What’s New In Audience Ads? Keeping Up With Recent Developments

30-Second Summary:

  • Microsoft Audience Ads introduced new updates in October to its platform.
  • Enhanced audience targeting, expanded placements, and predictive targeting offer advertisers advanced tools.
  • UI enhancements in lodging solutions cater to diverse traveller and advertiser preferences.
  • Vertical-specific ads for finance and property sectors expand reach, ensuring ads reach the right audience.

Continuing to be a powerful tool for advertisers to connect with their ideal audience based on rich consumer intent signals and interests, Microsoft Audience Ads recently announced some new updates that will be of interest to anyone using the platform.

The recent enhancements promise to make your ads even better, from simplified bidding to video and connected TV ads and predictive targeting, there’s plenty for advertisers to delve into.

Here we’ll explore the latest advancements in Microsoft Audience Ads, understanding how these changes can transform your advertising strategies and provide you with a competitive edge in your PPC and wider SEO marketing efforts.

Recent Developments in Microsoft Audience Ads

One of the key strengths of Audience Ads is its ability to offer precise audience targeting. This is based on a wealth of consumer intent signals and interests, and they can be displayed on platforms such as MSN, Microsoft Edge, Outlook, and various publisher placements.

The latest enhancements in audience targeting options include:

  • Maximise Conversions and Target CPA

You’ll be able to automatically adjust your bids in real-time to achieve the highest number of conversions possible within your allocated budget. You can set your budget and your desired 30-day average cost per acquisition (CPA) using Target CPA. This will then be automatically adjusted for your bids to meet this target.

  • New Markets

Having expanded its reach to 58 new markets for Audience Ads, significantly increasing its coverage to 187 markets globally, this expansion opens up new opportunities for advertisers to reach diverse audiences around the world.

  • Predictive Targeting

This feature helps advertisers discover relevant audience segments they may not have initially considered targeting. It helps identify audiences more likely to convert, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

Microsoft is dedicated to enhancing the user experience and expanding the reach of Audience Ads too. These efforts include:

  • Microsoft Casual Games Expansion

Audience Ads will now show on home screens, menus, and game screens across games pre-installed on Windows computers. This expansion allows advertisers to reach a broader gaming audience, and by 2024, Audience Ads will be available across all Microsoft Casual Games.

  • Microsoft 365 Expansion

Rolling out in the US and by January 2024 in EU markets for Android users, Audience Ads will also be extended to new markets through the free consumer version of the Microsoft 365 mobile app.

  • Video and CTV Ads

This provides brands with the opportunity to reach large-scale, high-value audiences using video and CTV ads across Microsoft properties and publisher partners. This new format opens up a world of possibilities for advertisers looking to engage audiences through video content.

These enhancements in Microsoft Audience Ads reflect the platform’s commitment to empowering advertisers with innovative tools and solutions. Those who can make the most of these features stand to gain a significant advantage in today’s competitive digital advertising landscape.

UI Enhancements for Lodging Solutions

The platform has made significant strides in enhancing UX too, particularly in lodging solutions when it comes to travel. These updates are geared towards adapting to the evolving preferences of travellers and advertisers. Travellers today seek a broader range of lodging options beyond traditional hotels, so they have expanded their lodging solutions to embrace all types of accommodations.

Hotel Campaigns have been renamed to Lodging Campaigns to reflect the broader array of lodging options that advertisers can promote on the platform. It’s a move towards inclusivity and adaptability in response to the changing dynamics of the travel industry. They have also updated terminology so that the term “hotel” is being replaced with “property” in naming conventions.

These UI enhancements not only make it easier for advertisers to use Microsoft’s lodging solutions but also reflect the platform’s commitment to embracing the evolving landscape of travel and accommodation preferences.

Vertical Ads Across the Search Partner Network

Microsoft Advertising is continuously working to improve the experience for advertisers by expanding the reach of their ads through vertical-specific offerings. These innovations are designed to help advertisers reach the right audiences in various niche markets and industries.

One of the significant advancements in this area is the availability of Credit Card and Property Promotion ads across the search partner network. These vertical-specific ads cater to the unique needs of advertisers in the finance and property promotion sectors.

  • Credit Card Ads – These ads are tailored for financial institutions and credit card companies, allowing them to reach audiences interested in financial services, credit cards, and related products.
  • Property Promotion Ads – Property developers, real estate agencies, and those in the property sector can now take advantage of this ad format to showcase their properties to potential buyers and renters.

These vertical-specific ads not only cater to the unique needs of advertisers but also expand the reach of your advertising campaigns. By targeting audiences interested in finance, property, and other niche areas, you can ensure that your ads are displayed to the right people at the right time.

Benefits of Staying Current with Microsoft Audience Ads

As we’ve seen, Microsoft Audience Ads are continuously evolving with new features and enhancements. Staying current with these developments offers several significant benefits for advertisers. The primary advantage is the potential for improved campaign performance. The recent enhancements, including predictive targeting, more ad formats, and expanded placements, provide advertisers with advanced tools to create highly effective and engaging ad campaigns.

Higher Click-Through Rates (CTR) – By targeting more relevant audiences and serving engaging ads in new placements, you’re more likely to see an increase in CTR. This means that more users are clicking on your ads, showing a genuine interest in your products or services.

Increased Conversion Rates – When your ads are reaching audiences who are more likely to convert, you can expect an uptick in conversion rates. This leads to a higher return on investment and more successful advertising campaigns.

Lower Cost Per Click (CPC) – With features like Maximise Conversions and Target CPA, you can optimise your bids to get the most value out of your ad spend. This results in a more cost-efficient approach, ensuring you’re not overspending on clicks.

Staying Ahead of Competitors – If you’re among the first to take advantage of new features like predictive targeting or the expanded placements, you can gain an advantage over competitors who are yet to explore these options. This early adoption can help you capture the attention of your target audience before your rivals do.

Leveraging New Features Before Others – By using the latest features effectively, you can refine your ad strategies and maximise their impact before your competitors catch up. This can result in a stronger market position and higher brand visibility.

Maximising Ad Spend – You can ensure that your ad spend is focused on reaching audiences most likely to convert with features like Maximise Conversions and Target CPA. This efficient allocation of resources prevents wasted budget on audiences less likely to engage with your ads.

Reducing Wasted Budget – Outdated advertising strategies can lead to wasted ad spend on irrelevant audiences. By staying current with the latest developments, you can reduce this wastage and improve ROI.

SEO professional or just dipping your toes into search engine optimisation, you won’t want to miss out.

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Embracing Audience Ads For Your Brand

With the latest updates to Audience Ads, your advertising campaigns have the potential to not only perform better but also resonate with your target audience more effectively. Microsoft Audience Ads offer you the tools to use, so you have the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage that can propel your business to new heights.

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