take full responsibility for our link building campaigns, we never provide any guarantees regarding specific outcomes. Building links for your website is not a one-size-fits-all solution and we tailor our strategies to each client to achieve optimal results. While we consider your niche during the campaign setup, we may also refine your strategy as we progress. Although these adjustments may initially seem unsettling, they enable us to generate the best possible outcomes.



  1. Proven Approaches & Reliable Tools

Throughout the agency, we leverage a wide range of leading SEO, link building and digital pr tools to support the end-to-end development of our campaigns. Here’s an overview of some of our initiatives:


  • We have an ideation database and tracker allowing us to continuously add to and improve the quality of ideas approved internally and by our clients, so we have a continuous output of well-oiled ideas.
  • We hold regular company-wide ideation sessions added inspiration as well as within the digital pr department on upcoming occasions, trends we’ve spotted, seasonal concepts and more. This allows us to ensure our editorial calendar is regularly updated and adapted to changing tides in the news, enabling us to jump on reactive opportunities where spotted.
  • As soon as a client onboards, we conduct a competitor analysis for our clients to curate campaign ideas, identify organic link opportunities and to help with outreach, gaining further insights as to where we can flesh out our outreach strategy. This is reviewed and updated quarterly.
  • We have carefully trialled several database and outreach tools over the years to ensure we’re using the most comprehensive and detailed systems allowing us to extend our outreach globally, pinpointing journalists and or outlets covering sector specific industries and article topics.
  • We carefully create specialised lists across any market and/or sector relevant to a campaign release to ensure only the very best are contacted.
  • We have a fantastic link acquisition process in place allowing each team member to convert mentions into links, whilst offering journalists an insight into our editorial calendar, allowing them to cherry pick campaigns released and or upcoming they’d be interested in.


Our campaign results really do speak for themselves in this instance. For example, since February 2022 we have earned 232 links and 343 pieces of coverage with DR of 40+ for client Stelrad. That’s 78% more links achieved compared to our KPI of 10 links per month.


continuous employee training


  1. Continuous Employee Training 

We encourage our teams to proactively seek out training opportunities, whether it’s exploring new subjects or enhancing existing skills. Our comprehensive internal training program, led by individual departments, elevates the skillsets of our team members. Additionally, we place great emphasis on cross-departmental training exercises and provide valuable learning resources such as blogs, tweets, webinars, and reports.

Based on our experience, prioritising employee training and development yields a clear outcome: increased profitability. By offering career growth opportunities, we enhance our employee retention rates, particularly because skilled employees are more productive.



  1. Reputation

We build relationships with website owners and journalists by promoting the scope of brands we work with, offering the opportunity to reach out to us directly. Depending on the request, we will identify the most relevant brand(s) to support the webmaster or journalist at that time, while introducing others for future opportunities. We have also developed our very own database of approved webmasters and journalists we have established, strong relationships with.

To leverage topic relevance, we reduce output time by offering only the very best of our clients for expert commentary. The benefit is that many webmasters and journalists contact us time and time again for expertise.


  1. Reporting

When it comes to campaign performance, we recognise that our clients are eager to gain insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns from the get-go. While each of our campaigns goes through an initial “set up” phrase to ensure thorough preparation and maximise our efforts, we offer continuous progress updates via a dedicated Slack channel.

Through the designated Slack channel, you can contact your account manager and the project team members at any time. This not only simplifies communication with us but also provides clarity on the progress of your campaign.

All our clients also have access to a customised internal dashboard tracking all past link building campaigns. Not only does this dashboard allow us to identify key opportunities where data sets can be updated with fresh data and resent with a brand-new angle, leveraging journalistic relations achieved previously, offering them a first look, but provide you with a comprehensive overview of your link building or digital pr campaign.

All our clients also have access to a customised internal dashboard tracking all past link building campaigns. Not only does this dashboard allow us to identify key opportunities where data sets can be updated with fresh data and resent with a brand-new angle, leveraging journalistic relations achieved previously, offering them a first look, but provide a comprehensive overview of your link building or digital pr campaign.

For example, our digital PR reports provide a comprehensive breakdown of the month in question, highlighting to the client the coverage, links and mentions earned in addition to the number of links achieved by campaign and top publisher links. We also use our reports as an opportunity to showcase to our clients the campaigns that are in progress.



  1. Scalability

Being a forward-thinking agency, we offer all clients the opportunity to scale their campaigns at their preferred pace. During the proposal stage, we provide a comprehensive overview of your campaign’s current performance and the anticipated outcomes of working with us, enabling you to envision the future. We provide a timeline of activities and estimated results, allowing you to gain a clearer understanding of how we can scale your link building campaign while you focus on preparing your teams for the forthcoming growth. This approach reflects our commitment to building long-term partnerships with our clients, as we view our work as more than just a one-time project.

As part of our campaigns, we also provide quarterly business reviews to provide deeper insight into the businesses position and how we have supported their growth. Not only does this provide an additional source of reporting when it comes to getting stakeholder investment but offers an overview of where next we can take the campaign.

With so many link building and digital PR agencies offering the earth, it’s important to know those you can trust and those you can’t. We know how daunting it can be, which is why we provide the necessary tools and processes to make onboarding easy and keep our clients in the know at each phase of their campaigns. Doing so has helped us build numerous long-standing relationships where we continue to exceed objectives and expectation.


Are you ready to start your link building project? Book a free consultation with Ben Austin, Founder and CEO, to discuss your needs and objectives today!

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