Why Soul-Sucking Content Marketing Is Out

Marketing your business is ultimately set upon the content you push out to your target audiences and customers. Everything that you write, say and Tweet has a direct impact on your lead generation, highlighting the true significant of having a clear brand tone and voice. Strong content initiates strong leads, which leads to even bigger business deals and sales that help to progress your market share. So, though we aren’t an exclusive ‘content marketing’ agency, we still encapsulate it into 100% of our campaigns.


Getting your content marketing strategy right is the first step to engaging your target customers, infiltering more users to your website and ultimately to divide you against the competition. Now, even more, Google is asking business owners and marketers to ensure they are creating content with real people in mind and to not just tick a box to meet the search engines algorithm requirements. But it hasn’t always been that way, and neither have we always been known as Absolute Digital Media.


Table Of Contents

  • How It Began
  • Why Good Content Marketing Agencies Are Hard To Find
  • What Makes Us The Best
  • Interested In Working With Us?


How It Began

When Ben founded SEO Positive in 2008, he had no intention of turning the business into a full-service digital marketing agency. In fact, he solely wanted to focus on growing an SEO agency. However, as the demand for other marketing services rose, Ben knew that to futureproof the growth of the business, he would need to lean into what business owners wanted.

Before Ben knew it, SEO Positive was no longer a business fit name so he rebranded the agency to Absolute Digital Media to encapsulate its new expanded service offering that would ultimately support its clients go from strength to strength during a time when digital marketing was still considered to be relatively new to business.


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Why Good Content Marketing Agencies Are Hard To Find

Writing content for your website is so much more than putting X number of words on a page and *hoping* it encourages visitors to convert. The difference between mediocre content and f***ing awesome content is the individual or team working on it. We don’t just mean the quality of their writing, but the way they understand your business and vision. The content on your website won’t mean anything if it doesn’t encapsulate your passion, commitment and experience in what you do, increasing the click-through rate of your website and minimising your chance to convert.


With soon-to-be 15 years of experience under our belts in the summer, don’t just understand what type of content your target audience want to read on your website, but look beyond the standard trends to answer questions they may not have even thought of yet, putting you well ahead of the curve.



Like with any part of your digital marketing campaign, your content marketing strategy should be developed with what you want to achieve in mind. Whilst it’s not always possible to measure the impact of the content on your website, there are ways you can determine its performance and whether it’s enhancing your ability to convert clicks into customers. If your current marketing agency doesn’t do this, it could be a red flag and a detriment to your campaign (and ROI).


Specialised & Advanced Content

 Very few digital marketing agencies specify their strengths, or do so openly, taking on almost any type of digital marketing campaign to fill their boots. Whilst in content marketing specifically there will always be topics that are easier to write about than others, it all comes down to the content writer’s expertise. And, if you don’t have an expert in cryptocurrency for example, the content is either going to take 10x longer to produce accurately or fail to fulfil its purpose due to a lack of experience and interest. In circumstances such as these, this is when content is produced for the sake of it – to fill up space on a webpage. This type of content dramatically hinders a sites performance, adding no real value to the sales journey and not least to Google’s algorithm.


Content Promotion Process

Writing content for your website is all well and good but promoting it far and wide for the people you want to see it to read it is something completely new to consider. Few agencies incorporate this into their content marketing solutions, simply writing the content and leaving it to naturally build up momentum. Whilst good content will attract visitors overtime, promoting it yourself will speed up that process. Offering your experience in the form of blog posts or knowledge hubs is just one way you can go about this, encouraging people that are interested in your service or product to come back to find out more when they’re ready to commit.


What Makes Us The Best

A strong content marketing strategy does far more than selling your product or service, but let’s your target audience into a new version of you through providing them with compelling information, insights and facts that provide an effective solution to the problems they are facing. We do this by:


Taking Accountability As Your Digital Marketing Agency

So much goes into all the work we carry out for our clients, not least from a content marketing perspective. We understand that it’s our role to increase your businesses sales/lead and revenue to generate a strong ROI that enables you to comfortably reinvest. That’s why we take 100% accountability for our work and the results it produces. Before getting started on your campaign, we set out a clear timeline of what we want to achieve and how it will impact your business. We don’t just take figures and run with them but forecast how doing X will boost your sites visibility, attract new audiences and support the sales cycle. By doing so, our clients understand exactly what they get for their investment each month and what they can expect back in return based on our estimates.


Making Our Specialities Clear

As a multi-award-winning independent digital marketing agency, we aren’t afraid to shy away from the industries others are afraid to dip their toe into. With that comes our specialities or ‘niches’ we seemingly excel in. With over 15 years of experience under our belts as a company, we’ve had the opportunity to work with numerous global brands, allowing us to put our mark on the map. Whilst we’re keen to – and do – work with a wide range of business types, we excel in the adult, finance, crypto, health and CBD space.


We’ve won a wide range of awards with clients in these industries, most recently including Integrated Campaign Of The Year B2C with heating specialists Stelrad at the UK Digital Excellence Awards 2023 and Best Use Of Search – Travel / Leisure with hair transplant, cosmetic surgery and dental aesthetics company Vera Clinic at the European Search Awards 2022.


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Writing Content Beyond Its Purpose

We don’t just write content for the sake of writing it, but instead to inform and educate our clients target audiences to the brand in question stands out as a thought leader. Genuine content generates results, so our content writers focus on writing for humans, not just search engines such as Google. By taking extra care over the content that we write, down to the keywords we insert on your on-page and topics we publish to your blog, we can create a content strategy that really enhances the sales cycle and supports the rest of your marketing activity.


Amongst other aspects of our content marketing service we carry out, but we don’t necessarily shout about:


  • Research – we take the time to learn about client competitors and their industry so that we can understand what their content requires to perform well.
  • We use the latest tools to turnaround content with speed and accuracy, helping us research faster and choose keywords that are relevant for the page.
  • We work on integrated campaigns, so each department works collaboratively on ideas, helping create content that leans on the knowledge from the team for a particular client.
  • We ask questions – rather than be unsure, we follow-up with clients on what needs to be included about their business – what are their USPs and main products and services that we can promote through landing pages etc.
  • We consider compliance – all content we produce is specific to a client’s niche, so we ensure any industry regulations are taken into account in the content to ensure accuracy.
  • Google E-E-A-T guidelines – we stay up to date with changes important to content marketing and ensure E-E-A-T is being followed.


In Summary

 When Ben founded the agency in 2008, he knew there was a demand for businesses needing support with their marketing. Today, that demand is bigger than ever, with more and more brands wanting to reinvest their turnover into further marketing efforts to double, if not triple, their revenue. With the right team of experts behind you, anything is possible.


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