The Beginners Guide To Online Marketing

Online marketing is the necessary tool to cut through the noise of digital and make your business stand out in the modern age. Online marketing is the way forward for business advertising and a crucial element of brand development.

The purpose of this guide is to give you a strong foundation in the core principles of online marketing, how they work and the benefits they can bring businesses straight from a digital marketing agency. Our ultimate guide is an immersion in all things internet marketing and an opportunity to pique your interest into the benefits of online marketing.


30-Second Summary

  • Online marketing is anything which spreads the word about your businesses via the internet to reach people.
  • Whether you’re wanting to targeting increasing sales, push for more online traffic or boost your brand exposure – there is a different avenue of online marketing for each goal.
  • Get to know the fundamentals of six core online marketing services as a beginner’s guide into online marketing. Learn about: SEO, PPC, Content, Email, Social and Digital PR.
  • Digital is the future, and the best way to expand your business into new markets and drive sales. See the top 6 reasons why online marketing is important here!


Plus, for all those marketing experts looking to learn more, our FREE online marketing eBook ‘The Absolute Thrive Guide’ is available to stretch you further.

We hope to make this guide informative, but graspable, and brings the basics of online marketing into one, streamlined informative guide.


Table of Contents


What Is Online Marketing?

Online or internet marketing encompasses any marketing efforts in our digital sphere. Put simply, online marketing is anything which spreads the word about your businesses via the internet to reach people.

Online marketing utilises our digital tools to connect to audiences across the internet and boost the profile of your businesses – be this through building brand awareness, an increase in traffic or an increase in sales.




Overview of Core Online Marketing Elements

Online marketing is a huge, all-encompassing umbrella term which splits into different areas of digital marketing. Whether you’re wanting to targeting increasing sales, push for more online traffic or boost your brand exposure – there is a different avenue of online marketing for each goal.

So, let’s take an initial overview of some of the core online marketing services you can utilise to promote your brand.



Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation, or SEO is the backbone to any strong online marketing strategy and should be the main focus of any businesses website marketing.

SEO ensures that your website is visible to online users, honing in on specific search terms and questions that your target market would use to put your website in the front and centre of the search results.

Utilising the power of search and optimising your SEO tactics is a huge area of online marketing and includes assessing the technical health and effectiveness of your website, targeting key search terms, ensuring the site has a strong link structure and much more.

From meta tags to authority scores, SEOs monitor it all and will tweak your website to ensure it meets Google’s ranking standards and is optimised to capture new search interest.

SEO is a fast-paced world, with Google algorithm changes and updates coming thick and fast. That’s why having a hold on your SEO fundamentals is crucial for maintaining search visibility. One Google update which is set to launch in May is the Core Web Vital update. An experienced SEO company can help you do exactly that.



Pay Per Click

Pay per click advertising and marketing works to compliment your SEO efforts, but where SEO is organic, PPC is a paid marketing format. Pay per click does what it says on the tin – you create an advert and pay every time someone clicks on it.

Taking the concept a bit deeper, PPC marketing is a great way of targeting direct audiences and to see a clear ROI when it comes to clicks, traffic and transactions.

PPC encompasses Google, and other search engine, paid search results, text ads and display banners, as well as paid media ads which appear on websites and social media channels across the internet.

With a paid media campaign in place, brands can promote their advert content and build exposure by tailoring their PPC campaign to target specific search terms, audience demographics and search user behaviours. The laser focused targeting of paid media makes a PPC agency a highly successful online marketing strategy as businesses can often guarantee an increase in clicks, traffic and brand interest from paid advertising – if the strategy is built correctly!



The beginners guide to content strategy

Content Marketing

“Content is King!” This is a phrase that is often thrown around the marketing industry when discussing the most useful online marketing avenue. Content marketing is the way in which brands express their unique voice and share their brand messaging.

Content is found at every layer of online marketing, from written text to designed image or infographic assets, because without content, we would not be able to connect to the user at the other end of the search query.

As a marketing form, content encompasses any on-page written content, blog posts, ad copy, infographics, eBooks, whitepapers and press releases. Within each content form is an opportunity to optimise the text for SEO by targeting specific keywords, providing an internal or external link or delivering a strong E.A.T score – sadly, no E.A.T isn’t a fun snack, it stands for ‘Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness’ and is how SEOs track page quality.

