5 Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2024

30-Second Summary:

  • With Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines and changing consumer behaviour, creating valuable content for real people has never been more important.
  • Key 2024 trends include the rise of generative AI video content, using thought leadership to stand out, and optimising for social media platforms like TikTok for search, reflecting a deeper push for authenticity and user engagement.
  • Adjusting content strategies that consider the latest trends in content marketing relatable to your business will hopefully bring success in the SERPs.

You may feel that writing about a certain topic for your website or creating an effective landing page is a pretty straightforward process. However, it isn’t always as simple as it first seems. The reason? Firstly, Google and how they perceive your content, and secondly changing consumer behaviour. Together, they contribute to a continually evolving practice of ensuring you capture the attention of your audience and provide information as helpful as possible. It’s what people want to see and it’s also what Google wants to show to its users – we’ve previously looked at how to create content Google loves (spoiler, you write for people, not Google).

The transformation of content marketing strategies from simply going after keywords years ago to following E-E-A-T guidelines whilst ensuring your writing for people first, not the bots, means there’s lots to consider. Not only that, staying in touch with the latest trends in content marketing ensures your business can keep a competitive edge.

So, what are some of the 2024 content marketing trends that could shape this year’s strategies and help brands connect with their audience on a deeper level? How can you craft strategies that resonate with your target audience and drive meaningful engagement? Let’s take a look at what’s out there that could enhance your SEO strategy and ensure your content not only reaches but truly speaks to your audience.Top of Form

#1 – Generative Video Content on the Rise

Seen any of those super real-looking AI-generated videos in your social feed recently? Well, it’s only just the beginning of what generative AI is capable of that could revolutionise video content this year. As AI tools are becoming increasingly sophisticated, such as Open AI’s new app called Sora, we’re entering a period where generative video content, i.e. video created entirely by AI, can be seamlessly integrated into human-edited videos.

This innovation is not just about augmenting content production but about redefining it, offering a glimpse into a future where AI-generated video content can stand on its own or complement human creativity without the need for extensive post-production adjustments. According to research by Kapwing, 68.1% of respondents could see the potential of generative AI for video.

The implication for content marketers is that by embracing AI in video production, it could make high-quality video content that much simpler to create, making it accessible and scalable for brands of all sizes. It still needs the human element, but expect to see more this year that pushes video content further.Top of Form

#2 – Thought Leadership Content To Push Through The Noise

Thought leadership has long been important for brands looking to show their expertise. This has become even more so due to AI-produced content that is pretty much everywhere in a short space of time. As it often lacks the depth and uniqueness that can truly engage audiences, this is where brands that are making the most of thought leadership content can shine.

This type of content can resonate deeply with potential customers and is much more authentic and trustworthy. That’s why, according to Semrush, 65.4% of businesses already include thought leadership content in their strategy, whilst 29.5% are planning to do so.

Thought leadership content stands out by offering a different perspective, encouraging brands to present themselves as industry leaders with innovative solutions. 2024 will likely see this continuing to be a winning strategy for content that keeps brands relevant and original. Top of Form

#3 – Search Shifts to Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms have for a while now been emerging as key players in how people find information, none more so than TikTok. Especially among younger generations, who increasingly prefer the authentic and personal responses found on TikTok and Instagram over traditional search engines like Google. In fact, as many as 74% of Gen Z use TikTok search and 51% prefer this over Google search. Why? Well, it comes down to the easy-to-use video format and personalisation.

This shift shows the importance for businesses to optimise their social media content for search, ensuring it is discoverable, engaging, and resonates with the authenticity users are looking for. Along with SEO efforts, brands can effectively tap into the vast audience that begins their search journey on these platforms.Top of Form

#4 – Authenticity Reigns Supreme

Audiences are increasingly drawn to content that reflects genuine experiences and emotions, showcasing the real people behind brands. This shift towards authenticity is a reaction against AI-generated content that can be samey, with people seeking out something more relatable.

Brands that embrace this content marketing trend can find a deeper connection with their audience. It not only humanises brands but also creates trust and loyalty. By prioritising authenticity, businesses can help themselves stand out in a crowded market, creating content users want to see that has more personality. It’s one of the latest trends in content marketing that challenges brands to rethink their content strategies, focusing on transparency and authenticity to engage with their audience more effectively​.Top of Form

#5 – Become The Source With Research Pieces

This is a strategic approach to earning backlinks in 2024, emphasising the importance of original, research-backed content. According to Backlinko, ‘Be The Source’ content is articles that are backed by research that “contain new, interesting data”.

If you can provide unique data, insights, or studies that others in your industry will find valuable enough to link back to, it’s going to be worth doing. You want to offer something that isn’t available elsewhere, and there’s no better way of doing so than with your own original research.

You want other bloggers, journalists, and industry peers to share your content, helping to build a reputation and raise brand awareness. Focus on topics that are either already popular within your niche or emerging areas that are likely to garner interest. Of course, any flawed or misleading information can damage your reputation, so you’ll want to avoid cutting corners if embracing this 2024 content marketing trend.

If you can present your original data with clear, engaging visuals, you’re onto a winner, as it can help make your content much more shareable and understandable. This strategy not only enhances your site’s SEO performance but can also establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry​.

SEO professional or just dipping your toes into search engine optimisation, you won’t want to miss out.

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Embracing New Trends In Content Marketing

The brands that succeed this year will be those that not only see the shifts in consumer behaviour and technology but respond with strategies that prioritise genuine connection and value. You want to be proactive, creative, and, most importantly, authentic in every piece of content you produce, helping your business to stay ahead of the competition.

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