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What Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is a detailed process of ensuring your website meets all the requirements set by search engine providers. It is a broad and exciting field of expertise, but the goal across all technical SEO services remains the same, with the aim to improve your organic rankings and search reach. Technical SEO is a fast-moving specialism, with search engines bringing frequent algorithm updates and ranking changes to the table. This is why you need our technical SEO specialists who are constantly monitoring SEO updates and algorithm changes to ensure your website stays visible, authoritative and ahead of your competitors. With optimised technical SEO, you can help search engines crawl, review and index your website with ease.

Why Is Technical SEO Important?

Technical SEO is crucial for improving and sustaining your ranking position as it demonstrates the value of your website to the search engines that index and rank your pages.


Optimise Your Search Engine Results

Technical SEO will enable you to optimise your search visibility and improve your website’s search engine results position (SERP). The higher you are in the SERPs, the more people will view your page, and you can significantly expand your consumer reach. Sounds simple? Far from it – optimising your SERP position is a detailed undertaking of technical SEO involving thorough site analysis, analytics reviews, keyword mapping, competitor reviews and more. Our technical SEO specialists are primed to boost your website’s search results and will fine-tune their technical SEO strategy to ensure your website climbs the SERPs to drive more traffic to your page.


Web Traffic: Clicks To Customers

With a specialised technical SEO plan in place, you can expect to see an improvement to your website ranking and visibility, which will bring you a lot more click power. If you’re wondering what the fuss around technical SEO is, reflect on this for a moment: 75% of all website traffic goes to the first five results on the search page, with the page in first position taking 33% of all clicks. When clicks mean customers, unlocking the real power of SEO is crucial for digital success and consumer growth. Capture digital traffic through technical SEO to take your business to the next level.


An Enhance User Experience

Technical SEO reviews and utilises every aspect of on-page SEO to improve the overall usability of your site to create a smooth and enjoyable customer experience. Page loading speeds, mobile optimisation and site responsivity, are three of the core elements your technical SEO consultant will optimise to provide your users with a premium user experience which will encourage sales conversions and help you foster long-term customer loyalty. This is particularly important for the Page Experience update, which places a strong emphasis on user experience in technical SEO.

Technical SEO Tools

As a leading technical SEO agency, our SEO specialists are trained on the latest, top-performing technical SEO tools including SEMrush, Ahrefs and Google Analytics.

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Your Questions Answered By Technical SEO Specialists

Technical SEO can be a challenging project to master as there are so many variations and variables which can arise which each campaign. Expert technical SEO is a long term investment; to see real results, you need to be prepared to give it the time necessary to reap the rewards. Our technical SEO specialists will also be constantly fine-tuning your campaign to ensure the best possible results are in reach. You also have to bear in mind that results are dependent on previous technical SEO variables, such as the existing condition of your website and if you’ve previously been hit with a penalty.

If you have a business presence online, you need an optimised technical SEO strategy to ensure your website is performing to its best ability and your business is seeing the best possible digital consumer results. This is regardless of whether your site is eCommerce or lead gen, or whether you’re targeting local, national or international areas. A strong technical SEO review will ensure your website is visible to as many search users as possible, industry-specific keywords are targeted, user experience is optimal and much more. All technical SEO technics will help grow your website’s organic traffic, and ultimately promote an increase in digital sales and consumer presence.

A technical SEO audit is when a technical SEO specialist tests your website against the primary search engine metrics to review how your website is performing, if there are any technical errors and to identify new digital opportunities. There are varying levels of auditing depth, but a full technical SEO audit will check the health of your website, index analysis, page speed, page structure, keyword analysis, crawlability and much more. A technical SEO consultant will review your website through a range of SEO tools, such as Google Analytics, SEMrush and Ahrefs, among others. This can be highly beneficial before or after a website migration, but should always be a foundation of your SEO strategy. You will then receive a detailed technical SEO audit report and steps for how to improve your website.

Each technical SEO campaign comes with its own bespoke technical SEO checklist depending on your businesses’ requirements and goals. These measures follow the core technical SEO areas including on-page reviews, technical auditing, indexing and ranking, keyword analysis, competitor reviews and market analysis. Further to this, we also track page speed, page responsiveness and a range of user-experience metrics. We can also work closely with other departments such as social and PPC to utilise their data to collaborate on the best multi-channel approach. For more information, contact one of our technical SEO specialists today for a unique review of your website and the technical SEO checklist you could expect to see aligned to your website.

Yes – we deliver UK-wide technical SEO services as well as international technical SEO marketing. We have helped businesses across the globe to achieve local, national or international technical SEO results and have worked with a range of businesses to help improve their SEO rankings. As a remote digital agency, we can help website owners across the world, from on-page SEO services to technical SEO solutions, we’ve got the SEO package for you – the realm of digital has no boundaries!

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