In a nutshell, Content is the way in which many online marketing strategies are fulfilled, as without the words on the page, there would be no SEO!




Email Marketing

Email marketing is an inbound marketing channel for brands to connect with their audiences and deliver business information direct to their inbox.

Getting your email marketing nailed is a fantastic way to foster customer interest and build a loyal consumer base for your business. Email marketing requires a strong brand identity and voice to develop a solid relationship with readers and make your brand a recognisable, friendly newsletter in their inbox.

Developing a strong email marketing campaign will help build your returning customer base and assist in driving traffic to your website, especially when focusing on click-through opportunities linked in your email campaign.


Social Media Marketing

Drive your brand exposure and audience connectivity with a business social media marketing strategy! With half the global population on social, it is a goldmine for business online marketing.

The opportunities for growth and audience connectivity are giant. With multiple different social platforms tailored to different audiences or content types, social media allows a brand to fully express themselves and reach their target market in an authentic manner.

Through both paid and organic social, brands can build a relationship with their target audience which will develop into a strong customer/brand connection, driving engagement from successful brand exposure.

Utilising social for your brand can seem daunting, but with our 2021 Guide To Social Media, brands and marketers alike can see why social is the way forward in our digital age, and implement practical steps to capitalise on this.


The beginners guide to digital pr

Digital PR  

Have you ever wondered how a brand becomes a house-hold name? Or, how that whacky news story came to light? Digital PR!

Digital PR is your way of connecting with the world and getting your brand name out there. Digital PR allows you to enhance your brand’s exposure across the web, no matter the industry you operate in.

Digital PR not only helps to improve your existing connections; it will show your brand to the right people and the right time. Unlocking the right Digital PR campaign could be the driving force behind rapid business growth, taking your brand a step forward to becoming a household name.

Want to learn more about online marketing and take a deeper dive into the nuances of these online marketing services?


Keen To Learn More About Online Marketing?

Want to learn more about online marketing and take a deeper dive into the nuances of these online marketing services?

We’ve delivered a jam-packed tool kit of online marketing expertise, full-service digital marketing tactics and tips and tricks to help your business along the way. Delving into our extensive digital marketing guide, you can find chapters on the following:

  • The Essentials of Digital Marketing
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
  • PPC – Pay Per Click
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Responsive Web Design & Development
  • Web Hosting
  • CRO – Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • User Experience
  • Digital PR
  • Reputation Management
  • Navigating The New Normal
  • Digital Marketing Success Summary

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Why Is Online Marketing Important?

Digital is the future, and the best way to expand your business into new markets and drive sales. Digital technology and connectivity is here to help elevate your business; from building brand awareness to increasing traffic and sales, online marketing is a versatile tool to help you reach your business goals and see sales soar.


Your Customers Are Online

With 3.5 billion searches being performed on Google every day and over half of the world’s population using social media there is no excuse – your customers are online! Utilising the correct digital marketing strategy to target your audience and capture their interest is the key to unlocking the fantastic tool of online marketing.


Builds Communication & Audience Relationships

Digital is connective and a chance to reach out to your customers, have conversations with your colleagues and show the connectivity of your business. This is a huge asset for digital brand development and building audience trust and relationships which will convert into a healthy stream of traffic and sales.




Drive Quality Traffic

Hello interested audiences converting their digital interest into sales! This is the ultimate aim of online marketing and engaging digital is one of the best ways to drive quality traffic to your website. For example, brands can use audience targeting to aim their online marketing to an audience who are more likely to respond to these efforts and engage with the business.


Increases Brand Visibility

Nailing your online marketing could help lift our brand up above your competitors and push ahead of your performance goals. By showcasing your brand online and optimising your online content, your website will be seen by your ideal audience and attract new users to your website.


getting ahead of competitors

Get Ahead Of Competitors

Your competitors are online so you should be too! When you invest in internet marketing, you actively invest in ensuring your business stays ahead of your competitors. Don’t let a poor digital presence discourage your customers.


Digital IS The Future

The bottom line is that digital truly is the future, and brands need to invest in their online marketing to ensure they don’t get left behind! As the high-street dwindles and online sales, usage and engagement rockets in 2021, it is vital that brands act now and learn how to ride the digital wave.


Need Some Support?

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We can conduct a full digital marketing audit and develop a bespoke digital marketing strategy for your brand – so don’t hesitate to find out more!

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