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What Is Local SEO?

As an experienced local SEO agency, we know how to make your business stand out from the crowd and be the talk of your local high-street as your digital efforts will leave you with customers queuing up outside your doors! Local SEO services focus on improving the search visibility of physical, brick-and-mortar businesses through location tagging and area-specific local SEO packages. This includes claiming your business listing, creating a Google My Business profile, capitalising on location tags and targeting ‘near me’ searches. Our local SEO company will ensure your local business builds traffic, increases customer numbers and spreads amazing local brand awareness to keep the customers coming in.

Why Is Local SEO Important?

Invest in local business SEO to drive traffic, reach new customers and capitalise on local search queries – people are looking for your business, so make sure you’re visible with local SEO!


Capitalise On 'Near Me' & Mobile Searches

By implementing local SEO marketing, you will show up more readily in searches from users in your area and draw more traffic to your website. While international SEO offers opportunities to capture a broad market, incorporating local SEO into your digital SEO strategy is becoming increasingly more important as mobile searches are on the rise. 80% of mobile users search with the ‘near me’ option when searching for a specific type of business. With an expert local SEO strategy in place, your business will capitalise on location-based mobile searches and direct more customer traffic to your business. Our local SEO services will also ensure that your business appears on Google Maps searches to attract new customers and keep your business visible online.


Beat Local Competitors

Don’t let your local competitors get one over on you just because your local SEO isn’t on its A-game! With our detailed local SEO services, we can ensure that if someone in your area searches for your product, service or industry your business will appear. Get ahead of local competitors with our local SEO agency. We will be your local SEO guides and ensure you’re not missing out on any local sales and audience opportunities – rank number one in your area for location-based searches with our local SEO experts.


Build Brand Awareness & Increase Repeat Custom

Rising in the SERPs will help bring your website more traffic as well as an increase in consumer trust and interest – remember, 75% of all clicks go to the first five listings on the search results. Implementing some simple local SEO tools and tactics could be the difference between you being on the second or first page of results. Once your page starts ranking in higher positions, more people are likely to trust your brand and the products or services you’re offering and over time, this can lead to an increase in repeat customers – especially from local audiences!

Local SEO Tools

As a leading local SEO agency, our SEO specialists are trained on the latest, top-performing local SEO tools including SEMrush, Ahrefs and Google Analytics.

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Trust Our Local SEO Experts, Your Questions Answered

Local SEO services are any SEO service which focuses on building your organic local traffic to your business. All our local SEO services UK are location specific and we will work closely with you to target key location terms, ensure all your business pages include location information and get you on the map – both literally and metaphorically! Our local SEO agency experts will ensure your business is visible on Google maps and will work to improve your customer ratings and recommendations to help build your local business profile and attract more customers. We also ensure that we’re covering all grounds from a technical SEO, content and link building perspective to ensure your campaign grows in local SERPs organically.

From increased website traffic to a rise in customer footfall, local business SEO services will benefit many aspects of your business – both digitally and in person. Local SEO blends your digital SEO marketing efforts with physical, in-store responses as you will see the physical benefits of your local SEO marketing through an increase in brand awareness, more customers through your doors and a by developing a strong presence on your local high street. An optimised local SEO package will also push you ahead of your competitors, ensure you’re capitalising on mobile searches and help deliver a high customer conversion rate.

All our local SEO experts are Google analytics qualified and primarily use Google Analytics and Google My Business to improve your local SEO rankings. Alongside Google’s tools, our other local SEO software includes Map Listings, Bright Local, SEMrush and Ahrefs. Our local SEO consultants blend their expertise with the latest local SEO tools to deliver innovative and results-driven local SEO packages to help your business flourish. For more information on our local SEO services, call our SEO experts today to discuss what we can do for you and your business.

A local SEO checklist is a standard list of local SEO opportunities we look out for and implement in our local SEO services. Each local SEO package will come with its own bespoke local SEO checklist to meet your businesses’ unique requirements and goals. However, at its core, you can expect your local SEO checklist to include: Google My Business, Google Maps placements, optimise website with location information, optimise social media pages with location information, review keyword strategy and implement specific location-based keywords and more. For more information, contact one of our local SEO specialists today for a unique review of your website.

Yes – we offer local SEO services across the UK; from local SEO services London to local SEO services across the nation, we are the best local SEO company for you. As a remote digital agency, we can help website owners across the world, we’ve got the local SEO package for you. We also offer specialist local SEO London services for the unique challenges the capital’s market face. However, we are your local SEO services near me; we can help businesses across the country reach their local market and drive traffic to their businesses, so get in touch today to drive your business forward with an expert local SEO company.

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