Twitter Space Recap: Navigating Influencer Marketing In B2B

We were fortunate enough to have Nicole Ponce, Communications & Influencer Manager at Semrush, join us last week, along with two of our in-house experts: Lewis Esson, Senior SEO Manager, and Tiffany Shears, PPC Manager.

This month’s Twitter Space session focused on navigating influencer marketing in the B2B sector, which is becoming progressively difficult. Bearing that in mind, we delved into the realm of B2B influencer marketing, with Nicole offering valuable insights on how to ensure your collaborations align with your key objectives.

During the Twitter Space, Nicole stressed the significance of delving deep into comprehending your campaign’s objectives and the type of audience you want to reach. Tiffany supported this idea, explaining that you can also use past campaign data outside of influencer marketing to enhance your success.


We’ve gathered additional insights from our team below:

  • When working with influencers, make sure that your brand connects with them. Speak about how you can utilise their creative outlets within your own marketing strategy.
  • Leave room for creativity. You may have a clear direction of where you want to go, but influencers are content creators. Take that on board and work with them, not against them.
  • A lot of companies try to focus on a lot of channels at once, but sometimes that doesn’t work well. Focus on the channels that you are working on and align your activity with that.
  • The voice of your ambassadors should be educational and louder than your paid ads. People want to learn from people, not just marketed to.
  • Figure out your audience. If you have already carried out advertising, utilise its performance to identify where your campaigns are most successful.
  • Don’t dismiss storytelling. Start bringing in aspects that are different – consider what you can offer that competitors can’t.
  • Influencers that are creating communities now are more likely to be the next generation of CMOs and business owners. They have been using tools for as long as we have so are likely to build their own at some point.
  • A lot of people think an influencers job is easy, but it isn’t. They understand digital marketing because they market themselves through creating and distributing content. A lot of skill goes into it.
  • Influencers will become more like business partners as opposed to what we consider them to be now.
  • Influencer marketing is no longer a one-time deal. Things are starting to slow down, so be patient and consider quality over quantity before anything.


Interested in learning more? Listen into the replay now available on our YouTube channel to hear the in-depth discussion first-hand.

Stay tuned for our next episode!

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