Why We’re Updating Our Brand – 3 Years On

It’s been 3 years since we last updated our brand and introduced the new Absolute Digital Media to the world. Within that time, we’ve introduced a new service, become a fully remote business, won exciting brands, welcomed a handful of new members to the team and won more awards than we can count on both hands. Because of this, we believe there was no better time to re-introduce ourselves to the marketing world.


Table Of Contents

  • Looking Back At 2022
  • Where We Are Now
  • What’s Ahead
  • In Summary
  • Want To Work With Us?


Looking Back At 2022

With new and exciting projects on the horizon, we knew we that improving our game would be at the top of our priority list for 2022 and 2023. Our fresh look is just one part of this process, allowing us to better empower our team, validate our expertise, attract new talent, allure new clients, stand out in the market, and continue to succeed in every way possible. It’s been in the making for some time now and is something we have been hugely excited to share!

With a new look comes many changes so you can expect to see more than just our website updated. Our social channels, documentation, credentials handbook, presentations, podcast and Twitter Space series have all been updated to reflect this dramatic change, breathing new life into all the channels we love and rely on to promote our successes and form connections with both prospects and other thought leaders within the digital marketing space.


Where We Are Now 

As part of our brand update, we’re refocusing our efforts back into what we know and love. We’re continuing to push the agency forward in the direction of the casino, adult, eCommerce, crypto, CBD and health/pharma industries, utilising our expertise where we know they are best utilised through helping both big and small brands increase their visibility, revenue and ROI.

This comes as part of our new business intelligence role that Stephen McAllister has taken under his wing in recent months. Now the agencies Head of Business Intelligence, Stephen is able deep dive into agency and client data and insights daily to support campaign development and shift business direction ahead of everyone else, increasing not only our competitiveness but that of our clients.

Stephen’s new role also encapsulates taking a holistic approach to all business processes to help join the dots in the business, understand where the pinch points are and obstacles for growth. His day-to-day aim is to provide insights, analyse data and proposed ways of optimising the business, whilst working towards moving the company from passive work (firefighting and jumping from task-to-task) to offensive work (tactical and strategic planning) through providing a clear line of sight of what is working and why vs where we have wastage.

We turned over 35% more in 2022 compared to 2021, putting us onto the right path for the year ahead. The team are also continuing to take priority and we’re looking at new benefits we can introduce in 2023 to better support them as they work remotely at home. We don’t just mean in terms of equipment, but genuine perks that will make a real difference to them on a personal and professional level.

We also know that the types of businesses we work with have a huge impact on our success. Whilst we’d love to share the exact brands we’re going after in 2023, we’re keeping them under wraps for the time being. What we can say, however, is that our sales and marketing teams are working closer together than ever before, initiating new cycles throughout the business to effectively grow all divisions.


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What’s Ahead 

Looking at the wider picture, we have big plans for both the business and team this year. In addition to welcoming the year with a fresh new look and tone, we want to further drill down into our expertise particularly in SEO, digital PR and PPC.



With the introduction of GPT3, we’re in the process of looking at how we can best utilise the open AI to benefit our campaigns and reduce the time taken to fulfil certain tasks. Whilst we do recognise that Chat GPT3 won’t replace all the manual work we carry out, we do believe it will improve productivity throughout the agency. You can find out more in our latest Absolute on Air podcast episode that went live last week.


Internal Processes

We’re also reviewing certain processes within the business, streamlining what we can to support the onboarding of new staff and clients and the longevity of their campaigns. This has involved stripping everything back entirely and determining gaps that can be filled through implementing new tools and working directly with the teams to determine the challenges they face and identifying a solution.


Content Days

Whilst we occasionally get together in person, as a remote team, it’s difficult to get real life content from the team throughout the day. This is why we’ve introduced quarterly content days that will take place with the whole team in a single centric location for all to get creative. We want to make these sessions fun whilst generating content for our own use on the website, across social media and elsewhere. Our first is set to take place in the summer.


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Sales is a huge part of our 2023 focus, driving the agency forward into a new direction. Instead of focusing on different niches, we’re reverting to positioning ourselves as leaders in SEO, digital pr, link building and PPC. Whilst we have, and still do, work with a range of businesses (some of which fall into niche categories), we realise that to achieve our long-term goals, we need to instead be taking advantages of our successes across everything we do and not separate ourselves from the businesses who may want to work with us.


Team Growth

Like most agencies, our focal point for 2023 is growth, particularly amongst the team. With over 100 clients on our books and our own internal marketing team, we want to ensure everyone can flourish where they are most comfortable whilst providing learning opportunities in the form of business-wide training, conferences, and events. Through upskilling our existing workforce and bringing new people into the agency, we can better align ourselves against the competition and in front of the new business we want to win.


New Integration

More than ever, businesses are approaching us wanting integrated digital marketing campaigns that support multi areas of their business growth including an increase in sales/leads and strong customer acquisition. As part of our integrated campaign efforts, we’re focusing on providing our clients with cohesive strategies that supports their businesses growth and goals. By doing so, we’re able to empower the brands we work with to make informed decisions through helping to uncover a clear vision. Our results speak for themselves, showcasing the impact a successful integrated digital marketing campaign can have on a business when all parties are working towards achieving the same outcome.


Service Offering & Development

As part of this, we’re in the process of developing our internal documents to make sure they accurately reflect the work we carry out, results achieved and more. This includes our credentials handbook and proposals that we send to prospects once they have touched base with our Sales Director, Jodie. Through doing so,


Remote Operations

We’re continuing to push forward as a remote digital marketing agency that enables their teams to work from anywhere in Europe. Despite this, we still recognise the importance of meeting up in person from time to time for both business and team culture standpoints that enable us to continue thriving. We’re encouraging our teams to work where and how they work best as to not limit their creative output. By doing so, we’re on track to achieving greater success over the coming weeks and months.


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New Website

Of course, a huge part of this has been our new website and brand launch. We’ve redesigned our look to better position ourselves amongst the competition, highlighting our strengths and letting go of agency cliches that no longer offer any value. We’ve stripped the business right back, focusing on where we want to achieve the most growth vs what’s expected of a business our size. Now, you can clearly read more about our achievements including client wins, awards, campaign successes, internal victories and much more on our website as well as how we go about ensuring our clients receive the best quality services.


Connecting With Clients

Strong client communication is hugely important to us and the success of our campaigns. This is why we introduced Slack as a channel for our teams to communicate with their relative clients. So far, we have had fantastic feedback from both the team and our partners, explaining that it was a convenient and quick way to get in touch without the need to arrange a call. We’ll be continuing to develop our client communication efforts throughout 2023 through introducing new initiatives that will support both parties, helping to ensure all relative individuals are aware of the progress and results.


In Summary

We recognise that everything we do has an impact on our growth, which is why we’re beginning the year with a brand-new website and brand to help attract and retain both clients and talent. We really can’t wait for what’s ahead with some big business plans and culture building initiatives to effectively position ourselves for the remainder of the year.


Want To Work With Us?

As we approach Spring, things are really starting to warm up. With new business comes new growth and we’re looking to hire several new roles in the coming months.


If you’re interested in getting in on the fun (and the rewards), visit our careers page to find out the latest roles available.


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