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Founder & CEO

Meet Ben Austin, Founder & CEO of Absolute Digital Media!

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Ben Austin is the founder and CEO of multi-award-winning digital marketing agency Absolute Digital Media. Ben and his team support hundreds of businesses across the UK and globally to achieve their marketing goals through devising strategic SEO, Digital PR and PPC campaigns. They are located across the UK, with A-Team members as far as the north, supporting the agency’s growth from all angles. Despite owning the business, Ben has continued to maintain a hands-on approach throughout his career, which we explain in more detail below.

Ben's Digital Marketing And SEO Experience

Ben has more than 15 years of experience in the seo industry and, having founded the agency around the same time in 2008, he has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of popular brands including Ladbrokes, Lovehoney Group, Stelrad, Bound, and Longevita to name a few. Over the last decade and a half, he has continued to scale the agency through optimising internal workflow processes, building our brand, providing tiered solutions to our clients, and upgrading the tools and resources we have on hand to unlock the full potential of the campaigns we work on.

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Leading The Agency

As the face of the business, Ben is often the first port of call to new clients and is widely involved across a range of campaigns, including the agencies own internal campaigns. This can include anything from supporting with our social media and email marketing output, to providing detailed industry insight off the back of his knowledge and experience. Day to day, Ben can also be found upskilling the team through hosting department and companywide training sessions to not only effectively position ourselves as a leading marketing agency but the brands we work with too.

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Ben’s seo knowledge spreads far and wide and there’s no stone left unturned when it comes to ensuring both we and our clients maximise on the opportunities available both in the SERPs and across other areas of the business. Whilst he doesn’t focus on one area of the search marketing world, Ben’s always keen to utilise what he can to open new doors for our clients through enhancing their revenue streams and ultimately bring a modern outlook to businesses that are either stuck in their ways or finding it challenging to break certain boundaries internally, reinforcing our mantra as a ‘no red tape’ agency.

Our Impressive Digital Marketing Industry Recognition

Ben isn’t just keen to support the professional develop of the A-Team, but the wider marketing industry. For the past three years, the agency has sponsored leading SEO event Brighton SEO and have prepared and delivered in-life presentations as such. Ben himself is also widely known for publicly sharing his expertise and has had a number of his comments featured in global publications including Employer News, Data Box, Visual Objects and PR Newswire. His work has also been shared in industry-specific newsletters and blogs including Search Engine Journal, SEMrush and Moz.

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Where To Find Insights From Ben

Ben is also a regular author on our own blog whereby he shares exclusive insights into the world of digital marketing from his own eyes. In a bid to share as much knowledge as possible with his peers, he capitalises on Google Algorithm Update wins to showcase how our overall seo efforts impact our clients’ businesses. Lately, he has covered topics including the importance of a strong content marketing strategy, how seo reviews support SERP visibility and what to consider when choosing a digital marketing agency.

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More recently, Ben’s newest work has been published in a newly released book called “Insiders Know-How: Running Your Own Business 2022 Contributors Edition”. Within his chapter of the book, he provides further insight into his experience not only founding a business but running a full-fledged digital marketing agency. He speaks about what he is most proud of as well as the challenges we faced as a company to reach the position we are today from surviving Covid-19 to our just-launched rebrand which is yielding the future of the business and the inspirational direction we are heading in.

Looking At The Bigger Agency Picture

Ben doesn’t just care about the agencies output but the team and its values. Keen to ensure the entire business is on the same page at any one time, he ensures to keep the A-Team updated with all the businesses happenings, remaining 100% transparent about our successes and what we want to go on to achieve, helping us all remain unified even during uncertain times, making him a constant inspiration. He also works closely with his wife, Louise, to support the ongoing health and wellbeing of the team through introducing initiatives such as an annual employee wellness day allowance.

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Now, Ben is focusing on even bigger things for the agency. Having showcased our expertise within particular niches including the gambling and casino sector, CBD sector, adult sector and cryptocurrency sector, he’s now focusing on taking the agency up a notch through exclusively working with B2C brands to support their own development as a result of Google becoming increasingly restrictive and bots such as Chat GPT3 and Chat GPT4 are slowly blurring the lines between authentic and false claims despite the additional productivity they are providing to our teams.

Connect Directly With Ben

Hands on within the business, Ben regularly shares our highs on social media across Twitter and LinkedIn including client and agency wins and successes. He’s always available to connect whether you are interested in partnering with us as a client, want to refer a business to us or simply want to introduce yourself as a fellow marketer. We would love to hear from you! Whilst you’re here, why not subscribe to our email marketing to hear about the latest Google algorithm updates and what’s happening in the digital marketing world.

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